The Best Bamboo and Wood Paddle Boards of 2023

bamboo paddle boards

Bamboo and wooden paddle boards are beautiful, durable, and perform extremely well. 

They can also be expensive, which means you have to make an informed decision when buying one. The problem is that there aren’t many options and some of the available ones are disappointing. 

Here is our 2023 list of the best bamboo and wood paddle boards to help you out. Some are made of real wood while others have an appealing wood look. We also include a buyer’s guide so you can choose a SUP board that is perfect for you. 

boardworks triton

After extensively researching and testing a number of SUP boards, we settled on the Boardworks Surf Triton as our number one choice this year. 

The all-around stand up paddle board is ideal for paddlers of all skill levels. It is 10’6 long and 33 inches wide. We found it exceptionally stable, great for beginners and even paddling with a child or pup.

Every part of the Boardworks Surf Triton—including the graphics and deck pad—feels and looks durable. It features an EPS core, fiberglass layers, and real wood veneer. Not only does it look good, but it is also designed to last and comes with a 2-year warranty. 

Anyone in the market for a wood veneer SUP board would love the Triton. 

But if you’re looking for something different, keep reading for more wooden board reviews. There’s a paddle board for everybody. 

Best All-Around Wood Paddle Board – BOTE Breeze Recreational

bote breeze

A good all-around paddle board is supposed to be versatile. This means that you can use it for recreational paddling as well as other paddle boarding activities. 

The Bote Breeze board performs well in different conditions—whether you’re cruising leisurely on a lake or surfing waves. It is 10’6 long and 32 inches wide. We feel that it balances speed and stability perfectly.

It’s a great affordable paddleboard that will allow you to be as adventurous as you’d like. 

The Top Bamboo and Wood Paddle Boards

Paddle Boards
1. Boardworks Surf Triton 10’6
1. Boardworks Surf Triton 10'6
10’6 x 33″ x 4.75″
30 lbs
250 lbs
Wood veneer
2. Surftech Prana Bark Aleka Bamboo
2. Surftech Prana Bark Aleka Bamboo
10’4 x 30″ x 4.5″
24 lbs
165 lbs
Bamboo veneer
3. BOTE HD 10’6 Recreational
3. BOTE HD 10'6 Recreational
10’6 x 30″ x 4.5″
38 lbs
240 lbs
Wood look
4. BOTE Rackham
4. BOTE Rackham
12′ x 32″ x 8″
48 lbs
350 lbs
Wood look
5. BOTE Breeze Recreational
5. BOTE Breeze Recreational
10’6″ x 32″ x 4.5″
31 lbs
230 lbs
Wood look
6. BOTE HD Aero
6. BOTE HD Aero
11’6 x 34″ x 6″
30 lbs
315 lbs
Wood look
7. BOTE Rackham Aero
7.  BOTE Rackham Aero
12’4 x 38″ x 7″
45 lbs
400 lbs
Wood look

The Top Bamboo and Wood Paddle Boards

1. Boardworks Surf Triton 10’6

boardworks triton board

We don’t love the Boardworks Surf Triton just because it is gorgeous

The stand up paddleboard has an EPS foam core and layers of fiberglass and wood veneer. The manufacturer uses high-quality paint and polish for a sleek, clean finish. The result is a nice-looking SUP board that can handle heavy use. 

Despite the heavy-duty construction, we love that the Triton only weighs 30 pounds. For a solid paddle board that is 10’6 long and 33 inches wide, it is lightweight. 

Being an all-around paddle board, the Triton performs well pretty much everywhere. It is stable enough for simple yoga poses, you can use it for short excursions, and it is an amazing recreational SUP. 

The Triton would also make a fantastic family board. With its size and weight capacity of 250 pounds, anyone in your family can use it. 

This paddle board features a front bungee system for your luggage and a large center fin that helps with tracking.

The Boardworks Surf Triton is a perfect board for anyone looking for an outstanding wood veneer SUP. 

2. Surftech Prana Bark Aleka Bamboo Paddle Board

surftech prana

The Surftech Aleka is another beautiful paddle board that will make other paddlers stop and stare. 

Unlike the Triton which is an all-around, the Aleka is designed more for performance. It is available in two sizes, 10’4 x 30” and 11’2 x 29”. 

Despite being slightly narrower, the Aleka boards are stable—but not as stable as entry-level paddle boards.

But the good thing about the width of the Surftech Aleka is speed. It is narrow with a pointed nose which minimizes resistance and provides a fast and smooth glide.  

The longer and narrower model would be especially great if you are looking for a performance paddle board. It is more suited for intermediate and advanced paddlers. 

We love the soft traction pad that covers a large part of the deck. There is also a tie-down storage area at the front for your essentials. 

You should consider the Surftech Prana Bark Alena if you want a nice-looking paddle board that performs well. 

3. BOTE HD 10’6 Recreational  

bote hd 10 6

Do you consider yourself an adventurous paddler? If the answer is yes, the Bote HD Classic Teak might interest you.

It is the kind of paddle board that you can use for any kind of SUP adventure. 

The Bote HD has a displacement hull that cuts through the water smoothly in different conditions. We were amazed by its performance and stability

In addition, the paddle board has two cargo storage areas as well as multiple gear mounts. You can use it for fishing, paddling with the family, recreational SUP, and even SUP touring. Beginners can also use it to learn stand up paddle boarding. 

Made using Gatorshell technology, the Bote HD is six times tougher than the average epoxy paddle board. 

This SUP board features a single-fin system and it comes with a matching paddle.

You should consider the Bote HD if you love going on adventures with a lot of gear. 

