The 25 Cheapest Paddle Boards (SUP) for Sale (March 2018)

best cheap paddle boards for sale

With stand up paddle boarding being one of the fastest growing sports in the world, more and more people discover the pleasure of the ride. Whether it’s out on a lake or canal, on the open ocean or even in the surf, SUP boarding is a great way to have a good time.

However, not all of us want to spend huge amounts of money on a paddle board. Let’s look at some cheap paddle boards for sale.

Paddle Boards Under $300

Paddle Board
L x W x H

Goplus 10' Paddle Board

10' x 30" x 6"
(4.4 / 5)

Bestway SUP Board 10'2"

10'2" x 27" x 4"
24 lbs
220 lbs
(4.1 / 5)

Aqua Marina Breeze Inflatable Paddle Board

9'9" x 30" x 4"
18 lbs
209 lbs

Aqua Marina Vapor Paddle Board

10'10" x 30" x 4"
18.3 lbs
253 lbs

PathFinder Paddle Board 9'9"

9'9" x 30" x 5"
24 lbs
240 lbs
(4.4 / 5)

Vilano Journey SUP Board

9'9" x 30" x 5"
22 lbs
200 lbs
(4.4 / 5)

Goplus 11' iSUP

11' x 30" x 6"
(4.4 / 5)

Goplus Paddle Board 11'

11' x 30" x 6"

Paddle Boards Under $400

Paddle Board
L x W x H

Aqua Marina Fusion 10'10" Inflatable Paddle Board

10'10" x 30"" x 6"
21 lbs
308 lbs

XtremepowerUS iSUP 10'6

10'6 x 31" x 6"

Aqua Marina Monster 12' Inflatable SUP

12' x 32" x 6"
24 lbs
352 lbs
(4.2 / 5)

Bright Blue Stand Up Paddleboard 12'6"

12'6" x 30" x 6"
25 lbs
350 lbs

Zray X1 Paddle Board 9'9" Inflatable

9'9" x 30" x 6"
24 lbs
264 lbs

Paddle Boards Under $500

Paddle Board
L x W x H

SereneLife Inflatable 10'

10' x 30" x 6"
(4.7 / 5)

Sun Dolphin Seaquest Paddle Board

10' x 33"
50 lbs

Lifetime Amped Paddleboard

11' x 32" x 6"
47 lbs
350 lbs

Sportstuff 1030 Adventure Stand Up Paddleboard

10'6" x 30" x 4"
27 lbs
250 lbs
(4.4 / 5)

Zray Paddle Board 10'10"

10'10" x 30" x 6"
26 lbs
320 lbs

Lifetime Freestyle Multi-Sport Paddle Board

9'8" x 36" x 6"
40 lbs

Solstice Bali 10'8 SUP Board

10'8" x 31" x 4"
26 lbs
250 lbs
(4.3 / 5)

Driftsun Balance 11 Yoga SUP

11' x 34" x 6"

California Board Company 10'6" Classic

10'6" x 30" x 5"
25 lbs
300 lbs

PEAK Inflatable Paddle Board

10'6" x 31" x 6"
23 lbs
300 lbs
(4.3 / 5)

Zray Touring SUP 10'6

10'6 x 32" x 6"

Driftsun Inflatable SUP 10’

10' x 32" x 6"
23 lbs
300 lbs

If you have a bit more money to spend and are looking for a higher quality board, take a look at our Best Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews.

Cheap Paddle Board Reviews

Let’s take a closer look at these cheap SUP boards for sale.

Bestway SUP Board

bestway paddle board hydro forceThis SUP board is perfect for paddling around flat water or light surf. It can handle boarders up to 220 Lbs. A carry handle is built in so it is easy to transport from the vehicle to the water and back again. It measures 10’ 2” x 27” x 4” and is perfect for beginner or intermediate SUP boarders.

The vision of Bestway is to ultimately create fun and lasting experiences for everyone in the world through their products. When you purchase the Bestway paddle board, you will receive the board itself, an inflation pump as well as pressure gauge, a sturdy and lightweight paddle made of aluminum, as well as a handy travel bag.


