What is the Best Inflatable Paddle Board of 2022? Find out which all-around, inflatable SUP board you should get for your family.

best inflatable paddle board 2022

The minute you decide to buy an inflatable paddle board, you’ll realize just how many options are out there. Each one of them is advertised as perfect, and if you’re not careful , you can easily waste money on a SUP that you won’t like. 

As a paddle boarder myself, I know how important it is to have a SUP that’s right for you. This is why I’ve taken the time to research and test out some of the best inflatable paddle boards on the market. 

While every board on this list deserves it’s spot – I have to say that the Atoll 11 is my number one choice. Read on and I’ll explain why.

All The Boards We Reviewed

Best Overall
Atoll 11'

Atoll 11′

Speedy, Stable & Suitable for all Skill-levels

Anyone can use the Atoll 11 inflatable – from beginners to pros. It’s super stable, and so rigid it can hold riders up to 315 pounds! It’s not the cheapest iSUP out there, but worth every cent.

Sizes11′ x 32″ x 6″
Weight21 lbs
Capacity550+ lbs
Most Popular
iRocker Cruiser

iRocker Cruiser

Stable Enough for Beginners

Built with triple-layer PVC, the iRocker Cruiser is durable and reliable. The SUP holds up to 400 pounds, is easy to paddle, and is stable enough for beginners.

Sizes10’6 x 33″ x 6″
Weight26 lbs
Capacity400 lbs
Most stable
Blackfin X

Blackfin X

Stable, Rigid & Great for Yoga

The Blackfin X offers a large stable platform for anything you want to do; from paddling with your kids, to SUP Yoga. You can even fit your pooch on board too! However, since it’s so wide, it can be a little slow.

Sizes10’6 x 35″ x 6″
Weight27 lbs
Capacity450 lbs
For Larger People
iRocker All-Around 11’

iRocker All-Around 11’

Great for Heavier Paddlers

Super rigid, when inflated – it doesn’t flex or sink when heavier paddlers are riding.

Sizes11′ x 32″ x 6″
Weight24 lbs
Capacity435 lbs
Glide Retro 10’6

Glide Retro 10’6

A Quality iSUP with a Fun, Retro Design

The Glide 10’6 is a high-quality and great looking paddle board with a fun retro design that makes it stand out on the water. The traditional shape makes it a little slower (but it looks great).

Sizes10’6 x 33.5″ x 6″
Weight23 lbs
Capacity280 lbs
Gili Adventure 11’

Gili Adventure 11’

An Affordable Touring SUP for Beginners

The Gili Adventure balances speed and stability, and is a great touring SUP for newbies and advanced paddlers – at an affordable price.

Sizes11′ x 32” x 6”
Weight19.5 lbs
Capacity290 lbs
Nixy Newport All-Around

Nixy Newport All-Around

One of The Best SUP Packages Around

A great paddle board with a great package – the Nixy Newport comes with many accessories, including a fantastic full carbon paddle.

Sizes10’6 x 33″ x 6″
Weight20 lbs
Capacity300 lbs
Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12

Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12

A Great Board with a Fantastic Package

The Cruise Carbon has an extensive accessory package – it even includes a kayak conversion kit! Quality, multi-use all-around board.

Sizes12′ x 32.5″ x 6″
Capacity309 lbs
Best Men’s Touring
Bluefin Sprint Carbon

Bluefin Sprint Carbon

Great Touring Option

Rigid and fast, it cuts through the water with minimal resistance, can hold up to 418 lbs and comes with a five-year warranty. Beginners will likely struggle with this board (it’s quite narrow).

Sizes14′ x 30″ x 6″
Capacity418 lbs
Best Budget
iRocker Nautical

iRocker Nautical

Affordable Entry-level SUP

One of the best entry-level inflatable paddle boards around with good quality accessories, at an affordable price. Less stable for bigger paddlers (consider the Nautical 11’6 instead).

Sizes10’6 x 32″ x 6″
Weight20 lbs
Capacity240 lbs

Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards of 2022

Let’s take a closer look at these inflatable SUP boards:

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1. Atoll 11’ – Best All Around Inflatable Paddle Board

The Atoll 11 is my top pick for the best overall inflatable paddle board. It perfectly balances speed and stability, making it a great option for paddlers of all skill levels, and the build quality makes for a durable board that I know I can rely on. 

In fact, one of the main things I love about the Atoll 11 is its rugged construction. The machine-laminated dual-layer PVC and Korean dropstitch construction results in a SUP that can take pretty much anything. This means that it’s one of the toughest inflatables around. 

I have no worries about damaging the board when I transport my Atoll 11 to the water – or when I’m out on it. 

The durability of the board is matched by it’s great performance on the water. 

In fact, I’ve found the Atoll 11’ to be one of the easiest boards to paddle. The shape of the board and the tri-fin design help it to track well, and at 11 feet long and 32” wide it’s easy enough to balance on, but still responsive enough for you to be able to control it. 

This means it’s a good board for beginners as well as experienced paddlers who want a stable board that doesn’t feel sluggish in the water. 

While the durability and rugged build quality make it a great board for all types of paddlers – it also means that the Atoll is suitable for multiple passengers on board. It can easily hold over 550 lbs, which is fantastic if you’re like me and occasionally like to take your children paddling with you. Even when I have one of my kids on board (at a combined weight of around 300lbs), it doesn’t affect the performance. The Atoll 11 feels sturdy; it doesn’t sag in the middle, even when the weight capacity is being tested!

atoll aquamarine 11 2022

Aside from the great all-around performance and quality construction – the Atoll 11 impresses me with it’s attractive package. It comes with everything you need to get paddling right away. You get an adjustable carbon and fiberglass paddle, carrying bag, manual pump, and a leash. 

Atoll have even redesigned the backpack in response to some claims that the older version was poorly made. I can’t comment on previous versions, but I will say that this new design feels durable, and is comfortable to carry around.

One thing that’s worth noting about the accessory package, however, is that the paddle is not made entirely out of carbon fiber (it has a fiberglass shaft wrapped in carbon fiber, and the blade is made from nylon). However, I honestly don’t think this makes much difference, and there’s always the option to upgrade to a full carbon fiber paddle if you really want to. 

In short, the Atoll 11 SUP has all the gear, accessories and features you’d hope to see from a great all-around board – and I definitely recommend it as the best iSUP out there. 

