11 Best Cheap Paddle Boards for 2021

irocker nautical 106 2021

 SUP is a great way to enjoy the outdoors alone or with your pup, kids, partner, or buddy. You get to catch up with loved ones and know what is happening in their lives as you all exercise. Or spend time alone in nature and get some much-needed peace.

Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

But stand up paddle boards can be expensive–too expensive for some people. If you find a low-priced one it will probably be poorly made and won’t last. 

So let me help you by recommending my eleven best cheap paddle boards. They are inexpensive but reliable. I also include a guide on how to choose a good affordable paddle board for your needs. 

Out of all the low-priced SUPs I have tested, the iRocker Nautical 10’6 is my best.

Best Cheap SUP

iRocker Nautical 10’6

iRocker Nautical 10’6

Best Cheap SUP

A quality inflatable paddle board from a well-known brand, the iRocker Nautical 10’6 is the best cheap paddle board around! Perfect for any paddler on a budget, including beginners.

iRocker is a well-known inflatable SUP brand and the iRocker Nautical 10’6 is their entry-level SUP. 

The iRocker Nautical 10’6 is built using dual-layer military-grade PVC construction. 

irocker nautical 106 2021

When fully inflated, it is a super solid paddleboard that can perform well in almost any water condition. It only weighs 20 pounds and can hold up to 240 pounds

Despite being cheap, the Nautical 10’6 comes with all the accessories you need to start paddling. They are high-quality and perfect for any paddler on a budget, especially beginners. 

Almost every paddler would love the iRocker Nautical 10’6. But paddlers are different and their preferences vary. 

So read on for other cheap paddleboards reviews. 

For Larger Guys

iRocker Nautical 11’6

iRocker Nautical 11’6

Best Cheap SUP for Larger Paddlers

If you’re on the larger side, the Nautical 11’6 is a great option, combining all the great elements of the 10’6 but in a larger board, with a higher capacity.

One common problem with inexpensive paddle boards is a low weight capacity. Others can’t even hold the weight they are rated for.

irocker nautical 116 2021

At 195 lbs and at 6’1, I found the Nautical 10’6 not stable enough for me, but the Nautical 11’6 performed very well.

If you are on the bigger side, the iRocker Nautical 11’6 would be a good option for you. It is made using dual-layer military-grade PVC. You can even bring your kid or dog along. 

The inflatable paddle board has a weight capacity of 265 pounds and only weighs 22 pounds. 

Best Under $400

Roc Inflatable

Roc Inflatable

Best Cheap SUP under $400

Despite being cheap, the Roc is durable and long-lasting, built using military-grade PVC and dropstitch construction. Great for those on a very tight budget who still want something that gets the job done.

The Roc inflatable stand up paddle board is a best-selling SUP. Despite being cheap, it has proven to be reliable and long-lasting

The paddle board is a product of a USA family-owned company. It is built using military-grade PVC and dropstitch construction. 

The Roc iSUP is lightweight, only weighing 17.5 pounds. This makes it one of the lightest SUPs you can find. It is easy to carry around, even for youth and smaller paddlers. 

It can hold up to 275 pounds.  

Cheap SUP Boards Comparison Table

Cheap SUP
My rating
1. iRocker Nautical
1. iRocker Nautical
10’6 x 32″ x 6″
20 lbs
240 lbs
2. Gili Air 10’6
2. Gili Air 10’6
10’6 x 31″ x 6″
19 lbs
280 lbs
3. iRocker Nautical 11’6
3. iRocker Nautical 11'6
11’6 x 32″ x 6″
22 lbs
265 lbs
4. Bluefin Cruise 10’8
4. Bluefin Cruise 10'8
10’8 x 32″ x 6″
330 lbs
5. Outdoor Master Solar Spirit 11’6
5. Outdoor Master Solar Spirit 11'6
11’6″ x 34″ x 6″
24 lbs
320 lbs
6. Outdoor Master Violet Spirit 10’6
6. Outdoor Master Violet Spirit 10'6
10’6″ x 32″ x 4.7″
20 lbs
280 lbs
7. Roc Explorer
7. Roc Explorer
10’ x 32” x 6”
18 lbs
300 lbs
8. Retrospec Weekender 10′
8. Retrospec Weekender 10'
10′ x 30″ x 6″
17 lbs
275 lbs
9. Funwater SUP
9. Funwater SUP
10’6 / 11’ x 33” x 6”
18 lbs
300 lbs/330 lbs
10. Bestway Hydro-Force Oceana
10. Bestway Hydro-Force Oceana
10′ x 33″ x 6″
243 lbs
11. Aqua Plus 11’
11. Aqua Plus 11’
11′ x 33″ x 6″
20 lbs
350 lbs

Our Top Picks: Which Cheap SUP Board Is Right for You?