  • The inflation process is quick with the included foot pump
  • It is a sturdy board that stays level on the water
  • The traction pad provides a non-slip surface


  • When you use it the first few times you will have to air it out as the vinyl will have a strong smell
  • The pressure gauge is on the foot pump so you cannot read it while pumping unless you stop, losing momentum

SUP PaddleRead more about the Bestway Paddle board


PathFinder Paddle Board

pathfinder paddle board inflatableGiven the shorter, wider, and thicker specs of the PathFinder Paddle Board, it is great in a wide variety of water conditions from flat, open water to light/medium surf. It is made of a thick and very durable PVC material and stitched together with a multi-layer, drop stitch technique. This means it will stand up to repeated uses and tough conditions. You can secure cargo to the board with the included bungee and there is a large, non-slip pad for safety. Included with your purchase of this board is an adjustable paddle, a valve wrench, a detachable center fin, and a carry bag that has convenient straps for easy carry.


  • It can handle a boarder up to 240 Lbs.
  • Everything you need is included except the leash
  • You can inflate it easily within just 5 to 10 minutes


  • The D-ring can be too small for attaching some leashes
  • It can be difficult to insert/remove the center, removable fin

SUP PaddleRead more about the PathFinder Paddle Board.


Sportstuff 1030 Adventure Stand Up Paddleboard

cheap sportstuff adventure paddle boardThe Sportstuff 1030 Adventure Stand Up Paddleboard is 10’ 6” long, 30” wide and 4” thick when inflated. It can handle a boarder of up to 250 Lbs. There is a large anti-slip pad so you can keep your footing while SUP boarding.

This board comes with everything you need to get started paddleboarding, including: the inflatable board, a removable seat, a paddle, stainless steel tow rings, a hand pump, a pressure gauge, a valve wrench, a fin, and a board leash. All of this comes in a mesh backpack that makes it easy to carry where you need to go.


  • You can SUP board or attach the seat and use it as a kayak
  • Great for beginner and intermediate boarders
  • Versatile in uses and easy to carry


  • Hard to inflate, especially if you don’t have the “muscle power” to inflate it enough to hold your weight
  • May not allow you to paddle through the water as fast as a traditional, rigid board

SUP PaddleRead more about the Sportstuff Adventure SUP Board.


Vilano Journey SUP Board

vilano journey sup boardThis board is only 9’ 9” long, 30” wide, and 5” thick when inflated, but when inflated it feels just as rigid as a hard board, giving a very similar experience. Made of high quality PVC material and constructed with drop-stitch stitching, it is very durable and will last through the most demanding conditions and many uses. The grip section of the board does its job to keep you planted on the board while still making it comfortable to stand on.

The board comes with a 1 year warranty on the material as well as on the workmanship. The Vilano Journey SUP Board also comes with a pump that has a built-in pressure gauge, a collapsible paddle, and a backpack with a removable carry strap.


  • Extremely stable in the water
  • All the benefits of an iSUP but gives a similar experience of a more expensive hard board
  • Head-turning design


  • Requires a higher PSI than some other iSUP boards so it can be more difficult to inflate unless you invest in an electric pump

SUP PaddleRead more about the Vilano Journey SUP Board.


Aqua Marina Vapor Paddle Board

cheap paddle board aqua marina vaporWhen inflated using the included “bicycle tire” style pump, the Aqua Marina Vapor Paddle Board measures 10’10” x 30” x 4”. It is durably constructed from high quality PVC material that will stand up to flat water exploring as well as surfing. The short, wide stance of the board make it ideal for fitness and stress poses such as SUP yoga.

There are two small side fins as well as a center fin that slides in, along with D-rings for attaching a leash or a kayak seat as well as bungee cords for tying down cargo to your board. You will receive a repair kit with your purchase, along with the pump previously mentioned, a backpack to store your deflated and rolled up board, and a 3-piece paddle.


