Bote HD Aero 11’6 Inflatable Paddle Board Review (2023)

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This is a review of the Bote HD Aero 11’6. 

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Bote is a popular SUP brand and many paddleboarders swear by it.

Their boards are unique and seem to offer exactly what the paddlers need. It is no surprise since the brand is owned by paddlers. That’s why I was excited to review one of their most versatile inflatable paddle boards: the HD Aero.

This inflatable board is large, with a length of 11’6 and a width of 34 inches. It offers exceptional stability—ideal for fishing, yoga, and learning how to SUP. 

You’d think that a board this big would be heavy and sluggish on the water. But it only weighs 30 pounds and it glides well with decent speed in different water conditions. 

I love gear attachment points, every paddler does. The Bote HD Aero comes with bungee storage, a removable aero paddle sheath, sand spear sheath, magnepod feature, and gear mounts. It’s great for fishing, touring long distances, and cruising leisurely with family. 

The Bote HD Aero seems to be the perfect board for almost all SUP activities. But is it the right board for you? In this in-depth review, let’s take a closer look at its features and paddling performance to help you decide. 

Pros and Cons of the Bote HD Aero  

What I Like
  • Large stable platform, good for beginners, fishing, yoga
  • Enough attachment points, compatible with lots of accessories
  • Remarkable construction, durable, two-year warranty
  • Four color options, all beautiful
  • Versatile board, great for most SUP adventures
What I Don’t Like
  • SUP package doesn’t include a leash

Paddle Board Specs

  • Length: 11’6
  • Width: 34”
  • Thickness: 6”
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 315 lbs

Who Is the Bote Aero Paddle Board Good For?


You should consider the Bote Aero HD if you are a:

  • Beginner
  • Angler
  • Yoga enthusiast
  • Person who wants to paddle with kids
  • Paddler looking for a secondary all-around board

The first thing beginners should look for in a stand up paddle board is stability. So I’d recommend the Bote HD to newbies, because it’s one of the most stable SUPs you can find. 

The HD Aero is also a great option for anglers and yoga enthusiasts, due to its stability and multiple attachment points. It’s compatible with tons of fishing attachments, and the BVA deck pad makes a good yoga mat! 

You should also consider this board if you’d like to take your kids on board when you paddle – the HD Aero is big enough to accommodate you, plus your little ones or even your four-legged friend! It’s a great all around SUP that performs well in most water conditions. 

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Features of the Bote HD Aero Inflatable Paddle Board


A paddle board can have all the bells and whistles; but if it performs poorly, it would be of no use.

So let’s talk about what you can expect when paddling the Bote Aero HD. 

a. Wide, Stable Board

This is one area where the Bote HD Aero inflatable shines. It is remarkably stable

I was impressed but not surprised because it is a big board, 11’6 long and 34” wide. The width of a paddle board is a major determinant of its stability. And 34” is pretty wide for a single-rider SUP. This board feels solid and super stable even with a child or dog on board. 

The construction of the HD Aero also plays a part in its stability. You may have heard people complaining about inflatable boards that flex. As you can imagine, trying to paddle a board that bends in the middle makes for an unstable ride. 

b. Stiff when Fully Inflated

The Bote Aero is exceptionally stiff when fully inflated. You won’t have to worry about flex.

Another contributing factor that some people overlook is the thickness of an inflatable. Thicker boards have more volume, a higher weight capacity, and are more stable. They also don’t bend like some of the thinner, cheaper models. 

c. Easy to Maneuver


I wasn’t sure how maneuverable the Bote HD Aero would be given its size. Bigger boards are hard to control and can be annoying when you need to make quick sharp turns. 

The HD Aero is not the shortest board out there but it is not hard to control. Most paddlers, of different sizes and skill levels, can easily handle it – there are no issues with its maneuverability. 

d. Tracks Well

The Bote inflatable paddle board tracks well—that is, it travels in a straight line.  

The large center fin keeps the tail from turning when you push water back while paddling. 

Note: your paddling technique also plays a part in how a SUP tracks. 

e. Speedy Enough

I didn’t have high expectations as far as speed is concerned. Wide paddle boards have more resistance and don’t glide as effortlessly as narrow ones. 

The Bote HD Aero SUP board glides well and the speed is great for an all-around paddle board. No complaints here.

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Build Quality


The HD Aero inflatable paddle board features a composite drop stitch core. Thousands of tiny threads connect the two layers (top and bottom) of the paddle board. This construction enhances rigidity. The threads also give the board its shape when inflated, preventing it from bulging. 

On top of that, the Aero features military-grade PVC. This results in a durable paddle board that can take serious abuse. 

It comes with a 30-day guarantee and a two-year warranty

Unlike traditional paddle boards, you won’t have to worry about dings and dents. This is a good SUP for adventurous stand up paddlers. 