Read on for my reviews of these cheap SUP boards:

1. iRocker Nautical 10’6 – Overall Best Budget Paddle Board

irocker nautical 106 2021

The iRocker Nautical 10’6 2021 upgrade is packed with amazing features. There is a reason why I consider it the best budget paddle board. 

The SUP features 13 D-rings and one action mount. It has two bungee storage areas, at the front and back. You can attach a kayak seat, cooler, action camera, and other gear. 

It also has four safety handles so your kid has something to hold on to when they come with you.

There are three fins–a large center fin and two side fins. All of them are removable.

The Nautical 10’6 is built using dual-layer military-strength PVC material. It is reliable and you can have fun without worrying about dents. 

iRocker SUP has been making quality inflatable paddle boards for years. Paddlers love all their paddle boards, including the Nautical. 

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The inflatable board can hold 240 pounds

irocker nautical 10

The iRocker Nautical features an all-inclusive package. Unlike many of the cheap paddle boards you find on the market, its accessories are well-made. 

The paddle has a fiberglass shaft and a nylon blade. Aluminum paddles are common in this price range and they tend to be a little heavy. Fiberglass paddles are lighter and more efficient.

The Nautical 2021 travel backpack comes with a wheel option. This means that you can buy a roller tray from iRocker and convert it into a rolling bag. 

Previous boards did not have the option. 

As far as performance is concerned, the Nautical glides well and it is fun to paddle. It is stable enough for beginners and people who want to bring their dog or kid. 

The iRocker Nautical comes with a 60-day guarantee and a one-year warranty

I would recommend this paddle board to anyone who is looking for premium quality at a low price. 

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2. Gili Air 10’6 – Best Cheap Paddle Board for Intermediate Paddlers

gili air cheap sup board

The Gili Air inflatable SUP is another budget board that will not disappoint. 

One of the things you will love about it is that it performs well regardless of where you are paddling. You can use it on lakes, slow-moving rivers, and even the ocean with small waves. 

The Air is stable and doesn’t wobble. You would be comfortable riding with your child or even using it for yoga. 

It is also maneuverable and responsive. Making quick sharp turns won’t be a problem. However, the 19-pound weight of this inflatable paddleboard can be a problem when the wind is really strong. 

But you will still be able to control it. The board tracks well and the speed won’t disappoint you.

The Gili Air is made using military-grade PVC. It is tough and can hold up to 280 pounds (300 pounds for advanced riders).

This Air inflatable SUP comes as a complete package. You will get a backpack, manual pump, paddle, and a coiled leash. 

gili air 10

The paddle is made of aluminum, which is expected when it comes to cheap paddle boards. But seeing as some lower-priced SUPs are now offering fiberglass paddles, we hope that Gili Sports will follow suit. 

For now, you can choose a fiberglass paddle option at a higher price when buying your Gili Air. 

This stand up paddle board features a large deck pad which is great for yoga or when you are bringing a pet. It has two bungee storage areas, three grab handles, three action mounts, and a paddle holder. 

It is a good option for advanced riders who are looking for an affordable and versatile paddle board. The Gili Air comes with a 60-day guarantee and a two-year warranty.

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3. iRocker Nautical 11’6 – Best Cheap SUP for Larger Paddlers

irocker nautical 116 2021

For big guys, a larger board may be more suited. And you don’t have to spend too much money to get one. 

The iRocker Nautical is 11’6 long, 32 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. It is also made using dual-layer rugged PVC material on a dropstitch core. It has a weight limit of 265 pounds

The size and construction quality ensure you have a nice stable platform for paddle boarding. You won’t find it tippy and it doesn’t flex. 

Many of the super cheap inflatable paddle boards on the market tend to flex, especially if you are heavy. That is not something you have to worry about with this paddleboard. 