  • The board weighs less than 20 Lbs. so carrying it when deflated is easy
  • The non-slip deck has a grooved design with a honeycomb pattern to ensure solid grip
  • Fun, eye-catching colors


  • Recommended for riders up to 176 lbs.

SUP PaddleRead more about the Aqua Marina Vapor Paddle Board.


Aqua Marina Breeze Inflatable Paddle Board

cheap sup board aqua marina breezeA board that is 10’ or shorter, as well as wide, at least 30”, is considered versatile. It can be taken on the calm lake or river just as easily as it can be taken on a medium surf. They are also stable enough to be able to practice gentle stretches and yoga poses on them, making them even more fitness oriented. The Aqua Marina Breeze Inflatable Paddle Board is a great value as it offers all of this, and at a great price.

This paddle board has great features such as D-rings for attaching a leash or kayak seat, as well as cargo bungees to make bringing cargo along… well, a Breeze! The purchase will include the board itself, a pump, a collapsible paddle, and a backpack to help you carry it all.


  • The pump is a tall, “bicycle tire” style pump that allows you to use your whole body instead of just your arms or your foot so you don’t tire as easily and the process is faster
  • The grooved traction pad is durably constructed
  • Lightweight and small when deflated – easy to transport


  • Paddle can be a little “too” lightweight and some prefer buying one that is a little more durable

SUP PaddleRead more about the Aqua Marina Breeze SUP Board.


Sun Dolphin Seaquestsun dolphin paddle board seaquest

The Sun Dolphin Seaquest Paddle Board is a rigid board but instead of being made of solid foam core, it has a space for a cooler built in and a dry storage area. There is bungee cord rigging for cargo on the top as well for things that don’t fit inside. For safety when in use, there are non-slip foot pads.

The bottom of the paddle board allows it to track easily through the water even with a heavier boarder using it. It may not be as easily transported as an iSUP but there are other benefits to a rigid board and this one has built-in carrying handles to ensure that it is as easy to carry as possible. The board is 10’ x 33” and weighs 50 Lbs.


  • Good starter board to learn the sport
  • Very stable on both calm and somewhat wavy water
  • Very durable poly material


  • The weight can be an issue if you are doing this on your own and you aren’t able to unload near the water or if you have to load/unload from a tall vehicle
  • The included paddle can be a bit flimsy with constant use

SUP PaddleRead more about the Sun Dolphin paddle board.


Vilano Navigator Paddle Board

discount paddle board vilano navigatorThe Vilano Navigator Paddle Board may be inflatable but it gives an experience much like that of a hard board, and with the ease of transport of an inflatable one. Made of durable materials and put together with Korean drop stitches it will last many seasons of use even if everyone in the family has their fill each year.

When inflated, it is 10’ long, 31” wide, and 6” thick. When deflated, it is 1’ in diameter and 3’ long. You can carry it in the convenient carrying bag when deflated or by the carry strap when it’s inflated so either way it is easy to transport. The top deck features a strong grip traction pad, stainless steel D-rings, as well as bungees for storage.


  • You get the pump with built-in gauge, paddle, and removable fin when you purchase the board (along with items mentioned above)
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty on the workmanship and all materials used in the manufacturing
  • Paddle is adjustable from 65.5” to 86”


  • The paddle does not float
  • Can take up to 10 minutes to inflate

SUP PaddleRead more about the Vilano Navigator SUP board.


DDM Inflatable Paddle Board

ddm cheap sup board inflatableThis board is designed with multiple layers so that it creates an extremely hard board when inflated, just like a traditional, rigid board. It is constructed of 1000 Dennier 3 Ply PVC material that will last through tough conditions, many inflations and deflations, as well as storage.

You will get the board, a paddle, a backpack, a tall-style pump, and a repair kit when you purchase this setup – everything you need to get started in the sport whether it is just you or your whole family. Because the board is a full 6” thick when inflated, it can handle boarders up to 300 Lbs. This is much more than many other inflatable SUP boards can handle.