What I Like
  • Rugged and durable: The Atoll 11 can take a beating and won’t damage easily
  • Stable enough for beginners: The board is wide enough to be stable for beginners, and feels rigid and sturdy to stand on
  • Large weight capacity: I’ve had no problem paddling with my kid on board with me (at about 300lbs – but Atoll say the board can take over 550 lbs!)
  • Great accessory package: No need to buy anything extra; It comes with a paddle, pump, leash, and a carrying bag.
What I Don’t Like
  • Side fins are not removable: The side fins are permanent, so the Atoll 11 doesn’t pack down as compact as boards with removable side fins might
  • Premium price: It’s one of the more costly paddle boards out there, but this is definitely reflected in the quality.

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irocker cruiser 2021 paddle board

One of the main reasons I love the iRocker Cruiser is its versatility. This is likely why it’s such a popular choice – pretty much anyone can use this board! It’s stable at 33 inches wide and offers a great learning platform. This means it’s great for beginners!

I myself am not a beginner – but I can see why this board would suit someone new to paddle boarding. At 10’6 and with a slightly less pointed shape than other similar paddle boards, it feels very stable on the water. 

It has all the technical specs that you’d expect from a good quality iSUP – such as reinforced rails and a drop stitch core, plus it is made from triple-layer military-grade PVC. It has a three fin setup which helps with tracking and speed (I actually found the iRocker faster than I was expecting from a SUP of these dimensions). 

When inflated, the iRocker can hold up to 400 pounds and only weighs 25 pounds itself, so it’s easy enough to transport and can comfortably hold you and your gear.

On the subject of gear, the iRocker can hold a lot! It features 20 D-rings, four action mounts as well as a front and rear bungee system. These are for attaching extra bits of gear, such as speakers or other personal belongings.  

One physical feature that really sets the iRocker apart, however, is the fact that it has seven grab handles! I absolutely love this feature! Although it might seem insignificant, it makes handling the board so much easier. I only wish other paddle boards would follow iRockers example here. 

Overall the iRocker Cruiser inflatable paddle board is definitely worth considering if you want a stable board that comes with everything you need to start paddling. The accessories include a carbon matte paddle, premium roller bag, dual-chamber triple-action hand pump, leash, and a repair kit.

What I Like
  • Built for stability: The iRocker is wide and stable enough for beginners, and it’s three-fin setup helps it to track well.
  • Seven grab handles: Having seven grab handles makes it so much easier to hoist, carry and maneuver the board.
  • Quality Carbon fiber paddle included: The Cruiser previously came with a fiberglass paddle but now you get a carbon fiber paddle which is awesome.
  • Choice of seven colors: I like the choice of blue, pink, teal, aqua, white, orange, and gray.
What I Don’t Like
  • A little slow for a cruising SUP: While the SUP was faster than anticipated, it is still a little slow for a cruising SUP.
  • Some effort required: Again, due to the fact that it’s not as fast as other cruising SUPs, the glide is ever so slightly reduced. Paddling is still easy, but requires slightly more effort than similar SUPs I’ve used.

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3. Blackfin X – Best Yoga Paddle Board

blackfin model x 2021 paddle board

If you have been looking to try out SUP fitness, this might just be the board for you.

The Blackfin X is wide and rigid. Featuring triple-layer PVC construction, carbon rails, and a width of 35 inches, the paddle board’s stability is unmatched. You can comfortably practice SUP yoga without falling in every time you transition to another pose. 

Since it is one of the most stable paddle boards, the Blackfin Model X is also a great family board. Let everyone join in the fun and see how well it holds. 

The large soft deck pad prevents you from slipping. It is comfortable enough for kids and your furry friend and also doubles as a yoga mat. 

The carbon reinforced rails (the sides of the board) make folding the board a little harder, but the extra rigidity they give the SUP board is well worth it. 

SUP yoga is not the only activity you can do with the Blackfin X. It comes with 20 D-rings, eight action mounts, and bungee storage. These attachment points allow you to bring gear for fishing, camping, and all sorts of paddle boarding activities. 

It even comes with three detachable fins so you can change the setup if you like. 

The 2021 new design and colors are gorgeous. You have six color options.

In addition to all these fantastic features, the Blackfin Model X all-inclusive package includes a carbon paddle, premium roller bag, dual-chamber pump, ankle leash, and a repair kit.

What I Like
  • Incredible stability: The Blackfin X is a really wide board and one of the most stable single-person paddle boards I have ridden. It’s perfect for yoga and paddling with kids.
  • Attachment points: I love that there are 20 D-rings, bungee cords, and eight action mounts because they allow you to bring all sorts of gear with you. The board also has safety handles that the kids can hold on to when they come with me.
  • Quality construction: The Blackfin X features triple-layer composite PVC construction and carbon rails. It feels solid and can hold up to 450 pounds. I love the fact that it now comes with a three-year warranty instead of the previous two.
  • Cool colors and design: This inflatable stand up paddle board looks good and comes in six different colors–all of them gorgeous.
What I Don’t Like
  • It can be slow: The Blackfin is not the fastest SUP here but that’s expected because of its width.
  • It’s not cheap: It’s one of the costlier inflatable boards but it’s from iRocker’s premium line and it’s one of the best iSUP packages you can find so it’s worth it.

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4. iRocker All-Around 11 – Best for Heavier Paddlers

irocker all around 11 2021 paddle board

iRocker SUP makes some of the best inflatable SUP boards around for all kinds of paddlers. The All Around is a great option for big guys and girls. 

Made using triple-layer composite PVC, the iRocker All Around is a super rigid board once inflated and can hold 435 pounds. It doesn’t flex or sink when heavier paddle boarders are riding.

If you have been looking for a SUP that can hold you plus all your gear and maybe a dog, I’d recommend the All Around.

This inflatable paddle board performs well and anyone can handle it, regardless of skill level. Compared to the Blackfin X, the All Around 11’ is slightly less stable, but its speed is good (for an all-around board), and it is easy to maneuver. 

With your iRocker All Around inflatable SUP, you will get a paddle, pump, rolling bag, leash, and repair kit. 

The adjustable paddle now has a full carbon matte shaft and a nylon blade. 

You’ll also be happy to know that the iRocker All Around 11’ has 20 D-rings and four action mounts. So you can try SUP fishing and SUP camping as well. 

The All Around 11’ is available in six beautiful colors and it comes with three removable fins–a large center fin and two side fins. 

What I Like
  • Reliable construction: The iRocker All Around is rugged and can take a lot of use and abuse, thanks to the military-grade triple-layer construction – so I’m not concerned about damaging it.
  • High-weight capacity: I love that this is an all-around inflatable SUP that performs well in all conditions but it’s still rigid enough to support 435 pounds. It’s ideal for heavier paddlers who want a moderately sized SUP with great performance.
  • Awesome color options: Like the other iRocker paddle boards, the All Around is available in six different colors–both vibrant and chill colors so there’s something for everyone.
  • Premium accessory package: You get everything you need to start paddling right away and it’s high-quality too. The carbon shaft paddle is especially fantastic and you won’t have to upgrade.
What I Don’t Like
  • No U.S fin box: The All Around 11 fin box is not universal so you can’t experiment with different aftermarket fins.