The iRocker Nautical 11’6 has a triple-fin system and all the fins are removable. You are free to change the setup based on the conditions you will be paddling in. 

It comes with bungee storage, 13 D-rings, and an action mount for gear. You can buy additional action mounts from iRocker to customize your Nautical if you want to bring more accessories. 

irocker nautical 11

This all-around board also has three grab handles and four safety handles as well as a large soft deck pad. 

The Nautical package includes a fiberglass paddle, carry bag, hand pump, coiled leash, and a repair kit. 

Paddlers who love to travel with their SUP will love the Nautical 11’6. It is lightweight and only weighs 22 pounds. Its backpack is compatible with a wheel tray so you can convert it into a wheeled bag. Traveling will be fun and easier.

The Nautical is available in four colors: sky blue, blue, teal, and gray. 

This would be an ideal stand up paddle board for bigger paddlers or anyone looking for a good all-around SUP.

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4. Bluefin Cruise 10’8 – Best Affordable SUP for Casual Touring 

Proper performance paddle boards can be quite expensive. But you can still enjoy decent speed on a budget with the Bluefin Cruise 10’8. 

It is moderately long and not too wide. It also has a pointed nose. This gives it a streamlined shape that glides with ease on the water. The performance is decent, whether you are paddling flat water or ocean with mild waves. 

Bluefin Cruise 10’8 comes with more than just the basic package you get with most iSUPs. In addition to a paddle, travel bag, manual pump, and leash, it comes with a kayak conversion kit

bluefin cruise 10

The kit includes a kayak blade and a kayak seat. When you are tired of standing while cruising, you can convert your SUP into a kayak in a minute. 

The paddle has a fiberglass shaft and a polyurethane blade. It is 45% lighter than a standard aluminum paddle. 

For what you pay, I’d say the Bluefin Cruise 10’8 package is a great deal. 

The paddle board has a non-slip croco-diamond deck pad. It offers grip as well as comfort. The board also has a kick-pad feature that enables you to make quick sharp turns. 

When cruising around, you will need to bring a few essentials for comfort. So you’ll love the D-rings, bungee cord storage, and nose action mount on the Cruise 10’8. 

Bluefin inflatable paddleboards are some of the most durable SUPs around. They are built using tough PVC and dropstitch construction. All of them, including the Cruise 10’8, come with a five-year warranty

So it may be a cheap stand up paddle board but it is definitely not cheaply made. 

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5. Outdoor Master Solar Spirit 11’6 

outdoor master solar spirit

The Chasing Blue Solar Spirit all-around SUP boasts of a large platform, 11’6 long by 34” wide. It is an amazing entry-level option

One thing you can expect from a larger board like this is stability–an important quality for beginners. The Chasing Blue would be great for newbies of all sizes. I found it super stable and rigid (I’m a guy, 6’1, 189 lbs). 

Most cheap inflatables can’t hold a lot of weight and tend to flex with heavier riders. The Outdoor Master Chasing Blue has a weight capacity of 320 pounds, which is commendable. With such remarkable stability and a good weight limit, you can use this SUP for yoga or paddling with your pup. 

Considering it’s price, the Solar Spirit iSUP performs well on the water. It tracks decently and we have no complaints about the speed. 

This paddle board has seven handles; three carry handles and four safety handles. The carry handles make handling the board easy. The safety handles are great for kids to hold on to. We love the front and rear bungee cargo storage which allows you to bring enough gear for a day of paddling. 

The Chasing Blue has a three-fin system: two side fins and a larger center fin. The center fin design is a little different from what you typically see on other SUPs. But the manufacturer sells the fin separately in case you lose yours. 

The Outdoor Master package includes a paddle, backpack, repair kit, leash, phone case, manual pump, and three sets of action mounts. The bag doesn’t feel very durable but it is big enough to fit all your accessories and features travel wheels for ease of transport. 

This paddle board only weighs 24 pounds and comes with a two-year warranty

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6. Outdoor Master Violet Spirit 10’6

outdoor master violet spirit

The Chasing Blue Violet Spirit is smaller than the Solar Spirit, with a length of 10’6 and a width of 32”. 