  • Adjustable paddle included
  • Capable of handling heavier weights
  • Extremely rigid when inflated to the proper PSI for the weight of the boarder.


  • A little heavier than some inflatable SUP boards

SUP PaddleRead more about the DDM Inflatable Paddle Board.


California Board Company 10’ 6” Classic

budget sup board california board company classicThis board from California Board Company is the first “traditional” style board that we’ve seen on this list of affordable boards in that it is made of a 100% waterproof core and high density foam. The board has a mount for a camera already placed and when you receive your board you will be happily surprised to also receive a board leash and an adjustable paddle as well. The paddle adjusts from 63” to 83”.

There is a cargo area on the deck using bungee cords. The CBC Classic can carry a boarder with a maximum weight of 300 Lbs. You will receive roof pads so that you can strap your board to just about any vehicle for easy transport and without having to invest in an expensive roof rack.


  • Comes with everything you need to get started
  • Typical unique CBC design that will have people asking
  • High quality construction of all products included


  • Some say it is flimsy
  • Only a 30 day warranty

SUP PaddleRead more about the California Board Company Classic.


Lifetime Freestyle Multi-sport Paddle Board

lifetime freestyle multi-sport paddleboardThe Lifetime Freestyle Multi-sport Paddle Board is truly made to last a lifetime and they stand by that with a 5 year warranty. With a relatively short length at 9’ 8” and a wide stance at 35.5” this board offers great stability in the water, plus a very large platform for exercising, stretching, and posing. It is also 6” thick which allows it to support heavier weights.

Even though it is a large board, it is still light and with the unique design it tracks smoothly through the water. The board is made of high density polyethylene that is UV-protected. It is strong so it will last a long time and with that UV-protection, it will look just as nice after 5 years as the first day you slide it into the water.


  • Foam pads for traction when standing
  • Loop for leash attachment
  • Two molded fins that retract in calm or flat water


  • Can be cumbersome to carry with its large size
  • May need two people to carry with the 50-60 Lb weight

SUP PaddleRead more about the Lifetime Freestyle Multi-sport Paddle Board.


Jimmy Styks Thresher Inflatable SUP

cheap sup jimmy styks thresher paddle boardThe Jimmy Styks Thresher Inflatable SUP is made using the same technology and similar materials used to make military-grade inflatable boats so you know this is a product that is not going to leave you disappointed. The board itself is 10’ 8” long and has a 4” lift at the front to allow it to track through wavy water with ease. It is 31” wide and just shy of 6” thick making it very stable. It weighs 24.5 Lbs so it is very easily carried, especially in the carrying bag that comes with your purchase.

You will also receive the stabilizing fin that is removable to allow for easy roll-up and the hardware to remove/attach, an adjustable paddle, a repair kit, and a pump with pressure gauge, plus a 10’ long coiled leash. The Jimmy Styks Thresher Inflatable SUP is great for boarders up 270 Lbs and has a large deck size so if you enjoy bringing a dog along for your paddling, they would be comfortable as well. Just make sure the total weight of you and the dog does not exceed the max weight.


  • Large, non-slip and cushioned deck area
  • Everything included that you need to get started with SUP boarding
  • High tech and high quality


  • You will need a screwdriver to attach the removable stabilizer fin

SUP PaddleRead more about the Jimmy Styks Thresher Paddle Board.


Bright Blue Stand Up Paddle Board 12’ 6”

bright blue inflatable sup boardUnlike some inflatable paddleboards, this one has actually been described as “fast, sleek and lightweight” which says a lot considering the size of it when inflated – 12’ 6” long, 30” wide, and 6” thick – and the fact that it can handle a 350 Lb weight. The board itself features a stainless steel D-ring to attach an ankle leash, 6 more stainless steel D-rings along with an included bungee to store any cargo you might want to take with you on your trip, a stabilizing fin that is detachable to make for easy carrying, a carrying handle to easily pull the board out of the water, and a large, grooved, anti-slip pad on the deck.


