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Bravo 20 SUP Electric Pump Review (May 2018)

bravo 20 sup electric pump

My review of the Bravo 20 SUP electric pump. Set the desired psi, and it will inflate your paddle board in about 5 minutes on the build-in battery. The thermal shutoff will prevent the pump from overheating. Inflates up to 22 psi.

16 Best Stand Up Paddle Board Bags

best sup bags

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the best sports of all time. The rate at which it is gaining popularity may see it become the best sooner or later. Since paddleboarding can be done on almost any water body, there is a very good chance that you will be carrying your board a lot.[Read more…]

9 Best Electric SUP Pumps (That Work Fast)

electric sup pumps

Most inflatable standup paddleboards come with hand pumps—which are great and convenient. Using a manual hand pump is not that difficult and it will only take you 5-10 minutes before your board is fully inflated. For someone who goes paddling every once in a while for leisure, the manual pump may be just something to[Read more…]

The Dry Bag – the Solution to Your Wet Gear Woes

the dry bag

Are you fed up of wrestling with your wet gear? There’s a product on the market that can help solve your wet gear woes – welcome The Dry Bag. The Dry Bag is a full length zip up bag that protects your wetsuits and wet garments from direct sunlight whilst letting them drip dry efficiently[Read more…]

Best PFD For SUP – Buyer`s Guide (Dec. 2017)

best pfd for sup

A SUP PFD (Personal Floatation Device), is a wearable floatable vest, jacket, or hip belt that that you wear while paddle boarding and will keep you save in case of an emergency. In recent years more people are paddle boarding than ever before. The SUP craze has taken over every coastline of ocean, lakes, and[Read more…]

SUP Hydro Foil: The Future in Downwind SUP boarding is (Almost) Here

sup hydro foil downwind sup boarding

Downwind Paddle Boarding Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is currently the fastest growing watersport in the world. Downwind paddle boarding is basically paddling down-wind on the open ocean in strong winds that create large swells, that you can ride. Or like puts it: “Downwinding gives you a fantastic sense of freedom, you are powered[Read more…]

Why the Best SUP Surf Leash Will Save Your Life

best SUP surf leash

What’s the best sup surf leash you can get? And why should you bother? Your leash is perhaps the most important piece of equipment you can get, and can literally mean the difference between life or death. In windy or stormy conditions, or when the waves knock you off your board, the leash will keep[Read more…]