It is built using the latest drop-stitch construction, making it rigid and durable. The board has a weight capacity of 280 pounds and comes with a two-year warranty

The Violet Spirit is less stable than the Solar Spirit, especially for bigger paddlers. It is a budget inflatable SUP better suited for those on the smaller side. It would also be ideal for older kids and it’s even light enough at 20 pounds for them to carry it around.

On the water, the Violet is slower compared to the Solar Spirit above but it still glides well.  

The Outdoor Master has a soft traction pad that covers most of the deck. It offers comfort and prevents you from sliding off the board when it is wet. We love the two bungee storage areas as well as the extra D-rings for a kayak seat or more gear. 

There are seven handles on the Violet Spirit–four safety handles and three grab handles–that make it easy to carry the board. 

This inflatable paddle board comes with three fins; one large center fin and two side fins. The center fin has a rather odd design, just like the Solar Spirit’s. Fortunately, the manufacturer sells the fins separately so you can easily replace yours if it gets lost.

We love the Violet Spirit inflatable package. It comes with everything you need to start paddling and then some. It includes a paddle, backpack, manual pump, leash, repair kit, phone case, and three sets of action mounts

Everything is great but the bag doesn’t feel very high quality. It, however, looks good and comes with wheels. Most boards in this price range don’t come with wheeled backpacks. 

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7. Roc Inflatable SUP – Best Cheap Paddle Board Under $400

roc paddle board

Many of the really cheap paddle boards can’t stand the test of time. The Roc inflatable board, however, continues to be a best-seller. People love it. 

The paddle board is made using military-grade quad-core PVC and ultra-reinforced dropstitch weave construction. It is super tough and comes with a one-year warranty. 

When fully inflated, the Roc inflatable paddle board has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. This is impressive, given its price. And it only weighs 17.5 pounds. 

It would be a great fit for smaller paddlers or the young paddler in your life. They won’t have a problem carrying it over long distances. 

The Roc comes with an adjustable paddle, leash, waterproof bag, backpack, and a manual pump. The paddle is made of aluminum–no complaints because this is a cheap SUP.

If you like to have color options, you will love having 10 of them to choose from. It comes in aqua, black, blue, carbon, charcoal, desert, green, pink, sangria, and solar. 

The Roc stand up paddle board comes with a front bungee storage area and a center carry handle. As far as features go, it is pretty basic. But it is still one of the best cheap SUPs you can get. 

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8. Retrospec Weekender 10′ – Best Cheap SUP for Youth Paddlers

retrospec weekender 10

This is another simple and affordable inflatable paddle board, perfect for casual paddle boarding. 

The Retrospec Weekender is built using armor-strength PVC. It is tough and holds up well when you bump into obstacles. 

It can accommodate up to 275 pounds and only weighs 17 pounds. This is a great paddle board for beginners and young paddlers who are looking to get started with SUP. 

The inflatable board has bungee storage at the front, a center carry handle, and a D-ring for your leash. It features a three-fin system–two fixed side fins and a large central fin which is removable. 

There are no extra D-rings for a shoulder strap or kayak seat as is common with other boards. But, again, it’s just a simple inexpensive SUP. 

The Retrospec Weekender inflatable package features a paddle, carry bag, dual-action manual pump, waterproof phone case, and a leash. 

When it comes to performance, this inflatable paddleboard is maneuverable. Making quick turns is easy and you can have so much fun with it. 

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9. FunWater 10’6 – Best Paddle Board Under $300

funwater cheap inflatable paddle board

If your budget is really tight but you still want a good paddle board, consider the FunWater inflatable SUP. It is another best-selling model and it has been around for years.

The paddle board is constructed using dual-layer PVC. The rails have an extra PVC layer to make the board even more rigid. 

Despite the heavy-duty construction, the FunWater is a lightweight paddleboard, weighing only 17.6 pounds. If you are looking for a cheap all-around paddle board for a teen, this would be great. 

The FunWater inflatable can hold up to 330 pounds. It comes with a 60-day guarantee and a one-year warranty.

This board’s rigid construction and 33-inch width offer maximum stability. If you want, you can even try SUP yoga on it.

The FunWater paddle board features a bungee storage area, a center grab handle, and a leash D-ring. It has three fins and all of them are removable. 

You get a paddle, backpack, waterproof phone case, high-pressure pump, and a leash with your FunWater SUP board. The paddle is made of aluminum, which is what you would expect at this price. 