  • Comes with a paddle and a pump
  • Material and workmanship covered by a 2 year warranty
  • Easily maneuverable and very fast, even with its large size and high weight capacity


  • You may still want to purchase added items like an ankle leash or floats for the paddle

SUP PaddleRead more about the Bright Blue Paddle Board.


Ancheer 10’ PVC Inflatable SUP Board

ancheer pvc budget sup boardThe 10’ Ancheer SUP board is great for enjoying paddle boarding with two people, with your dog on the board, or even fishing from it, as it has a very large deck and that deck is covered in a very large non-slip surface that also protects it. The durable PVC material and drop stitching means it can withstand everything from underwater rocks to rapids. This board is 10’ x 29” x 6” and has a 350 Lb capacity. Make sure that if you have two people or a person and a dog on the board that the combined weight does not exceed 350 Lbs. What you will receive in the box: the deflated and rolled up SUP board, an adjustable paddle, a pump with built-in pressure gauge, and a carrying backpack.


  • Highly durable construction from high quality materials
  • Great design that can handle many functionalities
  • Perfect starter setup


  • For an inflatable SUP board that is only 10’, it weighs a bit more than most at 32 Lbs so it might be a little harder to carry, even in the supplied backpack

SUP PaddleRead more about the Ancheer PVC Paddle Board.


Jimmy Styks i32 Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

jimmy styks budget paddle board i32The drop stitching of this inflatable board makes it very stable and the curved nose allows it to travel smoothly through rougher waters. It is a great board for beginners to get started in the sport of SUP boarding, especially as it comes with everything you need, including: the detachable center fin to add stability for newer boarders, a paddle, a leash, and a carry bag. The deck of the Jimmy Styks i32 has a large anti-slip traction area for safety and comfort as well as a bungee tie-down area for any cargo you may want to bring with you on your trip.


  • Lightweight at only 27 Lbs.
  • Versatile size – 10’ 6” x 30” x 6”
  • 270 Lb weight capacity


  • This board does not come with any accessories like a paddle or carrying bag so you will have to purchase these items separately

SUP PaddleRead more about the Jimmy Styks i32 Paddle Board.


Lifetime Amped Paddleboard

lifetime amped paddle boardThis is a board that is designed more for the intermediate or advanced SUP boarders than the beginners so if you are looking for an affordable upgrade this is the one for you. It is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) that is UV-protected. Not only does Lifetime promise you it won’t fade, crack, or peel, but they stand by that promise for 5 full years. The deck features a leash attachment loop, bungee area for storage, and traction area of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). Included in your purchase is an adjustable paddle that is made of fiberglass so it will float if you accidentally drop it in the water.


  • Affordable price for a board made for more advanced paddlers
  • The 9” fin is retractable in calm water so you can move more quickly when you’d like
  • Less than 50 Lbs – lightweight for a hard board


  • Hard to transport given you will need a roof rack or truck
  • Paddle is black so if you drop it in the water you might not see it

SUP PaddleRead more about the Lifetime Amped Paddle Board.


Vilano Inflatable Touring/Race SUP 12’

The touring style of this SUP board has a slightly turned up nose so that it moves more quickly through the water, both in calm conditions and when it is a bit rougher. This Vilano SUP board is made to last with PVC materials put together with Korean drop sticthing. You don’t get a more durable board than this. When inflated, the board is fairly long at 12’, it is 31” wide and 6” thick. When deflated, it is less than a foot in diameter and a 36” long, fitting nicely into the included carrying bag. If you need to carry it while inflated, you can do so easily with the strap. It also comes with a paddle, a pump with built-in pressure gauge, and the optional, removable fin that can be added for stability.


  • High quality board that comes with everything you need to get out on the water
  • The long, wide board will allow you to move quickly whether on open water or in rough conditions
  • Excellent grip on the traction pad as well as bungee cord tie-down area for cargo storage


  • The quality of the paddle is not up to par with the quality of the board itself

SUP PaddleRead more about the Vilano Touring Paddle Board.


