Bravo 20 SUP Electric Pump Review (May 2018)

bravo 20 sup electric pump
bravo 20 sup electric pump

Everybody loves an electric pump. A manual pump can leave you with little to no energy for paddling—especially if you get a very slow one. Electric pumps are a relief to every paddler who owns an inflatable. Although all electric SUP pumps are great, none of them comes close to the Bravo 20 SUP electric pump. Bravo have definitely outdone themselves with this one.

Bravo do not play when it comes to quality. They are famous for delivering high quality products and amazing after sale services. The Bravo 20 pump is impressive; from its look to its performance. There has been a lot of praises for this pump and this detailed review will help you decide for yourself whether it is a premium pump or just “another one”.

Valve Compatibility

bravo 20 sup pump adaptersThe amazing Bravo 20 pump comes with a heavy-duty hose that has several different types and sizes of adapters. Most electric pumps like the Tower have hoses that are only compatible with paddleboards from their manufacturers.

However, the Bravo 20 adapters are compatible with H3 SUP valves, Boston screw valves (found on most air mattresses and kites) and 9mm kite inflate valves.

So far, I’ve used the Bravo 20 with an Atoll paddle board, a Nixy Venice and a Body Glove Performer, and after I took off the green plastic ‘depth’ ring, the adapter connected to the board without a problem. The pump comes with three depth rings (yellow, black, and green) allowing you to fine-tune the depth to the valve of your board.

This pump is also convenient if you have other inflatables besides your standup paddleboard. Instead of buying several pumps, save yourself those extra dollars by getting this fantastic pump.


The Bravo 20 inflates your SUP board is a single stage pump and produces very little noise. Do not be tempted to think that just because it is a single stage it is slow. In fact, this pump has an airflow of 125 liters per minute, and will inflate your board to 22 PSI (1.5 Bar) in no time. It took me about 5 minutes to inflate a SUP board to the desired 15 psi. In addition, there is a wide pressure range for you to choose from using the pressure dial indicator.

Compared to the Tower electric pump and other previously reviewed Bravo pumps, the Bravo 20 is a winner. The Tower can only pump up to 10-15 PSI while the Bravo pumps inflate up to 15 PSI. Moreover, these pumps are very noisy. The Bravo 20 paddleboard pump can be used to deflate unlike the Bravo BP12 Single Stage which is an inflate-only.


bravo 20 sup electric pump dialWith the easily-selectable pressure dial indicator, you can choose the PSI and leave it to pump. It will shut off when the desired PSI is reached. This “Set it and Forget it” feature is useful because there is no chance of your inflatables being overinflated and damaged. It also speeds up the process of getting ready, because while the pump is inflating a board, you can roll out the next board, pull on your wetsuit, or simply finish your coffee and enjoy the day.

Another automated feature worth mentioning is the automatic thermal shut off. Overheating is a common problem among pumps and it can cause irreversible damage. By having the feature in the Bravo 20, it shows that Bravo really thought this one through—and that is a big plus.

Power Details

The unit has an integrated 12V DC battery. You can recharge it through a standard 110-240 AV/DC power or cigarette plug. The latter can only be used for charging your Bravo 20 since the pump cannot run off of it. It comes with alligator clips for connection to 12V batteries.

This is where the Bravo 20 pump has the greatest advantage over the Tower and other common pumps. Most of them rely solely on 12V battery and cigarette lighters to inflate. It is not every day that you will have your car (or a battery) with you—and in days like those, this pump is your greatest option.

You can fully charge it at home and carry it with you to your paddling spot. Just make sure you charge it for 10-12 hours.


  • Comes with an Australian 240V lead
  • Inflates to 22 PSI
  • Rubber base for increased stability
  • Automatic shut-off when desired PSI is reached
  • Internal rechargeable battery (12V)
  • Wide pressure range
  • Heavy-duty hose with different types and sizes of adapters
  • Battery rechargeable with cigarette lighter or car battery
  • High-efficiency, portable and low noise
  • Kite leash for holding your kite
  • LED indicators for diagnostics
  • Protective filtration system
  • Includes carry bag with easy carry shoulder strap
  • Twin cylinder, single stage
  • 15-20 minute run time
  • Bag weight: 6.65 kg

Pros & Cons

  • Automatic thermal shut off
  • Comes with carry bag
  • Wide pressure range
  • LED indicators for diagnostics
  • Suitable for both large and small objects
  • Portable
  • Low noise
  • Compatible with almost all common valves
  • Has optional kite leash
  • Cannot run on cigarette lighter
  • Only 20 minute run time

Customer Feedback

As you would expect, the customer feedback for the Bravo 20 is positive. The users just can’t get enough of this great pump. They especially love the integrated battery. They are able to carry the pump to places where there is no available power connection like remote SUP spots—which are usually the best and quietest.

Another feature that the users commend is the automatic thermal shut off. When used for some time, the Bravo 20 gets hot (common problem for electronics) and this feature prevents a lot of damage from happening. Other features that made it to the positive reviews include the high quality of the pump, compatibility with many valves and the “Set it and Forget it” feature.

There are no negative reviews on the Bravo 20 electric SUP pump.

My verdict

bravo 20 paddle board electric pumpThis is a great pump. From the features to the reviews you know you can never go wrong with this one. The integrated rechargeable battery is a fantastic feature and probably the best thing about this pump.

The Bravo 20 is compatible with most common valves which saves you the trouble of having to buy two or more pumps for all your inflatables. The automatic thermal shut off frees you of worry that your pump might overheat while inflating/deflating.

Another feature that I really like is the “Set it and Forget it”; a pump cannot be great if it does not have it.

Compared to the Tower Paddle Boards Electric Pump, The Bravo BTP Mano two-Stage and the Bravo BP12 Single Stage, the Bravo 20 is way better. It has more fantastic features that make life more convenient for paddlers. This pump is a bit pricey, but I don’t want to go paddleboarding with out it.