Check Price of the iRocker All Around 11

5. Gili Komodo 10’6

gili komodo inflatable paddle board

The Gili Komodo is designed to be Gili’s most versatile option–and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a nice, stable all-around SUP that you can use anywhere, for pretty much any paddle boarding activity.  

One of the things that first caught my attention is the full-length deck pad. It covers the deck, from the nose to the tail. While you may not use the entire surface while paddling, it comes in handy when you have a furry friend or kid on board. They’ll have a soft, comfortable platform to stand or sit on. 

While this large traction pad could also make for a great yoga mat, I found that the multiple bungees and attachment points could make it less than ideal for practicing SUP yoga. 

However, the board itself is marketed as being a great all-arounder that lends itself well to yoga, and even features a ‘yoga’ inspired colorway design option – so perhaps the placement of the attachment points and the bungee area are not as big of an issue for other people. 

gili komodo 10'6

The board is easy to carry and haul in and out of the water – thanks to the seven handles: three carry handles and four safety handles. Also, all three of the gear mounts are conveniently placed, with one at the nose and the other two within easy reach right in front of you.

There are also extra D rings for a kayak seat, which I thought was a nice touch. This board really is versatile!

In terms of handling and overall performance I really enjoyed paddling the Gili Komodo. It’s a nice, stable all around board with good stability. I found it similar to the iRocker Cruiser, both in terms of its versatility and build quality, as well as the specifications. 

At 10’6 long and 33 inches wide, like the Cruiser, the Gili Komodo is a stable board that feels sturdy on the water. 

iRocker Cruiser vs Gili Komodo

However, even though the Cruiser and the Komodo are very similar, I found that the Gili Komodo actually glides better for someone of my weight, and it’s also easier to paddle. So if you’re a bigger person, the Komodo is most probably the better option for you. 

While it does handle well, remember that the Gili Komodo is not a performance board. Although it’s stable enough, I have to say that I prefer a longer board for better performance, and I think most paddlers who are larger and taller would agree with me.  

The Komodo SUP package includes a paddle, backpack, leash, and a manual pump. The accessories are awesome, but the paddle is made of fiberglass (not as light as carbon).

This paddle board is a great option for anyone in the market for a versatile paddle board. You won’t be limited to one or two SUP activities.

What I Like
  • Lightweight and easy to handle: The Gili Komodo is quite wide, but it only weighs 21 pounds. This means it’s easy to carry around, even for smaller paddlers – plus the seven grab handles make getting it in and out of the water super simple.
  • Great stability: The board feels very stable, even for bigger paddlers (like me), and you’ve got enough room to bring your little one or dog onboard too. I felt stable paddling the board and I didn’t notice any flexing at all.
  • Full-length deck pad: I love the deck pad because it offers a large platform that’s soft and grippy– large enough for an extra passenger, and comfortable enough for yoga if you don’t mind the attachment points and bungee storage area potentially being in the way.
  • It’s versatile: The Gili Komodo is a true all-around paddle board. It’s stable enough for beginners, for yoga, and a fun day out with the kids. You can use it for SUP fishing, casual touring, and camping – the multiple attachment points allow you to attach all the gear you want to configure the SUP to your liking – and even attach a kayak seat using the extra D rings
  • Nice accessory package: The included accessories that come with the Gili Komodo are impressive in their own right – the backpack in particular, which looks great and is easy (and comfortable) to carry around.
What I Don’t Like
  • Fiberglass paddle: Many inflatable SUPs now offer a carbon-shaft paddle for the same price, but Gili Sports only include a fiberglass paddle as standard (you have to upgrade to the full carbon version). You’ll also have to bring along a screwdriver if you want to tighten the clamp screws, like I had to do with my paddle. I’d like to see them include the premium paddle as standard in future.

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6. Glide Retro 10’6″ Inflatable SUP Board

glide retro paddle board 2021

The Glide Retro is 33.5 inches wide and 10’6 long with a rounded nose. The traditional paddle board shape makes the board a little less stable than for instance the iRocker Cruiser, but it is still a good choice for paddle board beginners.

glide retro

The Glide Retro is wide and stable enough to make it suitable for most paddlers. I can envision the board as being pretty good for SUP yoga, even though it isn’t a dedicated yoga board. (Glide actually have a yoga SUP; the Lotus, which is wider)

In terms of build quality, I can’t fault the Glide Retro at all. It is built using ultra reinforced dropstitch construction and is so dense it can be inflated up to 25 psi (but the manufacturer recommends 12 to 15 psi). 

Despite the heavy-duty construction, the Retro only weighs 23 pounds – so it’s easy to carry around, and has three comfortable neoprene carry handles to help with this. The board features a single-fin system with a USA style fin box, and while there’s only one, the board still tracks well so this is fine. 

In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the Glide Retro performs on the water – I expected it to be slower (due to the rounded nose), but found it surprisingly nimble with good tracking and stability. 

However, don’t buy this board if you want to be able to bring a lot of gear with you. There isn’t all that much storage space. The small, 4 D-ring bungee on the nose can stash some necessities like a life jacket, but that’s about it! 

The fiberglass paddle included with the package is color matched – which I really like. The Glide has such a unique and distinctive color scheme and design that it makes sense to have a paddle that fits with that aesthetic.

The only problem is, for me, the paddle has more flexibility than I’d like. While paddling, I felt like I wasn’t being propelled forward as forcefully as I’d like, as the flex from the paddle was absorbing some of the force of my strokes. So, if you want more performance, then I’d consider upgrading. A matching paddle isn’t as important as a paddle that performs well.

The rest of the package is quite impressive too, especially given how affordable it is. As well as the color-matched fiberglass paddle, it includes a high-capacity pump, roller backpack, leash, repair kit, kayak seat, and a carry strap. 

It’s worth noting, though, that the kayak seat only has attachment straps near the top, so expect it to shift around a little. It still works though – and that’s what matters!

Overall I think this is a well-made, strikingly unique paddle board that both looks and feels great!