Vilano Voyager Paddle Board

A longer board means more speed. A wider board means more stability. A thicker board means more weight capacity. And the Vilano Voyager Paddle Board has all three – when inflated it measures 11’ long x 31” wide x 6” thick. Even being such a big board when in use, when deflated, it rolls up to a tidy 1’ diameter x 38” long and fits into the supplied carrying bag. With this purchase you will get everything needed to head to the nearest body of water and begin paddling, including: your inflatable board, the carrying bag, a pump with integrated pressure gauge, the removable fin, and the paddle that breaks down into three pieces for easy carrying and storage.


  • Weight capacity up to 300 Lbs.
  • 1 year warranty on manufacturing and materials
  • Easy bungee storage on deck and non-slip traction pads for safety


  • The pump is not very high quality and will need to be replaced long before the board needs to be
  • No repair kit included

SUP PaddleRead more about the Vilano Voyager Paddle Board.


PEAK Inflatable Paddle Board

Most shorter boards don’t carry a higher weight capacity but this one, at just 10’ 6”, can carry a max weight of up to 300 Lbs. If you are looking for a shorter inflatable board so you have more maneuverability than with the longer boards, and you need a higher weight capacity this one may be the perfect one for you. This is a very versatile design that is great for all water conditions and all skill levels. It is constructed from military-grade PVC so you know it will last a long time even with the whole family using it. The board also comes with the carry pack, a high-pressure pump that will inflate the SUP board quickly, a coil leash, as well as a paddle.


  • It weighs just 23 Lbs. so even the kids can carry it into and out of the water by themselves making it fun for the whole family
  • 30 day guarantee and 1 year warrantee
  • Paddle is adjustable from 65” to 86”


  • It has a relatively small standing area/traction pad

SUP PaddleRead more about the PEAK Inflatable Paddle Board.


ISLE Classic Soft Top Stand Up Paddleboard

The ISLE Classic is available in two different lengths. You can get a 9’ 6” board that is 33” wide and supports up to 225 Lbs. or you can get a 10’ 8” board that is 31” wide and supports up to 275 Lbs. Both lengths are 5” thick. This board is great for beginners and is perfect for flat water and small waves. The adjustable paddle also floats. The soft top gives your feet ample traction even when wet, the core is made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, and the bottom of the board is high density and durable. The 9” fin is removable so that you can travel with the board without worry of breaking it, and the fin adds a lot of stability for beginner paddlers.


  • Lightweight at only 24 Lbs.
  • 30 day guarantee, 180 day warrantee
  • Two size options so you can choose which would be best for you


  • Size makes transporting a bit difficult
  • You may still want to purchase additional items, such as a leash
  • No cargo storage area

SUP PaddleRead more about the Isle Classic Soft Top Paddle Board.


Supflex 10’ Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Amazingly, this inflatable board that weighs only 22 Lbs has a weight capacity of 350 Lbs and it carries that weight on a relatively small size profile of just 10’ x 30” x 6”. It has a great balance between maneuverability, speed, and balance even among all skill levels and water conditions. It is constructed of durable, double-layer PVC material that is military-grade – in fact, it is so durable it can even be run over by a car and not be damaged. The dual-action hand pump makes inflating the board much easier than with the pumps included with other boards, and it also comes with a coiled leash, a three-piece paddle, a carrying bag, and a removable fin.


  • 30 day guarantee and 2 year warrantee on materials
  • Stands up to the roughest conditions and many uses as well as storage
  • Large traction area on the deck that is great for maneuvering or even practicing yoga


  • The fin can be insecure in its position in the bottom of the board

SUP PaddleRead more about the Supflex Stand Up Paddle Board.


iRocker Paddle Board 10’

If you are looking for a board that will last, and a company that will stand behind the quality of their products, then this might just be the one for you. iRocker offers a 2 year warranty on their products that covers everything minus normal wear and tear. You will love using this paddle board as it is easy to inflate and deflate, stable when in the water, easy to maneuver even in rougher conditions, and you can gain some momentum even with some hefty weight on the board. The max weight on the board is 350 Lbs. When inflated, the board measures 10’ x 30” x 6”. It is constructed of triple layer, military-grade material. The paddle that is included is made of aluminum and floats so you won’t lose it. The pump is 24” tall and allows you to use your body instead of just your arms or your foot like with some other manual pumps. You will also get a carry bag with adjustable straps.


