Why the Best SUP Surf Leash Will Save Your Life

best SUP surf leash

What’s the best sup surf leash you can get? And why should you bother?

Your leash is perhaps the most important piece of equipment you can get, and can literally mean the difference between life or death. In windy or stormy conditions, or when the waves knock you off your board, the leash will keep your board tethered to you. When you fall off even in a light breeze, without a leash, your board will drift away within seconds, bringing you in a potentially life threatening situation.

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What’s the ideal length of your SUP surf leash? And Coiled or Straight?

The general rule of thumb on SUP leashes is to get one about a foot longer than your board.

So don’t just walk into a surf shop and get a standard 6’, 7’, or 8’ short board surfing leash because it will be too short and you’ll end up getting hit by your board on the recoil. The best SUP surf leashes are 10’ to 12’ and should be a little thicker in diameter than surfing leashes, which are usually quarter inch. SUP leashes start at about 5/16ths inch.

Some paddlers prefer flat leashes that attach at the ankle, especially for surf. Some flat water paddlers prefer coiled leashes that attach to the wearer just below the knee.

The coiled leash has the advantage of not dragging in the water behind you while paddling. But for ocean or river paddlers, the coiled leash can become too easily tangled in the turbulence of white water.

One important note to River SUP Paddlers: River paddlers must wear a breakaway leash to be able to release themselves quickly if they get entangled in underwater debris. Last year an experienced SUP paddler lost her life when she became entrapped underwater while the current continued to pull her board forward. A breakaway leash could have saved her life.

Always wear a leash, it will save your life!

Are you still not convinced? Have a look at this video.

This very experienced SUP boarder falls of his board, and can’t keep up with it. A fellow paddler manages to grab his board and tries to bring it back to him. The only problem is that she uses her own leash to connect his board to hers, and then she falls off too.

Watch this video. He falls off around 4:44 minutes.