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  • Package includes light-weight paddle
  • 60 Day Money Back & 2 Year Warranty
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9 Best Yoga SUP Boards – That Are Stable & Fun

best paddle board for yoga

Paddle board yoga is quickly becoming the recreational activity of choice for many people.

You can practise SUP yoga on most SUP boards. But the best paddle boards for yoga generally are wider, giving you a more stable surface.

So, which board should you get?

The nine SUPs reviewed below have proven to be amazing for SUP yoga. They have features that allow for various poses and more importantly, other SUP yogis have tried and approved them.

These are the boards we’ll look at:

Yoga SUP Boards Compared

Yoga SUP Board
My rating
1. Gili Meno Yoga Board
1. Gili Meno Yoga Board
10’6 x 35″ x 6″
23 lbs
450 lbs
Spring Sale 2. Bluefin Aura Fit
<span class='sale'>Spring Sale</span> 2. Bluefin Aura Fit
10’8 x 36″ x 6″
353 lbs
3. Gili Komodo
3. Gili Komodo
10’6 x 33″ x 6″
21 lbs
340 lbs
4. Nixy Venice
4. Nixy Venice
10’6 x 34” x 6”
19 lbs
400 lbs
5. Isle Scout
5. Isle Scout
10’6 x 32″ x 6″
21 lbs
240 lbs
6. Driftsun Balance
6. Driftsun Balance
11’ x 34″ x 6″
26 lbs
400 lbs
7. Peak Yoga SUP
7. Peak Yoga SUP
10’ x 31” x 6”
18 lbs
275 lbs
8. Advanced Elements Lotus Ysup
8. Advanced Elements Lotus Ysup
10′ x 32″ x 6″
28 lbs
200 lbs
9. Isle Cruiser Soft Top
9. Isle Cruiser Soft Top
10’5 x 32″ x 4.5″
29 lbs
235 lbs

Best Yoga Stand Up Paddle Boards

Read on for our reviews:

1. Gili Meno Yoga Board

gili meno yoga paddle board

The Gili Meno inflatable paddleboard is arguably one of the best SUPs for yoga. If you have been looking for a board that will let you experiment with many different poses, you will love this one. 

Build Quality

The Gili Meno yoga paddle board is made using fusion dual-layer technology. The material makes it super tough but not heavy. The Gili Meno can hold up to 450 pounds (485 pounds for the longer one). The manufacturer says that experienced riders may exceed the limit. 


This inflatable board is 10’6/11’6 long and 35 inches wide. The platform is more than enough even for more complicated SUP yoga poses. For the SUP yoga beginners, the stability of this board will boost your confidence in the water. The carbon fiber rails enhance the rigidity and stability of the Meno. 


The Gili Meno features a three-fin setup. The fins help with stability, maneuverability and tracking. The package includes a fin kit so you can change the setup based on where you are paddling and what you are doing. Because of how wide it is, the Meno isn’t the fastest iSUP. But it still glides smoothly and tracks amazingly.


The Meno is available in two colors: blue and teal. It has a four-point bungee storage area at the back and a six-point one at the front. There are D-rings on the deck for attaching a kayak seat or any other gear. 

The paddleboard has three carry handles: at the front, center and rear. On the bottom side, there is a cool logo and the words, “save our reefs”. You help support aquatic life when you purchase this iSUP. 


The Gili Meno SUP package includes a backpack, pump, paddle, fin kit, leash, sticker pack and manual. The fin kit consists of the two side fins, a race fin, a speed fin and a river fin. 

The paddle is made using carbon fiber while the pump is a three-stage, dual-chamber manual pump. 

Features and Specifications

  • Fusion dual-layer technology
  • Carbon fiber rails
  • Three-fin setup
  • Comes in two colors
  • Two bungee storage areas
  • Three grab handles
  • Carbon fiber paddle
  • Measures: 10’6/11’6 x 35” x 6”
  • Weight: 23 lbs/24 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 450 lbs/485 lbs

Pros & Cons

  • All-inclusive SUP package and fin kit
  • Unmatched stability
  • Quality construction, durable
  • Wheeled backpack
  • Inflation with manual pump can be tough

Customer Feedback

Given another chance, users say they’d still buy the Gili Meno paddleboard. Its construction is amazing and they agree that it is a premium quality paddleboard. The stability allows them to practice their poses with confidence and try out other SUP variations. They appreciate the fin kit and high-quality accessories. Some say they had to get an electric pump for easier inflation.