What I Like
  • Fun design: The Retro design is beautiful and pretty unique for a paddle board. You’ll definitely get some compliments and a few jealous glances when you go paddling with it.
  • Full-length deck pad: The traction pad on the Glide Retro covers the entire deck, giving you a large, soft, and grippy surface for yoga. It’s also child- and pet-friendly.
  • The iSUP package: In addition to the basic essentials included in other iSUP packages, the Retro package includes a kayak seat and carry strap – so it’s versatile.
  • Stable and versatile: I love that you can do so much with this stand up paddle board–from yoga to running rivers. It’s stable and highly maneuverable.
What I Don’t Like
  • Too much flex in the paddle (for me): I felt that there was too much flex in the fiberglass paddle, which meant I got a little less forward propulsion than I would have liked while paddling the Glide. However, other paddlers might not find this to be an issue (and could always upgrade to a carbon fiber paddle anyway).
  • Single-fin system: There are no side fins so you can’t try out different fin setups. But it has a universal fin box.

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7. Bote Breeze Aero

Bote Breeze Aero

The Bote Breeze Aero is Bote’s entry-level board and comes in three gorgeous designs. It’s available as a 10’8 and 11’6 length board. 

My wife and I tested the 10’8 version, and opted for the wood print design known as ‘Classic Teak’, as it looks totally unique and is somewhat unisex. The other two design options are ‘Native Jaws’ – which is a feminine floral print, and ‘Native Eclipse’ which is a more masculine, blue striped design. 

At 33 inches wide, the Bote Breeze is has a large platform and it’s as stable as I expected. This is one of the most stable paddle boards here, compared to other SUPs of the same length. 

While still on the topic of performance, I have to say that I love how the Bote Breeze tracks! It doesn’t take much effort to keep it going in a straight line. It’s also easy to maneuver, even for shorter or smaller paddlers (such as my wife Astrid, who also thought that the board handled very well). The speed isn’t very impressive but that’s to be expected, given the width. 

If you’re a larger paddler, I’d recommend getting the 11’6 Bote Breeze Aero. This 10’8 version is stable and can handle your weight but you’ll get better performance from the longer version.

The Bote Breeze has a six-point bungee storage area at the front and extra D-rings for attaching a kayak seat. There are no action mounts, which makes sense since this is more of an entry-level paddle board – so it’s not a huge issue.

The board has two grab handles, at the nose and at the center. For a stand up paddle board of its size, a third handle at the tail would have been great because it would make handling the board easier.

It’s also worth noting how lightweight this paddle board is, weighing only 20 pounds – which does mean that it’s somewhat easy to carry even without a handle at the tail, However, I still think this would have been a great addition.

Bote Breeze Aero SUP

The Breeze Aero 10’8 is built using Bote’s AeroUltra inflatable technology. It feels solid when fully inflated and doesn’t bend, even when a bigger paddler (like myself) is riding. The board comes with a two-year warranty, like many other inflatable SUPs. 

The Bote Breeze paddle board package is adequate – but I was disappointed to find that it doesn’t come with a leash! It includes a fiberglass paddle, repair kit, hand pump, and travel bag. The paddle is made of fiberglass and is quite rigid.

You should check this paddle board out if you’re a beginner looking for a stable SUP that’s good quality and easy to handle. As an entry-level SUP it will serve you well –  it’s width, stability and light weight make it a good option for people new to paddle boarding. It also looks stylish too! 

What I Like
  • Beautiful design and color options: The Bote Breeze looks good and you have three patterns to choose from – each of them is distinctive and unique.
  • Great performance for an entry-level board: After being tested by both myself and my wife, I can attest that the Breeze performs well, regardless of who is paddling. Shorter paddlers will find it highly maneuverable and those on the bigger side will love how well it tracks (although larger paddlers would likely find the 11’6 even better).
  • Super lightweight: The Bote Breeze only weighs 20 pounds and is one of the lightest paddle boards on this list. This makes it easy to pick up, even if you’re on the smaller side (though a grab handle at the tail would have made this even easier).
  • Nice fiberglass paddle included: The included paddle is good quality and felt quite rigid, without much flex at all.
What I Don’t Like
  • No leash in the package: Almost every other paddle board includes this basic accessory in its package, but unfortunately, the Bote Breeze does not. This is disappointing.
  • Pricey for an entry-level board: While a perfectly decent paddle board, the Bote Breeze is on the expensive side for an entry-level SUP.

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8. Gili Adventure Inflatable SUP Package

gili adventure 11 paddle board

As you can guess from the name, the Gili Adventure is designed for the adventurous paddler. 

If you love spending time out in the water trying different SUP activities, this may be the right board for you.

gili adventure

The Gili Adventure can be a fishing, touring, yoga, or relaxed cruising paddle board.

It comes with a bungee system at the front and another removable rear bungee for all your paddling essentials. The board also comes with Scotty mounts and extra D-rings for gear and accessories. 

The Adventure inflatable SUP board is built using dual-layer PVC. It is a sturdy yet lightweight board. The 11-foot long Adventure weighs 22 pounds while the 12-foot one weighs 23 pounds. They can hold up to 290 pounds and 330 pounds respectively.

For fitness enthusiasts, the Gili has a large deck pad. It offers a comfortable platform for yoga or pilates as well as traction to keep you from slipping. 

The Gili Adventure inflatable package includes a travel paddle, backpack, 2-stage hand pump, and a coiled ankle leash. 

You can either choose to get a fiberglass paddle or a carbon fiber paddle. The fiberglass paddle option is cheaper.

What I Like
  • Stable touring paddle board: Most touring SUPs can be a little unstable and unsuitable for beginners, but not the Gili Adventure. Beginners can use it and enjoy its amazing performance.
  • Color-matched accessories: Not only do you get an all-inclusive SUP package and board color options, but the accessories match with the boards too!
  • Attachment points: These are important for a touring SUP and the Adventure has gear mounts, D-rings, and even a paddle holder for when you want to free your hands.
  • Tough but lightweight: This paddle board is made using fusion dual-layer technology resulting in a rugged inflatable SUP that only weighs 22 pounds.
What I Don’t Like
  • Fiberglass paddle: A fiberglass paddle isn’t the best for paddling long distances. But you can choose to have a carbon paddle in your package.

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9. Nixy Newport All-Around SUP 10’6 Review

nixy newport 2021 paddle board

The Nixy Newport is a versatile all-around board that is suitable for beginners as well as advanced paddlers, but might be best suited to people who are not on the taller or larger side. After both my wife and I spent an afternoon testing the board, I can attest to the truth of this – my wife found it great to paddle, while I (at 6 foot 1 and approx. 189 lbs) found it too unstable for my size. 

