10 Best Kids Paddle Boards (June 2017)

kids paddle board

If you live anywhere near a body of water, whether it be a lake, ocean, or river, the best thing you could do for your child is to teach them to swim and provide them the opportunity to enter the world of stand-up paddle boarding. Stand up paddle boarding is a great activity for keeping the kids out of the house and active within nature. SUP boarding is easy to learn and adds strength and endurance to a growing young adult and is a great way to enjoy a nice summer.

There are many different SUP rental companies throughout the country if you want to try before you buy, but ordering a board online is affordable and easier than ever. With the consistent growth of kids stand-up paddleboarding, there is a substantial variety of fiberglass as well as inflatable and soft top SUP boards for children. Finding a youth stand up paddle board is simple if you’re looking in the right places.

Feel free to browse and compare our list of top notch kids paddle boards that are available today, and see which model, design and dimensions best fits the style and needs of your child.

BIC Sport Dura-Tec Youth SUP 8’4

bic sport dura tec kids paddle boardStylish and affordable, the BIC Sport Dura-Tec is a solid style stand up paddleboard for beginning to experienced skill levels. Built with a polyurethane construction and closed cell polyurethane inner core,  this board provides an efficient rigidity and floats riders up to 135 Ibs. The 8’ x 23.5” x 3.2” model dimensions are on the smaller side of the Dura-Tec series and are easily maneuverable on small waves and slower river conditions.

The standard round nose shape and rounded tail make for an easy slicing glide through the water. The white base color sports an orange, gray, and white grip pad for optimal stability and balance and the Dura-Tech logo is printed on the inside rail. An oversized orange Bic Sport logo also rests in the upper center of the board.

A centrally located handle grip makes for easy transportation and with a light weight of 25 Ibs, your kids can make it from the car to the waterside quickly and efficiently without dragging any heavy weight. The Dura-Tec comes standard with FCS fin system and a single 10-inch Dolphin fin and a leash plug on the tail of the board.

This board was made for the all-around user who doesn’t stray too far from the shore so if you’re planning any expeditions where you require storage, you may want to check a different Bic Model. All in all, the kids can look forward to easy stability and a durable board for long term use with this small-size stand up paddle board.

This board comes as is without a package of sorts on Amazon and is a simple and affordable board for all shorelines. It stands strong with a high rating with plenty of positive reviews on ease of use and durability. This board is delivered as is and does not include any extra features for a full SUP package.


Lucky Bums Blue Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 7′ (and 9′)

lucky bums child paddle boardIf you’re looking to maximize your home storage in the garage or closet space, you can expect easy transportation and compact storage with a board that is available in two small sizes. Since 2004 the Lucky Bums Co has provided recreational crafts and equipment to kids seeking an outdoor adventure.

The blue model by Lucky Bums is a quality inflatable youth sup board that provides an easy to use versatility and can be inflated without extreme effort by an adult or child. Once filled, if you wish to keep the board inflated for long term use throughout the week or month, the Lucky Bums Blue iSup has no problem holding a firm rigidity of 15 psi for prolonged use.

Storage is compact and easy. When it’s time to go home, just pull the plug to deflate, fold into the included travel bag, and throw the board and paddle in the trunk of the car. This is a durable board with multiple D-rings on the tail, rails, and nose, as well as the cross-pattern bungee strap on the upper center for providing easy access to a PFD or cooler.

The White base color has blue trim along the rails of the board with the Lucky Bums setting sun water logo printed on the side. A gray diamond cut deck pad provides excellent stability and feet grip for an enhanced stance when gaining momentum. Also equipped is a center handle for convenient transportation of the lightweight kid-sized inflatable.