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2. Bluefin Aura Fit Yoga SUP

bluefin aura fit yoga sup board

The Aurora Fit paddleboard from Bluefin SUP Boards company is designed for fitness. It looks gorgeous—but there’s more to it than the beauty. 

Build Quality

This paddleboard is constructed using 1000D exo-surface laminate PVC and pro weave Dropstitch technology. Like all other Bluefin paddleboards, the rigidity is exceptional. And that is exactly what you need when doing your yoga routine. 


The Aurora Fit is almost 36 inches wide, making it one of the widest single-person inflatable paddle boards. That and the well-rounded shape give you all the stability you need. The construction of the Bluefin Aurora makes it super stiff, which helps with stability too. You can’t do much on a board that keeps flexing. 


This board is designed for yoga and aqua-based fitness. Don’t expect it to be as fast as a racing SUP. The width increases resistance which slows it down. 

However, it is quite maneuverable and handles well. The three-fin system improves tracking and performance in general. 


There is a four-point bungee storage area at the front and four grab handles. It doesn’t have a center carry handle. The deck pad is large and soft to give you a comfortable platform. It also offers traction so you don’t slip when your feet and the board are wet. 

The Aurora has a kick pad feature to allow for quick turns when paddling. 


The Bluefin Aurora Fit comes with a pump, paddle, backpack, waterproof phone case and a leash. The paddle has a fiberglass shaft and polyurethane blade. The dual-action single-chamber pump inflates on the downward and upward stroke. 

Features and Specifications

  • 1000D exo-surface laminate PVC
  • Pro-weave Dropstitch technology
  • Four-point bungee storage area
  • Four carry handles
  • Large, soft croco-diamond deck pad
  • Kick pad feature
  • Fiberglass shaft paddle
  • Measures: 10’8 x 35.8” x 5.9”
  • Weight capacity: 352 lbs

Pros & Cons

  • Beautiful design
  • All-inclusive package
  • Lightweight paddle
  • Durable construction
  • No US fin box

Customer Feedback

For many people, the Bluefin Aurora Fit is the ultimate fitness paddleboard. It has remarkable stability and rigidity. Complete beginners had a great time on their first day. Although manually inflating the iSUP is a workout, there are no complaints. Users appreciate the quality accessories and they are in love with the board design.

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3. Gili Komodo Yoga SUP

gili komodo paddle board

If you are not satisfied with the deck pad size of the other SUPs, then the Gili Komodo might be for you. And as with all the other Gili paddleboards, you help save the oceans with every purchase. 

Build Quality

The Gili Komodo is built using triple-layer fusion construction. This makes it impeccably tough but lightweight at the same time. It is the kind of iSUP that can handle any situation and still make it out without a ding. 


The Komodo is 10’6 long and 33 inches wide. It has a good-sized surface that is stable and just the right amount of challenging. It is not tippy or wobbly. The premium construction makes it extra rigid so it won’t flex and interfere with your balance. 


This paddleboard has a slightly pointed nose which helps it move on the water with ease. It comes with three fins which enhance maneuverability and tracking. It is a very responsive board and the performance is amazing in all water conditions. 


One feature that stands out is the full-length EVA deck pad. It covers the deck from the nose to the tail. Now you can use the entire deck for your poses. 

There is a six-point bungee storage area at the front and lots of D-rings all over the deck for customization. The Komodo has three grab handles, at the nose, tail and center. You can get it in two colors: blue and teal. 


Everything you need to go SUPing is included in the package. You will get a paddle, leash, backpack and pump. The paddle is available in carbon fiber or fiberglass. 

Features and Specifications

  • Triple-layer fusion construction
  • Full length deck pad
  • Available in two colors
  • Built-in paddle holder
  • Six-point bungee storage area
  • Sufficient D-rings
  • Tri-fin system, all removable
  • Three grab handles
  • Measures: 10’6 x 33” x 6”
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 340 lbs (advanced riders may exceed)

Pros & Cons

  • Full-length comfy deck pad
  • All-inclusive SUP package
  • Lots of D-rings
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Manual inflation is a workout

Customer Feedback

The one thing that almost every paddler seems to like is the design. They say that they get tons of compliments. Users are also happy that they get to help save oceans. Many have mentioned that they had to get an electric pump to make the process quicker. The EVA deck pad is very comfy and one user says that their toddler even took a nap on the board. The Komodo performs well and paddlers find it is a great board to practise yoga on.

