19 Best Paddle Board Accessories For Even More SUP Fun

So you love paddle boarding.  Do you know how you could have an even better SUP experience? With the right paddle board accessories, you can have even more fun out on the water. So what SUP accessories should you get? We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best paddle […]

What’s the Best Paddle Board Cart of 2021?

There is nothing better than taking some time to go paddling. You want to have fun and connect with loved ones. Or get out of the house and just inhale some fresh air as you exercise. This sounds simple but getting your board to the water can be challenging, since many boards are not exactly […]

Best SUP LED Lights for Night Paddle Boarding

Night paddleboarding is one of those things that you have to experience as a paddler. It is breathtaking, to say the least. But it is also risky because you can’t see well in the dark. That is why you need SUP LED lights. Since it highly contributes to your safety, you want to buy the […]

Best SUP Deck Bags

What’s the Best SUP Deck Bag?

When paddleboarding alone or with loved ones, you want the experience to be fantastic. But you won’t have any fun with a rumbling stomach and dry throat. Since you can’t hold your snacks, drinks and essentials while paddling, a deck bag is a must-have. With so many brands around, making a choice can be hard. […]

Best Apps for SUP

The 11 Best Apps for SUP Reviewed

For many paddlers, SUP is an opportunity to put the phone away and unplug. But SUP apps are here to change the way you enjoy your paddling experience. With a fantastic app, your SUP adventures could be much more thrilling– and safer.  These apps for SUPers are meant to help you monitor your progress, which […]

best paddle board kayak seat

10 Best Paddle Board Kayak Seats

SUP is all about paddling while standing—hence the name. But sometimes you may want to sit and rest, especially when paddling for hours. Or convert your SUP into a kayak. It is good to let the muscles relax as you sip your favorite drink. That is why a paddle board kayak seat is a must-have. […]

4 Best Paddle Board Racks For Boats

Sometimes, you may want to store or transport your SUP on your boat. Finding a method that works could open opportunities for you to paddle in some of the most beautiful hidden spots. While there are a few ways to do this, using a paddle board boat rack is the best. Your board stays secure […]


What Is the Best Paddle Board Storage Rack of 2021?

After an exciting day of paddling, you want to store your paddleboard properly and safely. The last thing you want to see is a damaged SUP just when you are ready to take it out to the water. This makes a paddleboard storage rack a necessary investment. But which rack should you buy? There are […]

best sup cooler

What Is The Best SUP Cooler Of 2021?

You want to have a perfect paddleboarding experience with loved ones. And do you know what makes everything better? Snacks and a cold drink on a hot day. But your beverages will be warm and gross by midday– unless you get a SUP cooler. While shopping around, it is easy to get confused because there […]

best paddle board anchor

What Is the Best Paddle Board Anchor of 2021?

Some SUP activities can only be enjoyed when your board isn’t floating away. You want it to remain stationary when trying a yoga pose or fishing. This is why you need a paddleboard anchor. But with so many brands, which one will do the job perfectly? Options are great but they can leave you confused. […]

best inflatable paddle board

Stand Up Paddle Clothes – What To Wear Paddle Boarding

You would be shocked how many people have no idea what to wear when going stand up paddle boarding. This does not come as a surprise. There are many aspects of SUP and it is a sport for all seasons; which makes the issue of stand up paddle clothes a little tricky. Not to worry […]

sup carrier car rack

SUP Carriers and Car Roof Racks – What Is the Best Way to Transport Your Paddle Board?

Having your own solid SUP board feels good. You can go paddling whenever and wherever you like. But there is one challenge: transporting it to the water. Unlike an inflatable paddleboard, you can’t deflate and throw it into a bag. First, you need to find a method that will work best for you, depending on […]

best sup electric pumps

8 Best SUP Electric Pumps [FIELD TEST RESULTS]

Want to inflate your paddle board without lifting a finger? Let a SUP electric pump do the work for you. I have field tested the most popular pumps on the market to help you pick one that’s just right for you. Read on for the test results, but if you’re short on time, here are […]

salamander hip pack leash

9 Best SUP Leashes To Keep You Safe

For a SUP enthusiast, a high quality SUP leash is a vital piece of equipment because – well lets face it, unless you have donned a life jacket before your paddle, a carbon fiber or plastic sup paddle will not keep you afloat. While there are many leash brands in the market, it is important […]

best sup bags

16 Best Stand Up Paddle Board Bags

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the best sports of all time. The rate at which it is gaining popularity may see it become the best sooner or later. Since paddleboarding can be done on almost any water body, there is a very good chance that you will be carrying your board a lot. […]

the dry bag

The Dry Bag – the Solution to Your Wet Gear Woes

Are you fed up of wrestling with your wet gear? There’s a product on the market that can help solve your wet gear woes – welcome The Dry Bag. The Dry Bag is a full length zip up bag that protects your wetsuits and wet garments from direct sunlight whilst letting them drip dry efficiently […]

best pfd for sup

Best PFD For SUP – Buyer`s Guide (2021)

A SUP PFD (Personal Floatation Device), is a wearable floatable vest, jacket, or hip belt that that you wear while paddle boarding and will keep you save in case of an emergency. In recent years more people are paddle boarding than ever before. The SUP craze has taken over every coastline of ocean, lakes, and […]

sup hydro foil downwind sup boarding

SUP Hydro Foil: The Future in Downwind SUP boarding is (Almost) Here

Downwind Paddle Boarding Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is currently the fastest growing watersport in the world. Downwind paddle boarding is basically paddling down-wind on the open ocean in strong winds that create large swells, that you can ride. Or like puts it: “Downwinding gives you a fantastic sense of freedom, you are powered […]