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10. Bestway Hydro-Force Oceana Inflatable Paddle Board

bestway hydro force

The Bestway Oceana is a low-priced all-around paddle board for people of all skill levels. Anyone would love it–beginners who want to learn, a skilled paddler looking for an extra board, or anyone who wants a SUP that everyone in the family can use. 

The inflatable paddle board is wide at 33 inches. This is one of the things that make it versatile. It is stable enough for most SUP activities. 

The Hydro-Force Oceana is built using dropstitch construction. It is so tough and durable, you won’t have to worry about dents. 

This inflatable comes with a bungee storage cord attached. It also has two grab handles, extra D-rings for a kayak seat, and a footrest. If you get tired of standing, you can quickly convert it into a SUP kayak. 

The Bestway Oceana inflatable package includes a travel bag, repair kit, paddle, manual pump, and leash. 

In addition to being stable, the Oceana is easy to control and tracks well. You can paddle leisurely on flatwater or ride small waves in the ocean. 

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11. Aqua Plus 11’ Inflatable Paddle Board

aqua plus sup

The Aqua Plus is another amazing budget paddle board for youth and adult paddlers alike. 

It comes with bungee storage, a center carry handle, and extra D-rings in case you want to attach a kayak seat. 

The paddle board features military-strength PVC and dropstitch construction. The rails have an additional PVC layer for added rigidity. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.

The Aqua Plus 11 can hold up to 350 pounds when inflated. This is a great weight capacity for a cheap paddle board. 

It is 11’ long and 33 inches wide. You will have a nice stable platform for all your paddle boarding activities, including SUP yoga.

The board only weighs 20 pounds. Deflate it, put it in the bag and you can travel wherever you want with your inflatable paddle board. 

The Aqua Plus, unlike most of the other paddle boards here, has a single-fin system. You can detach it when packing away the SUP and attach it when you go paddling. 

The package includes an aluminum paddle, shoulder strap, travel backpack, waterproof case, pump, and a coiled leash. 

As for performance, the Aqua Plus glides with satisfactory speed, although it’s no racing board. The center fin helps with tracking or moving in a straight line. 

This is a good option for any paddler looking for a really cheap paddle board. 

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Cheap SUP Buying Guide

Here is everything you need to know when buying cheap paddle boards. 

How Cheap Is Cheap?

The definition of cheap varies from one person to another. In this case, cheap is any inflatable paddle board under $500. 

The paddle boards reviewed here are not the cheapest options on the market. But they are the cheapest quality boards I could find. 

You have to be careful when looking for low-cost SUPs, just as with anything else. It is easy to fall for the enticing advertising language and end up with something that won’t last. 

The paddle boards discussed above range from $300 to about $500. They are solid and durable

Why Choose A Budget Inflatable SUP Over an Epoxy/Traditional SUP?

First, inflatable paddle boards are generally cheaper compared to solid boards. So if you have a tight budget, an inflatable makes more sense. 

There are many quality inflatable SUPs under $500. Getting a good epoxy SUP in that price range will be hard. 

The other reason is that inflatable paddle boards are easy to transport and store. This is actually one of the main reasons why most paddlers will prefer an inflatable paddle board. 

iSUPs fold into small packages that can be stored and transported pretty much anywhere. You can’t say the same for a solid board. 

Inflatable paddle boards, including the inexpensive ones, come as a complete package. They come with everything you need to start paddling, except a life jacket. They are the better option if you want great value. 

Lastly, iSUPs are durable. They don’t get dented as easily as the solid stand up paddle boards. They handle impact well and can last a long time. 

Are Cheap Paddle Boards Any Good?

It depends. 

Some cheap paddle boards are no good while others are amazing–which is why it is important to be careful. 

In this price range, you will find poorly made paddle boards that don’t last. Their accessories are unreliable and barely function properly too. 

You will be looking for another paddle board in a few months or even weeks. 

But you can also find fantastic SUP boards on a tight budget. You just need to know how to find a good one. 

So here are the factors that should guide you. 

What Makes a Good Entry-Level/Budget Paddle Board?

1. Build Quality

Even though you are buying an inexpensive SUP, you still want it to be durable. 

All inflatable paddle boards are made using PVC and a dropstitch core. So it is a matter of material quality and the number of layers used. 