Check Price of the Gili Komodo

4. Thurso Surf Tranquility

thurso tranquility stand up paddle board for yoga

Taking a quick look at the Thurso Surf Tranquility, you will know that it is created to give you the best user experience. Starting with the deck, there is enough space for all your planned activities.

On top of that, there is a beautiful striped soft pad that covers most of the board. It feels like a yoga mat. At the front is a bungee cord attached to four D-rings for securing your belongings. Extra D-rings are included on the board for your customization. Lastly, the deck features three grab handles for easy carrying.

The SUP bundle package is very enticing. In addition to your Thurso Surf paddleboard, you will get a classy backpack, deck bag, pump, leash, fins and a paddle. The paddle is made of carbon and is light. It also floats on water which is something that SUPers love. All the fins are detachable and you can personalize the fin system to your liking.

Features and Specifications

  • Large stripped deck pad
  • Ample deck space
  • Three grab handles for easy carrying
  • Bungee cord for cargo at the front
  • Extra D-rings included
  • All-inclusive SUP bundle
  • Paddle is made of carbon and floats
  • Made using state-of-the-art construction
  • Customizable tri-fin system
  • Measurements: 10’8 x 34” x 6”
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Volume: 320 liters
  • Maximum rider weight: 480 lbs

Pros & Cons

  • Fantastic accessories in package
  • Flexible fin system
  • Large deck pad
  • Great width for yoga
  • Paddle floats
  • A little heavy

Check Price of the Thurso Tranquility

5. Nixy Venice 10’6 Yoga SUP Board

nixy venice best paddle board for yoga

The Nixy Venice iSUP offers variety when it comes to colors. You can choose from aqua, blue, purple and pink. Moving on from colors, this inflatable paddleboard is designed for all paddlers, regardless of your skill level. The most important aspect of SUP yoga is stability staying out of the water. Being 6” thick, this paddleboard does not submerge—better still, it will never bend in the middle and even when two paddlers are on it. The width is 34” and offers enough space for complicated poses.

Despite the ample deck space, the Nixy Venice paddleboard is still one of the lightest paddleboards in the market. The makers did this without compromising on quality. Like all great inflatable boards, heavy-duty materials were used together with fusion laminated Dropstitch construction. Do not be afraid to take this iSUP anywhere. All the accessories you may need are included in the package; a leash, paddle, pump, detachable fin and a bag.

Features and Specifications

  • Suitable for all paddlers
  • Dog-friendly
  • Bungee cord for kayak
  • Extra D-rings included
  • Leash is padded
  • Soft, large traction pad
  • Backpack has wheels for easy transport
  • Made using advanced fusion laminated Dropstitch technology
  • Comes with accessory bundle
  • Four colors to choose from
  • Beautiful designs
  • Measurements: 10’6 x 34” x 6”
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Volume: 315 liters
  • Maximum rider weight: 400 lbs

Pros & Cons

  • Wide and spacious
  • Can accommodate heavier paddlers
  • EVA pad is large
  • Lightweight

Customer Feedback

The Nixy Venice is one of the most loved inflatable paddle boards for yoga. Users agree that the quality is unmatched. When fully inflated, you will not believe that it is inflatable. The iSUP is sturdy and your yoga sessions will be amazing. Because of the big rider capacity and its size, many of the paddlers take their dogs with them.

Check Price of the Nixy Venice

6. Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP

ADVANCED ELEMENTS Lotus YSUP Yoga Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Lotus YSUP is a touring and yoga SUP. This means that you can conveniently travel to your secret spot and practice your poses undisturbed. Let’s see what it has to offer. 

Build Quality

The board is built using high-pressure Dropstitch material. It has a double-layer outer skin. The construction and materials ensure superior durability and stiffness. You can’t tell that it is an inflatable once fully inflated. 


This paddleboard is of medium length (10 feet) and medium width (32 inches). Its size allows it to be stable without affecting performance. It offers a wide, stable platform for you to bring out the yogi in you. 

The Lotus YSUP is six inches thick and is made with quality materials. It rides above the water and it will not bend. 


Thankfully, this board is not too wide and this minimizes resistance. You will love how it glides when you’re trying to get somewhere fast. It comes with three fins to help with tracking and performance in general. 

The Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP is maneuverable and very responsive. 


This iSUP has two D-rings at the tail and two more on the side for a shoulder strap. It doesn’t come with a bungee storage area. A large traction pad covers most of the deck. 

The board features a simple design—nothing too loud. It looks really nice. 


