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10 Best Fishing iSUP Boards of 2018

best fishing sup

Ever since stand up paddleboarding was discovered, fishermen have adopted it to make their fishing more exciting and productive. Besides being a great workout, fishing on a paddleboard enables you to access fishing spots that you would not with a boat. A SUP board is also easier to carry around and you see fish better[Read more…]

NIXY Venice Yoga SUP Board Review

Nixy Venice Yoga iSUP Review

The NIXY inflatable paddleboard is a product of NIXY Sports, a Californian based company. It is a family business that has been building water sports equipment for a while now. Since they are a family of water sports enthusiasts, they only manufacture equipment that they themselves would love to use. Therefore, you can trust the[Read more…]

10 Best Kids Paddle Boards (June 2017)

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If you live anywhere near a body of water, whether it be a lake, ocean, or river, the best thing you could do for your child is to teach them to swim and provide them the opportunity to enter the world of stand-up paddle boarding. Stand up paddle boarding is a great activity for keeping[Read more…]

Hala Boards (SUP) – Compared & Reviewed (Oktober 2017)

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When searching for a quality inflatable stand up paddleboard, it’s important to find a brand with reputable reliability, durability, and versatility. The Colorado based paddleboard company, Hala, combines all three of these factors when it comes to their Hala Inflatable Paddle Board designs. Known for their highly recognized board durability, unique shapes, and clever board[Read more…]

Best Soft Top Paddle Boards (July 2017) – Buyer`s Guide

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You may have ridden a soft-top paddle board at the beach front of a hotel resort or rented one at your community’s recreational lake. Maybe you tried it out just for vacation fun but were soon to realize how addicting recreational paddle boarding is and the benefits it offers. Paddle boarding is a great adventurous[Read more…]

Hobie Mirage Eclipse Stand Up Pedal Board Review (November 2017)

hobie mirage eclipse stand up pedal board review

Just when you thought SUP was the best thing that ever happened to the water-sports world, the first ever stand-up pedal board makes an entrance. The Hobie Mirage Eclipse from Hobie gives fun a whole new meaning by combining two fantastic sports—cycling and SUPing/Kayaking.  Is stand up pedaling the latest water sport? Well, think of[Read more…]

9 Best Bamboo Paddle Boards – Buyer`s Guide (Oktober 2017)

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Top 9 Bamboo Paddle Board Reviews In the water or at your local surf shop, most likely you’ve seen the popular and sleek design of bamboo paddle boards that are dominating the SUP market. The bamboo surface finish on these particular paddle boards is not only appealing and stylish, but can also be recognized as a[Read more…]

25 Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews (Oktober 2017)

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Are you looking for a new inflatable stand up paddle board? As you know, there are many brands and models to choose from and they come at different price points. So finding the best inflatable paddle board can be a bit of a challenge. Keep in mind that the 25 boards in these inflatable paddle[Read more…]

5 Best Blow Up Paddle Boards Reviewed: Ten Toes Weekender vs. Peak vs. iRocker vs. Tower Adventurer 2 vs. Atlantis

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The Five Best Blow Up Paddle Boards Side-By-Side Five Best Blow Up Paddle Boards Reviewed These 5 boards are currently amongst the world’s  bestselling blow up paddle boards, but how do they compare? And which board is the best blow up paddle board for you? Read on: Ten Toes Weekender SUP board Review The Ten[Read more…]