Quality paddle boards are built with military-grade PVC and usually have two or more layers. This ensures that they are rigid when fully inflated. They can hold a lot of weight and you won’t have to worry about flexing. 

Most cheap paddle boards are made with single-layer PVC and you can find a few with dual-layer PVC construction. 

Single-layer paddle boards tend to flex–but not all of them. 

First, check the company. If the manufacturer is reputable and they have been around for a while, you know the SUP is most likely well made. 

You will also have contact information in case you have a problem with your paddle board. 

You should check what other paddlers are saying too. All the inflatable SUPs reviewed here are highly rated by users on different platforms. Some have had their paddle boards for years and they are still strong. 

Another thing, never ignore the warranty information. A one- to two-year warranty is great for cheap paddle boards. A SUP with no warranty is a huge red flag. 

2. Stability

Most inexpensive paddle boards are stable since they are all-around boards. 

But you should consider your body size and what you want to do with your paddle board.

You will need a more stable SUP if you want to bring a child with you or try yoga. The same goes for bigger paddlers. 

Wider boards are generally more stable. I’d recommend a width of 32 inches or wider for beginners, fitness enthusiasts, larger paddlers, and those who want to bring kids. 

Smaller paddlers, teens, and advanced riders can get away with the narrower models.

The thickness also matters when it comes to stability. Thicker inflatable SUPs are more rigid and have a higher volume. They don’t bend when you put too much weight on them. 

Go for a thickness of 6 inches when buying an inflatable paddle board. 

3. Accessories

Almost all inflatable paddle boards, including the cheap ones, come with accessories. 

Since saving money is the point, you need to make sure that the accessories are high quality too. You should be able to comfortably use them until you have enough money to upgrade. 

For instance, it would be nice to get a fiberglass paddle instead of an aluminum one. Fiberglass is lighter and more efficient. 

But you will have to set your budget at $450+. All the cheaper SUPs will have an aluminum paddle. 

The pump should be able to inflate the board properly so you don’t spend all your time and energy before you get to the water. 

Always check to see what other users are saying. This will give you an idea of what to expect.  

4. Design

Some features on a paddle board are absolutely essential. 

While you won’t find fancy features on cheap paddle boards, look for essentials. Things like fins, carry handles, bungee storage, and leash D-rings are necessary. 

If you want to attach a kayak seat or gear, check to see if the paddle board has extra D-rings and maybe an action mount. 

Check the fin system to make sure it is right for you. Some people love the idea of having all removable fins because they can change the setup. Others don’t mind having fixed side fins.

These design differences may seem minor but they affect your comfort and convenience.  

5. Performance

You want a paddle board that tracks well, glides with decent speed, and will be easy to control. 

Poor paddling performance can frustrate you. 

Wide paddleboards are stable but the width increases resistance which can slow it down. Long and narrower paddle boards track well and they have impressive speed.  

Longer boards may be good for speed but controlling them can be hard, more so if you are small. 

Most cheap SUPs are all-around paddle boards. You will find that they balance stability, speed, and maneuverability. 

6. Price: Stick to Your Budget or Wait for a Sale 

Stand up paddle boarding is all about having a good time. And that can happen even with a low-cost paddle board. So there is no need to buy a fancy expensive board if money is tight. 

Settle for a nice cheap inflatable paddleboard or wait for a sale–end of summer sales, clearance sales, and other holiday sales. You can even get an expensive SUP for half the price. 

Final Thoughts

Stand up paddle boarding doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The boards discussed here are some of the best cheap paddle boards you can come across. 

The iRocker Nautical 10’6 is a fantastic entry-level inflatable SUP. It’s even safe to say you get more than what you pay for. 

The paddle board comes with high-quality accessories that you won’t need to upgrade. I was impressed by the fiberglass paddle and the premium bag with a wheel option. 

It is made with durable construction and you can count on it to last. You will also love the attachment points that allow you to bring paddling gear.

If you are heavier and the Nautical 10’6 seems too small, I would recommend the Nautical 11’6. It has the same features as the 10’6 but it is longer and has a higher weight capacity.

You should consider the Roc inflatable SUP if your budget is super tight but you still want a good board. It is made by a USA family-owned company and lots of paddlers love it. 

The Roc iSUP has been around for years and its quality is remarkable. 

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask us below. Happy paddling!