The Lotus YSUP package includes a pump, duffle bag, paddle, leash, carry strap and repair kit. The pump has a gauge while the paddle is adjustable. 

Features and Specifications

  • High-pressure Dropstitch material
  • Large deck pad for traction and comfort
  • Two D-rings at the tail
  • Simple yet appealing design
  • Measures: 10’ x 32” x 6”
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 200 lbs

Pros & Cons

  • All-inclusive package
  • Clear deck surface
  • Appealing design
  • Dropstitch construction
  • Paddle doesn’t float

Customer Feedback

When it comes to yoga SUP boards, there are usually many reviews saying how manual inflation is difficult. Surprisingly, users say that they can inflate the Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP in five minutes or less. They found it to be stable on the water. One paddler even brought his 8-year-old with him— so you know the SUP will be amazing for yoga. A user says that his iSUP doesn’t hold air for long. This is most likely a faulty board because everyone else loves theirs.

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7. Peak 10’ Yoga Fitness Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

peak yoga paddle board

The Peak 10’ Yoga iSUP is known for its weight. When fully inflated, it only weighs 18 lbs. The weight allows you to carry the board to your spot of choice. As you know, yoga is best done at a place that is calm and not crowded. The board is constructed using lightweight military grade PVC and Korean Dropstitch technology. You are assured of durability even if you decide to use the Peak 10’ for other activities that may involve bumping into rocks.

Given the measurements of the Peak 10’, SUP yoga will be an awesome experience for you. It is not too wide and too long so you will have a challenge with the more complex poses—which is a benefit. The size is just enough to make sure you can do all the yoga poses you plan to do and come up with customized ones. The manufacturer has included a bag, pump, paddle, leash, snap-in fin and a waterproof phone case. The accessories are color-matched with the paddleboard. On top of all these great features, Peak Paddle Boards will give you a 30-day guarantee and a one-year warranty.

Features and Specifications

  • Comes in a coral color
  • Package includes accessories
  • Accessories are color-matched
  • Soft EVA pad on deck for yoga
  • Made using Korean Dropstitch construction
  • Material used is military-grade PVC
  • Stable enough for yoga
  • Dog-friendly
  • Suitable for all water conditions
  • Measurements: 10’ x 31” x 6”
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Volume: 225 liters
  • Maximum rider weight: 275 lbs

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with SUP accessory bundle
  • Fin is easy to attach
  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Only one color to choose from

Customer Feedback

Good luck finding negative reviews on the Peak 10’. The included bag is spacious. You can fit all the accessories and extra essentials. Although only one color is available, the users love it. Some say they got a lot of compliments when they took it out to the water. The board is stiff and stable on the water. All the features are exactly as the manufacturer describes them. Additionally, the paddlers are saying great things about Peak Paddle Boards’ customer service.

8. Driftsun Balance 11'

driftsun balance paddle board for yoga

This paddleboard definitely had to make it to the list. There are so many things you are going to love about the Driftsun iSUP as a SUP yogi. First of all, it is built to be stable. Both the nose and tail are wide to enable maximum stability. This feature favors those who are just getting started or yogis that want to explore complicated poses.

With a length of 11’ and a width of 34” there is enough space on the deck for whatever you want to do. You can comfortably lie down if you feel like. The deck space also allows you to bring a dog or a friend. The weight limit is 400 lbs so do not worry about bending. The military grade PVC used to construct this board ensures durability. Lastly, the Driftsun does not disappoint when it comes to the SUP accessory bundle. It comes with a backpack, paddle, leash, detachable fin and a manual pump.

Features and Specifications

  • Wide tail and nose for stability
  • Aqua/gray in color
  • Comfortable and durable EVA pad
  • Bungee cord for luggage at the front
  • Extra D-rings
  • Center handle for carrying when inflated
  • All-inclusive SUP bundle
  • Made with military grade PVC
  • MLS technology for construction
  • 30-day guarantee
  • One-year warranty
  • Measurements: 11’ x 34” x 6”
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Volume: 352 liters
  • Maximum rider weight: 400 lbs

Pros & Cons

  • All-inclusive SUP bundle
  • Large deck space
  • Stable
  • Ultra durable
  • A little heavy

Customer Feedback

Just as the manufacturer points out, this board was designed to have outstanding stability. Going through the reviews, you can see that the users fully agree. One beginner was able to remain balanced on the board within only three hours. They love the large deck which, for most of them, allows them to bring their dogs. The iSUP and the included accessories are well made, according to the customers. Using the manual pump is a little work but they are not complaining.