I’ll take this opportunity to reiterate how important it is to consider the correct size of paddle board for your weight and height. While the Nixy feels too unstable for me, my wife found it to be very stable. She said that she didn’t feel in any danger of falling off when paddling with a bit more wind (the windspeed was Beaufort 4 on the day we tested the boards), and also found it easy to maneuver and paddle in a straight line.

nixy newport package 2021

The tropical print design is also an instant win –  making the board stand out as being vibrant and attractive, but it’s also built to be durable as well as attractive. It’s tapered shape makes it perfect for shorter paddlers, while the dual-layer PVC construction and carbon rails make it remarkably stiff. 

All the fins on this paddle board (a large central fin and two side fins) are removable. I like to have the option of detaching and re-configuring fins because I like to change the setup for different paddling conditions, so this is a plus for me!

As I’ve already mentioned – this board is not particularly large, nor is it particularly well-suited larger paddlers. This means that the amount of onboard storage is a little limited. The nose bungee area in particular is on the smaller side, with 4 D-rings – so it’s fine for stashing your water bottle or PFD. 

The larger, 6 D-ring bungee on the tail makes up for this a little, and there’s also five action mounts and 2 additional D-rings for attaching a kayak seat. It packs a lot into a small and somewhat tapered shape, while still remaining light, maneuverable and great for smaller paddlers! 

One other thing that makes the Nixy Newport inflatable paddleboard awesome is its package. It includes a lightweight paddle, backpack, pump, and a coiled ankle leash. 

I was very impressed with the paddle that’s included with Nixy Newport. It’s a full carbon paddle and is extremely rigid and lightweight, at just 25 ounces. It’s a real joy to paddle with – you won’t need to upgrade to anything better, and it even breaks into three pieces for transport and storage. 

The backpack is also worth mentioning. It has cargo hooks, side pockets, extra padded straps, and wheels. This means that traveling with the newport is easy – if you find it hard to carry you can roll it along instead. 

To top all this off, the Nixy Newport comes with a 2-year warranty

What I Like
  • Great for smaller paddlers: While I myself found the board unstable for my size, my wife found it fast, easy to control and highly maneuverable.
  • Premium iSUP package: I love Nixy paddle boards because you know you’ll get quality accessories. Everything that comes with the Newport is amazing, especially the wheeled backpack and carbon fiber paddle.
  • Stability: The Nixy Newport is a very stable board and doesn’t feel tippy when riding. It’s a nice board for beginners and yoga.
  • Lightweight: Given its size and the dual-layer PVC construction, I was surprised by how lightweight the Newport is. It only weighs 21 pounds and is easy to carry around.
  • Attachment points: It comes with multiple gear mounts and D-rings for accessories like fishing rods, allowing you to try different SUP activities.
What I Don’t Like
  • The front bungee storage area is a little small: It works well but I wish it was bigger for storing large dry bags.

Check Price of the Nixy Newport

11. Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12

Bluefin SUP Boards is another company that has been making awesome SUPs for years. They make some of the most rigid inflatable paddleboards.

The Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12 is built using their 1000D exo-surface laminate and pro-weave dropstitch technology. It also has carbon fiber rails to reduce flex as much as possible. 

bluefin cruise carbon 12 package 2021

One thing that makes the Bluefin Cruise Carbon stand out is its package. Like many inflatable SUP boards, it comes with a carbon fiber paddle, pump, backpack, leash, and repair kit. On top of that, you will get a kayak conversion kit (a kayak seat and kayak paddle blade). 

The Cruise Carbon 12 has a pointy nose and a kick pad, features that help with performance. It would make a great all-around/touring SUP. 

There are D-rings for attaching the kayak seat and other items. 

Like all the other boards by Bluefin, the Cruise Carbon has a five-year warranty.

What I Like
  • The accessory package: The Cruise Carbon isn’t that expensive yet it comes with an all-inclusive package, which includes a carbon fiber paddle, plus a kayak conversion kit.
  • Well-made: This inflatable SUP feels solid under your feet and you can tell that it will last. It comes with a five-year warranty too – so you can definitely feel confident that it’ll last.
  • Performance: I love that it balances speed and stability so you can use it for touring as well as other SUP activities.
  • Construction technology: The Cruise Carbon also has two inflation chambers, making it safer and even more rigid.
What I Don’t Like
  • Side fins are not removable: It doesn’t pack down nicely with the fins and you also can’t try different configurations.

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12. Bluefin Sprint Carbon – Best Inflatable Men’s Touring SUP

bluefin sprint carbon touring paddle board

If you are an advanced paddler looking for a high-performance paddle board, consider the Sprint Carbon.

bluefin sprint carbon

At 14 feet long, 30 inches wide, and with a pointed nose, the Bluefin Sprint is built for speed. It cuts through the water with minimal resistance making for an exciting ride.

The Sprint Carbon is built using reinforced composite dropstitch and military-strength PVC. It also features carbon rails, resulting in one of the most rigid inflatable boards you can find.

The Sprint Carbon can hold up to 418 pounds and comes with a five-year warranty.

There is a universal action camera mount at the nose so you can capture every epic moment.

The board also has two bungee storage areas and extra D-rings for you to securely attach your items.

The Carbon Sprint complete package includes a carbon paddle, coiled leash, backpack, and a triple-action pump. 

What I Like
  • Amazing performance: The Bluefin Carbon Sprint cuts through the water smoothly, with great speed and minimal resistance. It’s one of the fastest inflatable SUPs, suitable for touring.
  • Advanced construction technology: The unique dual inflation chamber technology makes the Carbon Sprint extremely rigid and much safer.
  • Five-year warranty: I love how Bluefin SUP Boards stand behind their products with an industry-leading warranty period (gives me peace of mind).
  • Premium accessory package: It comes with a good backpack, double-chamber pump, leash, and a paddle. The carbon fiber paddle is light and so fun to use – and it floats!
What I Don’t Like
  • Not stable for beginners: The long and narrow shape helps with speed but not stability. Beginners may have a problem trying to maintain balance.

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13. iRocker Nautical – Best Budget Inflatable SUP

This is one of the best budget inflatable paddle boards around. The recent upgrade to the Nautical has added features, making it hold its own even against some of the more expensive SUPs out there.

My wife and I tested the 10’6 version of the board but, just like with the Bote Breeze, taller and heavier paddlers should probably opt for the 11’6 version. I actually found the 10’6 version to be too small for me, at 195 lbs and 6’1. 

My wife (who isn’t tall or heavy) however, found it maneuverable and easy to get up to speed. However, she also commented on how the board isn’t as stable as some of the other, similar boards that come in this length. 

However, she also said it was still an easy and smooth paddling experience – so don’t let this put you off.  