  • High weight capacity even with smaller size profile
  • High quality materials and construction made by a company who stands by it with a strong warranty
  • Everything you need to get started is included


  • Not as stable as other iSUP boards

SUP PaddleRead more about the iRocker Paddle Board.


Ten Toes WEEKENDER 10-Feet Inflatable

When the recommended maximum weight limit of 250 Lbs. is heeded, this is one the most stable inflatable SUP boards on the market, and it looks good while you’re on it, too. It is constructed of military-grade PVC. When deflated, it rolls up to 11” diameter x 36” long, and when inflated and ready for use it is 10’ long x 30” wide x 6” thick. The bundle comes with a lightweight paddle, a manual pump, 3 fins, and a repair kit. The board is backed by a 1 year warranty.


  • Made of high quality materials that are backed by a warranty
  • Great looking design that is also practical with a traction pad and a bungee tie-down area for cargo hold
  • Easy transport and storage


  • The traction pad is a bit small for maneuvering
  • Most electric pumps will not fit the valve for the board so the manual pump is necessary

SUP PaddleRead more about the Ten Toes Weekender SUP Board.


Driftsun SUP Inflatable 10’

This is another board with a smaller profile that is able to hold up to 350 Lbs max weight. It measures 10’ x 30” x 6” thick when inflated. It has a slightly elevated nose to help you gain speed and move over choppy water. The bundle comes with everything you need to get started from the board, the fins, the paddle, the pump, and even the carrying bag to keep it stored easily and also make transporting it a breeze. The pump is a tall, “bicycle tire” style pump that allows you to use your body, unlike some other manual pumps that will wear you out rather quickly. The traction pad on this board is large so it is perfect for exercising or practicing meditation or yoga. There is also a bungee tie-down area for storage. Even though it weighs only 28 Lbs, it is just as strong as a non-inflatable board once it is in the water and ready for use.


  • High quality, military-grade materials and construction
  • Kit contains everything you need to get started
  • You can inflate the board in less than 5 minutes


  • Not as stable as some other boards
  • Paddle isn’t as high quality as the other items in the bundle, including the board itself

SUP PaddleRead more about the Driftsun Paddle Board.


Zray Paddle Board 10’ 10”

This Zray paddle board has a unique look and design to it which will not only have people stopping to look but will also have you ready to head out the door to use it any chance you can. It only weighs 26 Lbs but has a max weight capacity of 320 Lbs when inflated to its true size of 10’ 10” x 30” x 6”. This board is great for calm water exploring, slow river runs, and gentle waves. It comes with a pump, a paddle, a fin, and a carry pack. The high-pressure pump allows you to inflate the board in just 5 to 10 minutes with moderate exertion. The paddle is adjustable from 65” to 85”. There is a bungee tie-down area for storage of any belongings you want to take with you on your trip.


  • Great look
  • Lightweight while still maintaining a max weight capacity of 320 Lbs.
  • Comes with all the basic necessities


  • Traction pad is small

SUP PaddleRead more about the Zray Paddle Board.


Solstice Bali 10’8 SUPsolstice sup board bali

The Solstice SUP Board Bali 10’8″ is a high-pressure inflatable SUP board. It’s sleek, leightweight and fast on the water. The Solstice Bali comes with an HP pump and gauge, and a carrying bag for easy use and storage. The board can carry up to 250 lbs on the water.

SUP PaddleRead more about the Solstice SUP board.




So if you want to join the fun and are looking for a cheap paddle board for sale, look no further. Stand up paddle boarding is also available for those of us with tighter budgets. Get a board, and go out and have some fun!

Disclaimer: Paddle board prices change constantly. At the time of writing, all these paddle boards were available for these amounts.