9. Isle Scout Yoga Paddle Board

isle lotus yoga sup board

Isle Surf and SUP is a well-known company for making all kinds of watersports equipment. Like the yoga iSUP above, the Isle Airtech 10’ has a wide nose and tail for stability—this feature is, however, not exaggerated and the board would still be ideal for other activities, including touring. At first, it was marketed as a women’s board but it is now advertised as a yoga board for all genders. This Isle iSUP is 32” wide and 10’ long. It offers enough space for yoga poses without being too bulky. It is made using Airtech construction that makes it virtually indestructible.

The paddleboard comes with a good accessory bundle consisting of an aluminum paddle, backpack, high-pressure pump, coil leash and a center fin. There is a bungee strap at the front of the deck for your luggage. You may not be able to carry much, though. The manufacturer offers a 60-day guarantee and a one-year warranty.

Features and Specifications

  • Moderately wide tail and nose for stability
  • Made using Airtech construction
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Suitable for all paddlers
  • Large EVA deck pad
  • Bungee cord for luggage
  • Center grab handle for easy carrying
  • All-inclusive SUP bundle
  • Material used is military grade PVC
  • Beautiful design
  • Measurements: 10’ x 32” x 6”
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Volume: 228 liters
  • Maximum rider weight: 240 lbs

Pros & Cons

  • All-inclusive SUP bundle
  • iSUP looks gorgeous
  • Stable
  • Very durable
  • Great for everyone
  • No color options

Customer Feedback

Inflating an iSUP using a manual pump is never an easy job. However, the Isle, according to paddlers, is not that difficult to blow up. When fully inflated, the board is super stiff and is quite stable on the water—just what you need for yoga. The included accessories are totally amazing. Some SUPers chose to bring their dogs along and they had an awesome time. There are paddlers that do not like the fact that the paddle does not float.


The above nine inflatable paddleboards are the best for yoga.

As you can see, most of them have ample deck space to give you freedom while doing poses. They also have large soft pads that are very similar to a yoga mat.

Besides, the pads are all dog-friendly so you can bring your furry friend along.

SUP yoga is a wonderful activity and it becomes even more enjoyable with the right paddleboard. Pick the one that resonates with your style then go on and have the best adventure ever.

How to Choose the Best Paddleboard for Yoga

Is there anything better than SUP yoga?

Everyone gets overwhelmed with life occasionally—nobody can escape that. Yoga is one of the many things that people turn to for peace, clarity and solace. It is all about flexibility, calmness and stability (both mental and physical). Paddleboarding is also a calming exercise. Like yoga, it involves stability. Depending on where and how you do it, it can be an awesome way to calm your mind. The water is known to have a relaxing effect on people. These two activities share a few similarities and people who enjoy both of them realized that they can be combined to make a more challenging and beneficial exercise—SUP yoga.

Once you have decided that you love SUP yoga and want to get into it (a little) seriously, there is another decision you need to make. A paddleboard specifically designed for yoga is necessary. You can do SUP yoga on any paddleboard but not all paddleboards will give you the experience you are looking for. Even though a board is advertised as being suitable for SUP yoga, you still have to take a closer look at it. You want a board that will not be limiting in terms of the poses you can do. So, how do you go about this decision?

Factors to Consider

An Inflatable or a Solid Paddleboard?

A quick answer would be that an inflatable paddleboard is the best. However, a small number of people may disagree.

On one hand, iSUPs have a soft top. While doing poses, different parts of your body will come into contact with the paddleboard. These include elbows and knees. The traction pad that covers most inflatable paddleboards offers a soft platform for you to rest on. They are just like yoga mats.

Another thing, iSUPs are easy to transport. They can be deflated, folded and packed into a bag. This means that you get to go wherever you want. If you have always wanted to go to a specific secret spot, it will be easier with an inflatable board. Additionally, iSUPs are great for whitewater. They are made using tough material that can handle things like rocks.

On the other hand, solid paddleboards are superior to inflatable boards when it comes to stability. This is not to say that iSUPs are not stable; not at all. They are, but solid boards are way better in this area. The board’s stability is an important factor for yogis. Beginners, especially, can use this feature.

An inflatable paddleboard is obviously the ideal choice here. Solid epoxy boards are only better in terms of stability. Nonetheless, you can choose a wider iSUP and enjoy awesome stability.