The seven-foot size is made with a 500-denier reinforced PVC fabric as well as the nine-foot model. The seven-foot size can float riders up to 120 Ibs. and the nine-footer can float riders up to 180 Ibs. The Lucky Bums Blue kids paddleboard is an excellent board for all skill levels and riders can look forward to the following in their inflatable stand up paddleboard package:

  • Adjustable Paddle
  • Dual-Action High Pressure Pump
  • Detachable Fin
  • Storage and Travel
  • Repair Kit
  • No Leash included


Lifetime Hooligan Kids Stand Up Paddleboard 8′

lifetime hooligan youth paddle boardIf you plan on purchasing a long lasting and reliable float for the kids in your family, consider highly rated Lifetime Hooligan kids paddle board. The unique design of a square tail, extra wide base and sharp nose makes for excellent stability and a smooth ride for beginner riders.

Suited for kid paddleboarders ages five and up, this board is capable of floating up to 130 Ibs with absolutely no hassle. The dimensions are 8’ x 30” x 5” for a solid and stable ride and easy carry size for independent youngsters.

The white granite base color is highly visible which is an absolute plus on busy waterways and spotting your child will be easy. Riders will experience a new surface design with the double concave style of EVA deck pad. The compact size and shape are perfect for the young rider looking for a speedy and smooth ride and transporting the 28-Ibs. youth SUP is more than easy with the handle grip installed on the nose of the board.

The Hooligan utilizes a UV-Protected high-density polyurethane material that offers a durable construction that refuses to crack and fade with prolonged use. A retractable single fin is included in this youth SUP package along with a gray adjustable kids paddle that can extend from 64” to 72”.

The Hooligan design is sleek, simple, and offers a smooth ride for kids who are at the beginner to intermediate skill levels. Riders who purchase the Hooligan 8’ kids stand up paddle board can experience the following in their order:

  • Adjustable Youth Sup Paddle
  • Retractable fin
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • No Leash included


True Wave 8’0 Youth Junior Stand Up Paddle Board

truewave junior kids paddle boardFor the youth paddle boarder looking for a chilled-colored and traditional shape in their next paddle board purchase can find simplicity in the cool-tone blue and aqua colored True Wave 8’0 Youth Junior Stand Up Paddleboard. Extremely affordable for all skill levels, the True Wave is a round nose, squash tail shape with a soft-top construction atop of an EPS core 3-stringer system.

With a removable single fin system, the True Wave is extremely lightweight at 20 Ibs and is easy to transport to and from the shoreline. The True Wave is the ultimate board for the short cruise or paddling tandem with friends along the shoreline. The soft top offers great traction with the under-deck traction pad and has a single bungee strap across the upper center for strapping life jackets or other accessories.

The aqua bottom surface appeals to the rider who wants a tropical style to their ride and the different shade of blue and solid white stripe offers great visibility and a unique personal style. A center molded grip handle makes for quick and easy transportation, and a leash plug located on the tail provides an easy attachment for the leash of your choice.

Included in the purchase of the True Wave kids stand up paddle board is the black and white kid-sized adjustable paddle with the True Wave printed logo across the paddle portion. This board sticks out with its cold color design and with its light weight can cover the water’s surface with simplicity.

The board has the perfect shape and size for riders who want a laid back cruise when they venture off the shoreline and is the ultimate soft-top for riding small waves and catching the current. Riders who purchase this board can look forward to the paddle as an included accessory.

  • Adjustable Paddle
  • No Leash


Liquid Shredder Child Paddle Board Softboard 8’2

liquid schredder softboard yout sup boardThe top rated 8’2″ x 29.5″ x 4″ Liquid Shredder Soft Top children’s stand up paddleboard offers great stability and flow for the multi-skill levels of riders who are looking to stand out with a vibrant colored paddle board.

The well-rounded Liquid Shredder contains a full yellow base color with a white gridded deck grip for the maximum hold while riding small to medium sized waves or cross lake excursions. The black colored rails are a nice touch that makes the vibrancy of the yellow surface pop with visibility and the Liquid Shredder logo is bold and visible in the upper center of the rounded nose.

The patented soft vinyl surface area offers the maximum cushion for riders up to 180 Ibs in weight, and the center handle grip makes carrying this kids stand up paddleboard to and from the water easy with a weight of only 19Ibs. A thruster tri-fin system is included with the purchase and offers more stability and handling when riding the waves or cutting through the chop.