4. BOTE Rackham 

bote rackham 12

Like the Bote HD, the Bote Rackham is another wood look paddle board designed for adventurous riders. This one, however, is mainly for those who are crazy about SUP touring and fishing.

One thing that makes this paddle board stand out is its feature-rich platform. It has tons of gear mounts and is compatible with almost all SUP fishing accessories. On top of that, the board has a high weight capacity which will hold all your gear. 

When it comes to performance, we have to commend the perfect balance between speed and stability. It is long with a pointy nose, features that enhance speed and help with tracking. 

The Bote Rackham comes with a paddle and a large removable center fin. 

It may be the right paddle board for you if you are looking to take stand up paddle boarding to a new level.

5. BOTE Breeze Recreational – Best All-Around

bote breeze 10 6

The Bote Breeze Classic Teak is a fantastic all-around SUP board. The other Bote wood paddle boards we’ve discussed above are mainly designed for performance.

The Breeze is for those who want to paddle around leisurely or just explore every aspect of the SUP sport. 

It is 10’6 long and 32 inches wide. We love the stability of the Breeze recreational stand up paddle board. It is great for beginners as it won’t give them a hard time when they’re learning how to maintain balance. 

Like the other Bote paddle boards, this one features the Gatorshell technology which makes it durable but not too heavy. It also has bungee storage and a single-fin system. 

You should check the Breeze out if you are a beginner or if you want a SUP everyone in the family can use. 

6. BOTE HD Aero 

bote hd aero

The Bote HD Aero is even bigger than the Breeze Aero, measuring 11’6 x 34”. This wood-look inflatable paddle board has incredible stability

One thing we noticed is how versatile the paddle board can be. You can paddle with your family or friends, go on a SUP tour, do a little fishing, try yoga, or just float around leisurely. 

The platform is large and there are enough attachment points for your gear.

The manufacturer uses military-grade PVC to create a virtually indestructible SUP board. It can hold up to 315 pounds.  

You’ll be glad to know that the Bote HD Aero comes with all the necessary paddle boarding accessories. The package includes a paddle, one pair of rac receivers, paddle sheath, travel bag, manual pump, and repair kit. 

If you are looking for a super stable and versatile inflatable SUP, you should check the HD Aero out.

7. BOTE Rackham Aero – Best for Fishing

bote rackham aero

Lastly, we have what we consider to be the best option for anglers. 

The Bote Rackham Aero with wood graphic is large, measuring 12’4 x 38” x 7”, and features a wide tail.

There are so many things to love about this paddle board. Its stability is remarkable, thanks to the width and recessed deck. This is one of the features that make it an amazing fishing board. 

The Rackham Aero is packed with features and attachment points, making it compatible with all kinds of gear. With its size and weight capacity, you can bring so much stuff on your expeditions. 

Like all the other Bote paddle boards, this one is built using Aero Technology and military-grade materials. It is so rigid and we love how durable it feels. 

Its package includes a paddle, travel bag, a pair of rac receivers, sand spear sheath, paddle sheath, hand pump, and a repair kit. 

This paddleboard would be great for anglers and paddlers who love to bring a lot of gear with them. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Bamboo or Wood Paddle Board

Bamboo and wood paddle boards are not cheap. Even an inflatable or epoxy board with a wooden appearance will cost you. So it is important that you buy a SUP board that is not only durable but also right for you. 

Here are some factors to guide you. 

What to Consider When Buying Bamboo and Wooden Paddle Boards 

1. Construction

The construction of wooden paddle boards varies greatly. 

Some are built using hollow wood and an outer layer of epoxy resin. These can be quite expensive. Others are built using an EPS foam core, layers of fiberglass, and wood or bamboo veneer. 

You can also get an epoxy or inflatable paddle board with real wood graphics. It’s up to you.

Whatever you opt for, make sure it is made using quality materials. Always read the manufacturer description so you know what you’re getting. 

It also helps to check other users’ feedback and the reputation of the manufacturer. 

2. Design and Extra Features

This depends on how you want to use your paddle board.

If you are looking to try yoga, you should go for a stable SUP with a large deck pad. 

Anglers will be better off with a board that is exceptionally stable and one with tons of attachment points. 

SUP touring enthusiasts will want a wooden paddle board that offers excellent speed and tracking capabilities.  

Other important features include camera and gear mounts, fins, and bungee storage.

3. Cost

Wood paddle boards can be expensive. If you want a real wood paddleboard, be ready to spend a good amount. Alternatively, you can settle for a bamboo/wood veneer SUP or a wood look paddle board. 

4. Size

Bigger paddle boards are more stable and are more suited for activities like SUP fishing. But they can be heavy.

Shorter boards are more maneuverable but they may not track as well as longer ones. 

Narrower SUPs tend to be faster but less stable. 

It all comes down to how you want to use the board and your skill level. 

Bamboo and Wood Paddle Boards FAQs

Q: Are Wood Paddle Boards Good?

A: Yes. Wood stand up paddle boards are gorgeous and perform exceptionally. They are durable too. 

Q: How Do You Care for a Bamboo Paddle Board?

A: It is no different from a regular paddle board. Rinse it with fresh water after use and store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight. You should also consider buying a SUP bag to store the board in. 

Q: Why Choose a Wood or Bamboo SUP?

A: The paddle boards are environmentally friendly. Wood and bamboo are strong, naturally occurring materials that make durable boards with great performance.  

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right wooden SUP doesn’t have to be complicated. 

The Boardworks Surf Triton is our top choice this year. We love the beautiful design and quality construction. It is ideal for people of all skill levels. 

The Bote Breeze Recreational is a fantastic choice if you want an all-around SUP. It is affordable and will perform well in almost any condition. 

Do you have any questions about bamboo and wood paddle boards? Feel free to ask us below. Happy paddling!