Hull Type

Most paddleboards have either a displacement hull or a planing hull. When a paddleboard has a displacement hull, it means that the nose is pointed. This gives it a streamlined shape that allows it to knife through the water with ease and move at a high speed. Although you will not use a lot of energy paddling a displacement hull board, it is not the easiest to control. Boards like these are better suited for SUP races, SUP touring and any other activity where speed is important. They are, therefore, not the best for SUP yoga.

A board with a planing hull is wide at the nose. It cannot move very fast in the water and will fail you if you use it for racing. However, it is ideal for yoga. The planing hull enables it to stay on top of the water—this is what you want during yoga. When paddling, you will realize that it is easy to control.

The Measurements

Starting with length, it is not that important if your board is for yoga only. A long board is usually best suited for speed. This factor does not mean much because yoga has nothing to do with speed.

As for thickness, look for a thick board. A good number of inflatable paddleboards are 6” thick, which is perfect. Totally avoid a thin board if you are more on the heavier or taller side. Thick boards tend to be buoyant. They float higher so you do not have to keep getting into the water. Thicker iSUPs are also very stiff. They do not bend in the middle—something that you want to avoid when doing SUP yoga.

Lastly, consider the width. This is probably the most important aspect. Stay away from any board that is less than 32” wide. A wide board means more stability. You will fall less often. A width of 32”+ gives you enough space for all the yoga poses you have in mind; from the simpler ones to the more challenging ones. Note that, the wider the board, the slower it will be. If your board is predominantly for yoga, you can go big. However, if you intend to use it for other things, do not get carried away.

The Volume of the Board and Weight Limit

The weight limit of a paddleboard is the maximum weight of the rider recommend by the manufacturer. For most boards, the limit is not less than 250 lbs. Assuming you already know your weight (who doesn’t?) look for a board that has a weight limit that is a little higher than your weight; just to be on the safe side. Do not worry if you are a little heavy. There are tons of boards with a high capacity. Some are even designed for multiple riders, so you will definitely find one.

The volume of a paddleboard (given in liters), shows how well the board can remain afloat when a rider is on it. Just like the weight capacity, manufacturers will always list the paddleboard’s volume. The ideal volume depends on your weight. If you are heavy, you should look for a SUP board with a higher volume.

The Fin System

This factor does not matter much in SUP yoga but it still plays a part. Paddleboards can either have a single-fin setup of a tri-fin setup. The single fin can be detachable or permanent. In the case of a tri-fin system, one of the fins (the large center one) can be detachable or all of them can be configurable.

When the fins are removable, you can do yoga wherever you want—even on land. You only need to remove one or all of the fins to suit your situation.

When the fins are all permanent, you will not have to worry about any of them coming loose in the water. They are also great for shallow water paddling.

As you can see, fins are not really that important unless you want to use your board for other SUP activities.

SUP Yoga Tips

You already know what to look for in a SUP yoga board. So, here are a few tips to get you started once you buy your paddleboard. Some of the tips are optional, but others are crucial; especially those concerning safety.

You need more than your paddleboard: you will need a paddle (obviously), a leash, a PFD and a whistle. The leash will come in handy when you fall into the water. This happens to the best of SUP yogis. It ensures that you are not separated from your board. The PFD is for your safety and it is mandatory in some jurisdictions.

Start with simple poses: it is normal to be eager if you are doing this for the first time. Nevertheless, starting with complicated SUP yoga poses will frustrate you.  Begin with wide stances and move on from there.

Find a quiet spot: you do not necessarily have to get to a secluded spot but, at least, keep a distance from crowds. With people swimming and paddling very close, you may not achieve much. The noise and staring may distract you when you are trying to concentrate.

Go to a calm area: it is almost impossible to do yoga when the waves are raging. The exercise is already difficult enough on calm waters. Wind can also be a nuisance and the same applies to people swimming too close and making the water unstable. Spend a little time looking for the best spot.

Apply sunscreen: you will be out in the water for a significant amount of time and you are not tougher than the sun. The last thing you need is a painful sunburn.

Buy appropriate clothing: look for something that is ideal for yoga and the water—think water-resistant yoga pants. If you are pressed for cash, look for yoga tights that are not made of cotton. Those should work.

Lower your expectations: after seeing pros gracefully move from one pose to another, you may think that the same will happen with you. Be a little realistic. You will hack some poses effortlessly but others will require a little more effort. Expect to fall into the water a couple of times too.

Have lots of fun: yoga on a paddleboard in the water is pure bliss. Do not ruin the moment by being too nervous and uptight. As long as you are in a safe spot, relax and go with the flow. Allow your mind and body to take in the awesomeness.


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