The amazing construction makes the Bote HD Aero sturdy when fully inflated. It has a load capacity of 315 pounds. This is enough for an adult paddler plus gear and a dog. 

The Bote inflatable paddle board is only 30 pounds, despite the heavy-duty construction. A solid board of the same size would be heavy and a pain to carry around. 


One of the many great things about Bote boards is that they have color design options. With the HD Aero, you have four options: bug slinger echo, classic teak, native whale shark, and full trax citron. 

The Bote has an all-around shape with a slightly pointed nose.

The shape, plus its nose rocker and size, results in a SUP that is exceptionally stable and fun to use. 

Bote HD Paddle Board Features


a. Three Fins 

The Bote HD Aero comes with three fins: a large center fin and two side fins. The center fin is removable while the side fins are molded into the SUP. 

I prefer removable fins because they allow individuals to change the setup depending on the paddling conditions. I also love how compact an inflatable board folds when the fins have been removed. 

Fixed fins aren’t all that bad. At least you won’t have to worry about them getting lost. This is a common issue with removable fins.  

b. BVA Foam Deck Pad

The BVA foam deck pad covers a large part of the deck. It offers traction, preventing you from slipping when the board is wet. 

The pad also provides a soft forgiving surface for your feet. It makes a fantastic yoga mat for SUP yoga too. 

c. Three Handles

There are three carry handles on the Bote Aero HD: at the nose, tail, and center. You can carry the inflated board alone, using the center handle, or with a friend using the tail and nose handle. 

d. D-Rings and Attachment Points

Do you love SUP fishing or long touring trips where you have to bring a lot of gear? If so, you’ll love the Bote HD Aero. 

It has bungee storage at the front and back as well as extra D-rings for other stuff. The board has a removable aero paddle sheath at the bow. It is a nice feature that allows you to free your hands. 

There is a new feature, the magnepod, that is compatible with Bote’s magnepod accessories. 

The Aero HD comes with additional gear mounts and is compatible with a SUP carry strap, Bote Rac accessories, sandspear, and the Bote Wheel Rac

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Paddle Board Accessories: What Comes with the HD Aero?

bote hd aero 116 supboard

The Bote Aero HD inflatable package includes a paddle, Rac receivers, removable paddle sheath, Aero repair kit, hand pump, and a travel bag. The Bote Aero HD Bug Slinger board includes a sandspear sheath.

Durable Paddle

The paddle is nice and durable, and does come with a removable paddle sheath, but it is not what I would expect in this price range. I would have loved to see a carbon fiber paddle which is mostly what you get in the package for the same price. 

Manual pump

The included pump is a manual pump. You can fill your board with it but it is an arm workout. After a while, you may want to consider an electric pump, especially if you have to inflate multiple SUPs. 

Repair Kit & Travel Bag 

The Aero travel bag is large enough to fit the board plus accessories. It is well-made and can take a beating. The repair kit is also a nice touch – though the Aero is pretty durable.

It would be great to have a leash in the package as is the case with most inflatable SUP packages – but this appears to be an optional extra in this case instead. 

Optional Accessories

Other than what you get, Bote has a ton of other optional accessories to make SUP even more fun.


They include:

What Users Are Saying About the Bote Aero

I think that the Bote HD Aero is awesome. But do other paddlers agree? 

Here is what I found. 

Is Bote overrated? This is what one paddler wanted to know. The Bote HD Aero caught his eye but he wanted to make sure it is a quality board before spending his money. And so he decided to ask fellow Redditors. 

People responded, talking about their love for Bote paddle boards. 

InshoreCommander says he owns four Bote paddle boards. Two of them are Bote HD Aeros. He says they make good all-around boards, even though they are marketed as fishing SUPs. 


MylifeasAllison says that she loves her Bote HD Aero inflatable because it folds into a small package. She had a problem with the paddle board but Bote took care of it. She says the paddle board is worth it. 


John, another Bote customer, wanted to make sure he got the best inflatable board. He researched extensively and kept coming back to the HD Aero inflatable SUP. He decided to go for it and he says he couldn’t be happier. 

Laura is having so much fun with her new Bote Aero stand up paddle board. She says it’s amazing how stable the board is, even with waves. 

Stephanie says the Bote iSUP is easy to inflate and super sturdy. She is happy that she bought it. 

Final Thoughts 

So, what’s the verdict on the Bote HD Aero inflatable paddle board? I love it!

The paddle board is large, stable, and durable. It is great for fishing, beginners, recreational SUP, paddling with kids, and even yoga. 

The big platform, weight capacity, and attachment points allow you to bring all the gear you need. This would be nice for people who are into SUP fishing, long-distance touring, and other activities that involve carrying lots of stuff. 

So check it out. It may be exactly what you need. 

Do you have any questions about the Bote HD Aero? Feel free to ask below. 

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