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Pathfinder Inflatable SUP Review (June 2018)

pathfinder paddle board sup review

Read my review of the Pathfinder paddle board. The Pathfinder is a highly-rated SUP board for people looking for an all-around, cheap paddle board.

6 Bestway Hydro Force Paddle Boards Reviewed (2018 models)

bestway hydro force paddle board review

The Bestway Hydro Force paddle boards are well-liked, low-priced SUP boards. In 2018 Bestway launched 6 new models. Read my review.

The 25 Cheapest Paddle Boards (SUP) for Sale (June 2018)

best cheap paddle boards for sale

SUP boarding does not have to be expensive. Read my reviews of 25 astonishingly cheap paddle boards for sale, which the best budget SUP boards under $300, $400 and $500.

The 4 Best Aqua Marina SUP Paddle Boards Reviewed

aqua marina inflatable paddle boards

Our extensive analysis of the 4 best Aqua Marina inflatable paddle boards to help you decide, which is best for you. Aqua Marina Inflatable Paddle Boards (SUP) Aqua Marina is a growing company providing paddle boards and boats for leisure and fitness. They envision to provide maximum fun and maximum safety for their buyer with[Read more…]

3 Cheap Paddle Boards Few People Knew About Until Now

cheap standup paddleboard on a budget

Not all of us can spend up to a thousand dollars for a paddleboard. The costs of renting can also be heavy in the long run. That’s why many prefer to shop for a cheap paddle board for a tighter budget. Going on a budget does not always mean you have to forego the quality[Read more…]