A dual aluminum stringer is used for the interior construction of this soft top and adds to the rigidity that is meant to withstand the elements of the sun and water without any chance of any material delimitation. The oversized EVA deck pad offers amazing traction.

This board comes as is, and does not include a full package. The Schredder is the perfect board to be seen on and with its vibrant color, riders will have the luxury of high visibility which is great for parents who like to keep a close eye on things.


Wavestorm Taquito 7′ Junior Stand Up Paddle Board

wavestorm taquito junior kids stand up paddle boardThe Wavestorm Soft Sports Company has been in the business of making soft top boards for the past twenty years and knows a thing or two of what’s required to making a reliable and safe paddleboard for kids. The Wavestorm Taquito 7’ x 25” x 3.9” fun shape is a quality junior sized paddleboard with an exciting package of goodies for the beginner or intermediate child paddleboarder. Hit the water instantly upon your delivery with everything you need for a fun and safe time on the water.

This youth paddleboard can float riders up to 120 Ibs and is extremely light weight and easily transportable with a total weight of only 12 Ibs. The tough expanded polystyrene core is supported by two marine-ply stringers for an aerodynamic ride and enhanced buoyancy. A WBS (water barrier skin) soft top deck sports a counter deck grip for a non-slip surface and to reduce scrapes and damage to the bottom surface, a high-density polyurethane material is used for a smooth and durable bottom.

This board includes a single adjustable flat water fin and a straight line bungee strap on the upper center of the nose for strapping accessories. The surface design is a classy and traditional Longboard dual pinstripe, with a highly visible aqua and neon green pattern on the rails and a Taquito logo print on the nose. The fun shape is a universal design for small waves or cruising calm water.

The tail of the board also includes a leash plug for easy safety leash attachment. This is a great board for every environment and with its lightweight, it’s easy to travel with. Riders can look forward to the following with their Wavestorm package:

  • Ankle leash
  • Adjustable signature Wavestorm Paddle
  • Single Flat Water Fin
  • Accessory Storage Strap


Surftech Blacktip 8′ SUP For Kids

surftech blacktip kids sup boardWith 25 years of experience in surf and paddleboard making, SurfTech presents you with a soft top like no other. The Blacktip 8’ x 36” x 4.4” round shape paddleboard is a solid and durable SUP that is ideal for beginner riders.

The Blacktip utilizes a hydrodynamic design that makes cutting through the chop a breeze. Children paddleboarders will be confident in keeping their balance with the extra wide base width of this youth stand up and with the square tail and blunt nose, controlling and turning this board is a synch.

This board offers great visibility with its light blue color with a solid blue pinstripe down the center and the Blacktip model logo on the upper center. The inner core is reinforced with wooden stringers adding to a lightweight durability that can float serious weight, and don’t worry about scuffing the rails of this soft top paddle board with an EVA wrapped rigid core.

This board caters to all skill levels and can withstand the surf and white water with its impressive durability. The slick skin bottom makes for a smooth and effortless ride, and get ready for a stable ride with the detachable three fin system.

The Blacktop has a dual split long-line deck pad for a non-slip grip and both rails are bordered with black scuff protectors to decrease any damage done by the paddle or shoreline. If you want a stable stance and an easy glide for a variety of water conditions, the Blacktip is a solid package and riders can look forward to receiving the following in their order:

  • Attachable Fin system
  • Adjustable Paddle
  • No Leash with purchase


Ten Toes Nano 8′ iSUP

ten toes nano kids paddle boardThe Ten Toes 8’ x 30” x 4” inflatable kids stand up paddle board is an affordable package great for siblings who want to take to the water together. With a variety of board design colors to choose from, your son or daughter can pick between Pink, Green, and Black/Red colors. Vibrant and highly visible, the Nano model is constructed with highly durable military grade PVC material to withstand minor scrapes and punctures.

This board is suggested for calm waters and can easily float riders up to 120 Ibs. The Nano has a gray built-in diamond cut deck grip and the center handle provides an easy carry for the lightweight inflatable constructed paddleboard. A cross section bungee is included for strapping down a life jacket, lunch box, or small cooler, and a D-ring is installed on the square tail of this board so you have the option of attaching an ankle leash for quick board recovery and support.