The Nautical is an excellent option if money is tight. It tracks pretty well and while it might not be as stable as, say, the Glide Retro or the Bote Breeze, it’s still a nice stable (enough) board with quality accessories for a very good price! It comes as a full, ready-to-paddle package and the accessories are great. 

The premium backpack now has a wheel option; you can buy a wheel tray from iRocker and convert it into a rolling bag, which is great for transporting the board around when deflated. 

The fiberglass paddle is also pretty good – it feels rigid, is adjustable from 72 to 86 inches and only weighs 32 ounces. 

Unlike some boards in this price range, the iRocker Nautical inflatable is built using dual-layer PVC construction, instead of a single layer, which is definitely a pleasant, unexpected bonus. It is tough and can hold up to 240 pounds. 

It has a 6 D-ring nose bungee and 4 D-ring tail bungee, so you can stash a few things on board, and the 7 grab handles make handling the board easy when it’s out of the water. 

The Nautical is a light board, weighing only 20 pounds. It performs well on slow-moving rivers, flat water, and the ocean. The SUP is maneuverable and anyone can handle it, from newbies to experienced paddlers. You can attach a cooler, kayak seat, cup holder, action camera, and other accessories, thanks to the bungee storage, D-rings, and action mount. 

If your budget is tight but you still want a fantastic inflatable board package, you should check out the iRocker Nautical. While larger paddlers would be better suited to the Nautical 11’6, the shorter version is perfectly adequate for most, even without that extra foot in length.

What I Like
  • Excellent entry-level board: This is a great beginner board that offers quality at a pocket-friendly price.
  • All-inclusive package: Newbies getting started with SUP will get everything they need to get started right away. I love that the paddle is made of fiberglass and not aluminum.
  • Color options: Most entry-level paddle boards only come in one color. The Nautical is available in four colors so you can choose what suits you best.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry: At only 20 pounds, anyone can easily carry the Nautical 10’6 around, and I think this makes it a good option for older kids. The seven grab handles also make handing the board easy when it’s out of the water.
What I Don’t Like
  • Low weight capacity: The iRocker Nautical has a weight capacity of 245 pounds and, as I’ve previously mentioned, isn’t suitable for heavier guys. The Nautical 11’6 would be better suited if you’re bigger.

Check Price of the iRocker Nautical 10’6

14. Nixy Huntington Ultra Compact – Most Compact Inflatable SUP for Traveling

nixy huntington

Some paddle boarders love to travel all over, checking out different paddle boarding spots. If that is you, the Nixy Huntington may be the right board for you. 

It only weighs 18.75 pounds. Some people may question the quality of the Nixy Huntington because of its weight. 

But it is built to last using dual-layer PVC and it has reinforced carbon rails. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds when fully inflated and comes with a two-year warranty.

The Nixy Huntington is short at 9’6, compared to most of the other inflatable SUPs here. This length has a few advantages. 

First, it makes the iSUP easy to control in any paddling condition. Second, the Huntington is unbelievably compact and folds down to a small package that you can carry anywhere. 

When it comes to its features, we have no reason to complain. The Huntington has a two-fin system–two large side fins, all removable. It also has bungee storage at the nose and tail, additional D-rings, mounting brackets, and three grab handles.

The Nixy Huntington package is yet another thing we love about the SUP (and we know you’ll appreciate it too). The carbon hybrid paddle breaks into four pieces for easy transport. It is adjustable 70” to 83”. Oh, and it also floats!

The dual-chamber triple-action pump has foldable legs and removable handles. 

As you can see, everything about this inflatable stand up paddle board is designed to make it the perfect traveling SUP. It would be a great option if you are an adventurous paddler. 

What I Like
  • Compact and portable: The Huntington is small and lightweight, weighing only 18 pounds. It folds into a light compact package that’s perfect for traveling.
  • Highly maneuverable: I love how easy it is to control and make quick-sharp turns with this board, regardless of the conditions.
  • Attachment points: The Huntington Compact may be smaller but it still features enough gear mounts and D-rings for different adventures such as SUP fishing.
  • Nice SUP package: All the basic paddle boarding essentials are included in the package and they’re premium quality too. You get a carbon fiber paddle and a rolling backpack.
What I Don’t Like
  • How it tracks: The Huntington doesn’t track as well as longer and narrower iSUPs, but with the right paddling technique, you won’t have a reason to complain.
  • Weight limit: Its maximum capacity is 250 pounds and it’s not the best option for heavier riders.

Check Price of the Nixy Huntington

15. Honu Byron 10’6 All-Rounder

Honu is an Australian brand that has been around for about 20 years. They are now bringing their SUPs to USA paddlers. 

The Honu Byron inflatable board is designed to be the ultimate all-arounder that can do everything. It is moderately long and wide, with a round nose. 

This shape and size make it a stable board that would be suitable for SUP yoga and relaxed cruising.

The Byron is only 4.7 inch thick and less bouyant and stable than, for instance, the iRocker Cruiser. Have said that, I’m 6’1 and weigh about 190 lbs, and the Honu Byron held up my weight well enough. If you are a lighter paddler, the Byron would be a great choice for an easy to paddle, all around board.

The Honu Byron has a large plush deck pad to keep you and your passenger comfortable. 

If you prefer surfing, the Byron can do that too. This is where the 4.7 inch thick Byron has an advantage over regular 6 inch thick boards. The thinner rails of the Byron are easier to sink in the waves, making the Byron a better surf SUP board.

The Byron has a weight limit of 250 pounds and comes with a four-year warranty. So there’s no doubt about its quality. 

Other than the Byron inflatable SUP board, the package includes a backpack, pump, leash, and a repair kit. The paddle is not included but you’ll get a good discount if you buy it with the paddle board. 

The Byron is an amazing option if you want an incredibly versatile and lightweight SUP.

What I Like
  • Lightweight: This is one of the lightest adult-sized paddle boards you can find, weighing only 17 pounds. It’s so easy to carry, even over long distances.
  • Innovative construction: The Honu Byron features Genesis construction with triple-bonded rails. It honestly feels like a solid paddle board when fully inflated.
  • Warranty period: This SUP comes with a 2+2 year warranty. This means it’s covered by a replacement warranty for two years and a total of 4 years of free repairs for any kind of damage.
What I Don’t Like
  • No paddle in the package: Most inflatables SUPs include a paddle in the package so this is a little disappointing. But you’ll get a discount if you buy your paddle with the board.

Check Price of the Honu Byron 10’6

Things to Consider When Buying an Inflatable Paddle Board

Buying the best inflatable paddle board for your needs goes beyond simply looking at what will fit your budget. While price can be a factor when choosing a paddle board, and indeed some cheaper paddle boards are OK, I recommend you think about some other criteria.

Here are a few considerations and questions you should ask yourself before investing in a paddle board. 

1. Intended Use: How, and Where, Will You Use The Board?

The first thing to consider is how and where you’ll be using your stand up paddle board. This will determine the type of board you need, to do the type of paddling you want. 

For activities that require speed, like touring and racing, you will need a longer and narrower SUP. So you don’t want to get a SUP that is under 11 feet long and over 32 inches wide.

For SUP activities like yoga, fishing, and paddling with kids, stability is more important than speed. So you will want to stick to wider paddle boards, 32 inches and wider. 

If you prefer not to limit yourself to one or two SUP activities, consider an all-around SUP board. This type of board can be used in multiple ways, for different activities and in different conditions. 

Almost all the stand up paddle boards discussed in this review are all-around SUPs, because they really do offer the best option for people looking to buy an inflatable paddle board. They perform well in most water conditions and you can use them for pretty much anything. 

2. Budget: How Much Can You Realistically Spend?

While finding a board that has the right specs for your height, weight and the type of paddling you’ll be doing is important, so is considering your budget. 

One thing I have learned about iSUPs is that the price does matter. There is a distinct difference between cheap paddle boards and more expensive paddle boards.

While you can pick up a cheap board online for about $200 – it definitely isn’t worth it. The quality of cheap iSUPs is incredibly poor, and will give you a terrible paddling experience.

My advice is to consider your budget and aim to shop toward the top end of that. You should be looking at an absolute minimum of $400 – $500 for an inflatable SUP. 

3. Build Quality: What is the Paddle Board Made From?

Your inflatable SUP board’s construction will determine its stability, durability, and performance, so don’t be tempted to ignore the technical specifications when shopping for a new paddle board. Pay attention to things like the dimensions of the SUP and the materials it is made from. 

Poorly constructed iSUPs don’t last and they aren’t rigid. They are the reason you will hear people complaining about issues like sagging or bending. 

Some terms and tech specs you should watch out for include:

  • Military-grade PVC: High-quality boards are made using this, and will normally feature two or more layers.
  • Drop stitch technology: Quality boards will also feature a drop stitch core, meaning that there are thousands of polyester drop stitches between the top and bottom layers of the paddle board – resulting in extreme rigidity
  • Reinforced rails: Most boards include reinforced rails for extra rigidity; it basically means that the edge where the top and bottom of the board meet (the ‘rail’), is reinforced with strips of PVC coated materials. This makes the SUP more rigid and robust.. 

Manufacturers include this information along with the other SUP board specs.

The warranty period is another key detail. Stay away from paddle boards that don’t come with a warranty. 

4. Accessories: Do You Need Any Extras with Your SUP?

Inflatable SUP boards usually come as a complete package–a carrying bag, manual pump, ankle leash, and a paddle. 

The quality of accessories, however, differs. 

For instance, cheap paddle boards come with a single-action pump while the more expensive ones will have a dual-action or triple-action pump. The dual-action and triple-action pumps inflate faster, with less effort. 

Carbon fiber paddles are the best. Not only are they lightweight, but they also paddle more efficiently. 

Aluminum paddles are the heaviest and least efficient. They mainly come with cheap inflatables.   

Fiberglass paddles are lighter than aluminum paddles but not as light as carbon fiber ones. They are still great though. 

Most beginners would be fine with an aluminum or fiberglass paddle. But experienced paddlers SUP a lot so they’ll most probably need a carbon fiber paddle. 

5. Design: What Sort of Features Does Your Paddle Board Need?

The features on an inflatable paddle board add to your comfort and help you customize your SUP.

Bungee storage allows you to bring a cooler deck bag, which I think is necessary, especially for long paddleboarding trips. Additional D-rings will let you attach a kayak seat so you can alternate between sitting and standing.

Check for accessory mounts too. If you’re intending on doing some SUP fishing, you’ll need somewhere to attach your fishing rod holders or an action camera. 

You should also decide whether you want an inflatable board with all removable fins. Some people may prefer a removable center fin and fixed side fins. 

6. SUP Company Reputation: Is it from a Trustworthy Brand?

Now, this is important. 

There are so many paddle board brands around, but not all of them can be trusted.  

Check whether the company has contact information and how they respond to customers’ concerns. Brands like Atoll and iRocker are known for their fast and amazing customer service (which is one of the main reasons I recommend them as a trustworthy brand)

You want to know that your concerns will be addressed if there is a problem with your SUP. 

Why Choose an Inflatable SUP Over a Rigid SUP?

You’re probably considering buying an inflatable SUP (why else would you be asking what is the best iSUP available?)

However, you might also be wondering about how they compare to solid paddle boards, and whether they’re as good. 

I believe that inflatable standup paddleboards are better than solid SUPs in many ways.. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider buying an inflatable SUP board. 

1. Inflatable paddle boards are easy to transport and store

This is probably the main reason why inflatable paddleboards were ever made.

Loading your rigid SUP board on top of your car rack isn’t particularly easy. Neither is storing the board away after a long day of paddling. As for transporting a solid SUP on an airplane – that’s a whole other story (it’s definitely not easy).

An inflatable board doesn’t have these problems. You simply deflate it and roll it up into the size of a sleeping bag! Easy to transport pretty much anywhere, and it takes up very little space. 

2. Inflatable SUPs are lightweight

Inflatable SUP boards are light compared to their solid counterparts. It isn’t especially difficult to carry an inflatable paddle board, even over long distances. The Atoll paddle board, for instance, only weighs 21 lbs. Even my two young daughters can easily carry it between them.

If you’re not the tallest of people, or you have a long distance to carry the paddle board before you can get it on the water, then having a lighter board will definitely be a welcome benefit. 

3. Inflatable paddleboards are soft, but still rigid

Some people question the rigidity of inflatable SUPs and how much weight they can handle. But they are actually quite impressive. 

The iRocker All Around SUP, for instance, can carry up to 435 lbs, and the Atoll 11 is listed as 700lbs under test conditions. That should be enough for you, your friend and your dog, don’t you think?

When you inflate an iSUP to the required psi, its rigidity will surprise you. It won’t bend, wobble, or sink beneath you.

An inflatable SUP’s surface is also softer and more forgiving than the surface of a solid SUP (in case of a fall). Quite ironic for something to be both super rigid and soft I know – but that’s the reality of it. They’re just the right amount of both.

4. Inflatable SUP boards are incredibly durable

This might be hard to believe but it is true. Inflatable paddle boards are perfect for paddleboarding near rocky shores and on rivers.

Boards made of fiberglass tend to get dinged when they hit rocky surfaces. Inflatable boards bounce right off.