All color variations have the Ten Toes logo across the upper center of the board and across the bottom surface. This board is easy to transport and rolls up with ease for compact storage. Paddlers can look forward to the following with the Nano Package:

  • Adjustable three piece aluminum paddle
  • Front Bungee strap
  • Three Removable Nylon Fins
  • Manual Pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • No carry bag or leash in package


NRS Youth Amp Inflatable SUP

nrs youth amp inflatable sup boardThe NRS Youth Amp 9’2 x 29” x 4” is the ultimate kids iSUP board for intermediate to experienced riders. The sleek and aggressive style of this youth inflatable paddle board consists of dark shaded black and gray colors for the oversized scale skin/diamond cut grip deck and a board design that bursts with a sunset colored pattern across both top and bottom surfaces. A center handle piece produces an easy carrying technique and two upper center rail handles are included for easy grasping and transportation in and out of the water.

The NRS printed logo is at the bow of the board and the Amp model print is printed on the grip pad for a stylish sporty look. A D-ring for leash attachment is installed on the tail as are four D-rings in the upper center for bungee strapping your personal items. This board is the perfect size for riders weighing up to 120 Ibs. A great board for younger riders to grow into, the NRS Amp offers efficient stability and cuts through the chop without a problem.

The NRS Amp comes standard with a single fin and is a fantastic board for cruising around, catching some waves, or riding the white water. Its construction is made with a PVC drop-stitch material which offers max rigidity at 15- 20psi at upon inflation. If you want a standout and sports-style paddle board with great versatility, the Amp was made to withstand long-term use and abuse. Riders can look forward to the following with their purchase of the Amp model by NRS.

  • Manual pump
  • Travel Backpack
  • No leash included in package.


Aguaglide Kids Paddle Board Impulse SUP 9’6

aquaglide impulse kids sup boardAnother top performer in our line up is the Aguaglide Impulse kids paddleboard. Since 1995, Aguaglide has been a major manufacturer in the watercraft business and SUP riders love the Impulse. The 9’6” x 32” x 4.5” is a well-known board to families who frequent the coastlines often and is a preferred board for intermediate and even novice riders.

The Impulse holds an average weight of 28 Ibs and floats riders up to 170 Ibs.  Its narrow shape makes for an easy glide and the rocker hops over the chop easily with solid momentum.

Crafted with a fiberglass bottom surface over a foam core with 5mm wooden stringers presents a unique and durable float. The sharp surface design of blue graphics atop a white base color is just as appealing as it is aggressive and the Impulse printed logo is branded on the tail end of the board, and the Aguaglide signature logo is printed in the upper center portion of the board.

The black rails are a sleek touch and atop the deck is a gray 3mm EVA diamond cut grip pad for excellent traction and added stability. A center handle insert provides easy transportation that is easily manageable to and from the car and water. Installed on the tail is a leash plug for an ankle leash attachment which is a great safety accessory.

The Impulse is easy to travel with because of its lightweight and is easily navigable with a large single fin. Four D-rings are attached to the outer rails of the nose area for strapping down personal items or a life jacket, however, the provided photos online do not show a bungee strap included.

This is a versatile kids stand up paddleboard and is great for surf, cruising, or floating around with friends and family. This is board is sold at a slightly higher price than most average children’s SUP boards, but you receive an excellent long lasting quality. This board comes as is without any accessories or added equipment.


Find Your Youth SUP Board Today

Families who get their kids actively involved in stand-up paddleboarding will not only see a difference in the physical agility in their children, but also a sense of contentment on and off the water. It’s a fun activity the whole family can enjoy and it offers a great workout along with consistent fun when it comes to exploring what your local waterways have to offer.

Discover the different variations in our list of Child Stand up paddleboard models and consider experiencing a quality soft top, inflatable, or solid fiberglass or polyurethane paddleboard. Nothing beats experiencing quality family time on the water as well as a great workout within the great outdoors.

Find your new children’s paddleboard today and hit the nearest water source to experience the SUP lifestyle!