However – this does not mean that iSUP boards are invincible. They can still get punctured if poked by exceptionally sharp objects, and are still susceptible to general wear and tear.

Overall, higher-quality inflatable SUP boards are extremely durable, and with proper care and maintenance they should last a very long time.

5. Inflatable paddle boards are affordable

Generally, iSUPs are cheaper than epoxy paddle boards. You can get an inflatable for as low as $200. However, I definitely do not recommend this!

A quality iSUP is still cheaper than a solid board – but you ideally need to invest  $300 – $400 as an absolute minimum. This should give you a quality inflatable board and accessory package. A premium quality inflatable board will start at around $900. 

To get a good solid paddle board, you will need a budget of at least $700. High-end ones will see you part with about $2500, with some costing as much as $3000. 

This is not to say that all inflatable stand up paddle boards are cheap. Some are unbelievably expensive. But most inflatable SUPs are affordable, even the premium models. 

What Are the Downsides of Inflatable Paddle Boards?

Like solid paddle boards, inflatable boards also have their downsides. It’s important to be aware of the potential shortcomings of inflatable paddle boards, so you can figure out whether one is truly right for you.

The most obvious thing to point out is that iSUPs take time to inflate (and deflate). If you’re using a manual pump, then the process can be tiring and time consuming – so this is something to think about.

Using an electric pump, or at the very least a foot pump, will help to speed things up – so this is definitely something you should consider investing in. I use the OutdoorMaster Shark II which I highly recommend

It’s also important to point out that inflatable SUPS aren’t really designed for serious activities like SUP racing and surfing. For these types of activities, you’re better off with a solid paddle board. These are generally faster than iSUPs – but they’re also more expensive too!

Best Inflatable Paddle Board FAQs

Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Worth the Money?

Yes, inflatable paddle boards are absolutely worth it.

Good iSUPs are virtually indestructible, which means you won’t have to worry about your board getting dinged. They are also easy to store and transport.

How Do I Choose an Inflatable Paddle Board?

When choosing a paddle board, you should consider the build quality, size, performance, accessories, and features.

Make sure it is well-made, the right size for you, versatile, and comes with all the features you need.

See the detailed buying guide above.

How Long Will an Inflatable SUP Last?

Inflatable paddle boards can last for years. This, however, depends on a few factors such as the quality of the SUP, how you take care of it, and how often it is used.

What Makes a Good Inflatable Paddle Board?

This will depend on what you are looking for. But generally, a good inflatable paddle board is durable, sturdy, and stable.

Can I Leave My Inflatable SUP Inflated?

Yes, you can. However, I’d recommend releasing a little pressure before storing so the seams are not stressed, especially if it gets warm and the air expands.

How Much Does an Inflatable Paddle Board Cost?

Inflatable paddle boards cost anywhere from $300 to about $1500. It depends on the quality of construction as well as the quality of accessories included in the package.

How Do You Store an Inflatable Paddle Board?

First, thoroughly rinse your paddle board with fresh water then let it dry completely. Next, deflate it, roll it up, put it in its bag, and store it in a dry place, away from sunlight.


So, which are the best inflatable SUP boards of 2022? 

The Atoll 11 is my top choice for this year because it has almost everything any paddler would want in a SUP. Its construction is remarkable and it can take whatever you throw at it. I love the premium accessories too. 

Its 700-pound weight capacity is also amazing, making it a good option for paddlers of all sizes. 

The Atoll performs well in most water conditions. It balances speed and stability so well. Anyone would enjoy paddling it, regardless of skill level. 

If you want a paddleboard with unmatched stability, I would recommend the Blackfin X. It is the best board for activities like SUP yoga, camping, fishing, and multiple riders. 

You should check out the iRocker Cruiser if you are looking for an ultra versatile paddle board. The iSUP is suitable for most SUP activities, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular.

Do you have any questions about inflatable paddle boards? Feel free to ask below. Happy paddling!

9 thoughts on “What is the Best Inflatable Paddle Board of 2022? Find out which all-around, inflatable SUP board you should get for your family.”

  1. Thank you. I tried SUP boarding, for my very first time, in the Caribbean as part of a cruise ship day trip and it was a terrible experience as far as standing up. The instructor simply said “stay on your knees & paddle out until you get to deeper water, then squat on all fours, and slooowly stand up with your feet evenly apart, and start paddling!”.
    There was only ONE style of hardboard to choose from and it was barely 24″ to 26″ wide. I’m 6’2″ tall and weigh 245 lbs. After the 5th time falling off I ended up kneeling & paddling for the next 4 hours, which left me with terrible cramps in my legs and bruised knee caps.
    After reading this article, along with several others, about longer AND wider boards I am going to try to locate a SUP shop near Jacksonville, NC and try an inflatable board that is at least 11′ long and 33″ wide and 6″ thick AND hopefully give me a chance to enjoy this sport.
    I didn’t mention that I’m also a a 100% disabled veteran, with a gortex implant in my shoulder, a steel plate in my ankle, and a pacemaker, so there are not many active sports that I can really get into but I do love swimming and SUP boarding seems like it could really be fun if I can find the right board and lessons.

    • Hi Benoit,
      I’d go with the iRocker. While I like the Body Glove Performer as well, I think the iRocker is more of an all around board and therefore the better choice.
      Hope this helps,

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for all the information provided.
    As a novice to this with currently a very cheap SUP (28” wide) I’m learning the hard way about balance.
    I’m currently looking for an allround upgrade and I’ve read many review but I’m still just as confused, especially when some say that 6” thickness is more prone to stability than da 4.75 or 5”.

    My budget is £500 all in, and weight is <85kg, so can you advise if a 6” stability is still an issue to be used on sea, river and lakes.


    • Hi Steve,
      Yes 6″ boards will be more rigid, have more buoyancy and be more stable than (cheaper) thinner inflatable SUPs. You also mention that you currently use a 28″ wide board. That is very narrow. For beginners I’d advise a wider board, say, 31 – 33″. All the above boards will give you a better experience than your current board.

  3. I have a 10’6” all round board right now. I’ve been thinking about getting into SUP racing but still unsure of what board I should buy at a decent price. Do 12’6” inflatable and rigid SUP’s race in the same class and do either have an advantage in racing?

    • Hi John,
      To be honest I’m not that well versed in SUP racing, but it is my understanding that most men in SUP races will use a 12’6 or 14′ feet, rigid SUP. Rigid SUPs are faster than inflatable SUPs (but a pain to transport and store :-). Maybe visit a SUP race near you to see what lengths and brands are being used? Hope this helps. David


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