Become a better SUP boarder with these paddle boarding tips and techniques.

Best Paddle Board Fishing Setup: How to Get Started with SUP Fishing

One of the key benefits of SUP fishing is being able to access remote spots quietly. Paddle boards are nimble and you can maneuver some really tight waterways. While all this sounds awesome, many people cannot imagine a paddleboard fishing setup. You need so much gear, where do you put it all? Well, fishing paddle […]

Paddle Board Fishing Vs Kayak Fishing – Which Is Better?

For many people, fishing is a way of taking a break from the craziness of life. And to get to the best peaceful places, you need a small, quiet vessel. This is why many anglers have been ditching large, noisy boats for kayaks. But there is another vessel that is giving kayaks a run for […]

best places to paddle board in florida

19 Most Inspiring Places for Paddle Boarding in Florida

Almost every SUPer has Florida on their bucket list. And why wouldn’t they? The views are breathtaking, the weather friendly and the paddle boarding spots countless. You have seen the stunning photos—you should know, they don’t do the place justice. All paddlers dream of a Florida SUP adventure. Even locals can’t get enough of it. […]

Paddle Board Yoga Poses

17 Paddle Board Yoga Poses and How to Do Them

Anyone can do SUP yoga. It is not as intimidating as it looks. Practicing yoga on a SUP improves your breathing and focus. Mindfulness and being present are skills you have to master for every pose. Yoga on land is fun on its own. But when you add SUP, it becomes an exercise that you […]

how to store surf and sup boards

How to Store Your Surf and SUP Boards

There are several ways to store your board, both inside and outside the house. SUP and surfboards are precious possessions. No paddler wants to find mold or a dent on something they paid a lot of money for. To save you from that pain, here is a comprehensive guide on how to store your surf […]

sup board tips

25 SUP Board Tips – Learn To Paddle Board Like A Pro Today

Stand up paddle boarding looks so easy, but how do you get started? What gear do you need? How do you get on the board and paddle in a straight line? What about your safety? These SUP board tips will get you on the water with your friends in no time. Are you ready? Let’s […]

Stand-Up Paddle boarding

How do You Repair Your Paddle Board?

There is a reason why some SUP boards come with a repair kit. As a paddleboard owner, you have to be prepared to deal with minor damages. You will encounter them sooner or later, regardless of how careful you are. When it first happens, you can take the SUP to a shop. But at some […]

bluefin paddle board

Is It OK to Leave an Inflatable SUP Inflated?

Is it okay to leave an inflatable SUP board inflated? Paddlers of all skill levels buy inflatable boards for various reasons. One of them is the ease of storage and transport. When transporting or storing an iSUP, the obvious thing to do is to deflate the paddle board first. But if you have inflated a […]

best paddle board for yoga

How Much Does an Inflatable Paddle Board Cost?

How much does an inflatable paddle board cost? When first getting into SUP, an inflatable paddleboard seems like the better option. Compared to solid paddleboards, iSUPs are cheaper. At least that is what most people will tell you. But cheap is not an amount. And what is affordable for one person may be expensive for […]

How Long Do Inflatable Paddle Boards Last?

How long do inflatable paddle boards last? You have probably heard all kinds of praises about iSUPs. Everyone talks about how durable they are. Some manufacturers go as far as throwing their inflatables from a roof. Others run them over with vehicles—including tractors. After all manner of durability tests, the iSUPs are still in good […]

How Many Calories Do You Burn with Stand Up Paddle Boarding

How Many Calories Do You Burn with Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

SUP is one of the most enjoyable exercises. Once you get started, you cannot get enough of it. You will find yourself in the water, whenever you have some time to spare. Everyone knows that standup paddle boarding is not just about fun. It comes with tremendous health benefits and helps with weight loss. Speaking […]

best inflatable paddle board

What To Wear Paddle Boarding

You would be shocked how many people have no idea what to wear when going stand up paddleboarding. This does not come as a surprise. There are many aspects of SUP and it is a sport for all seasons; which makes the issue of SUP clothing a little tricky. Not to worry though, you do […]

sup boarding workout

Why Stand-Up Paddleboarding Is A Killer Workout

There is a lot of hype about stand up paddleboarding. People and blog posts have nothing but good things to say about it. Although this water sport is relatively new, it has become the fastest growing in the US. But is it a beneficial workout? The answer is a definite “yes.” While sitting on the […]

Prone Paddle Boarding: What It Is and How to Get Started

At some point when having fun in the water, you may have seen someone on a board paddling with their hands. It looked hard and tiring. You probably thought they had lost their paddle. There are many different kinds of board watersports practiced all around the world. Some, like SUP and surf, are popular while […]

white water sup

White Water SUP – How to Get Started

Flatwater SUP is safe and relaxing. But sometimes, you want to try something challenging. Every once in a while, it is good to get out of your comfort zone. For many standup paddlers, this means whitewater paddling. The risks of whitewater SUP are well known. This explains why it is a scary idea. You never […]

health benefits of paddle boarding

Top 7 Health Benefits Of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding is a fun sport that lets you experience the water in many refreshing ways. No wonder it has been gaining popularity massively for the past ten years—it had the highest number of first-time participants in 2013. Paddleboarding is now becoming the ultimate family activity. But did you know that standup paddle […]

sup core strength boat pose

4 Simple SUP Training Exercises to Build Up Core Strength Fast

You have probably seen more people trying out standup paddleboarding, especially if you live near a water body. This sport is thrilling, and it is such a fantastic workout. However, it demands a lot of physical energy—you have to be stable and upright on an unstable surface while controlling a paddle that is taller than […]

winter paddle boarding

Cold Weather Paddle Boarding – All You Need To Know To Have A Safe & Awesome Experience

Standup Paddleboarding is one of the best sports ever. However, winter does not care how much you need some paddle time. And what fun is there in freezing on your paddle board? With the chilly weather, it may seem impossible to go stand up paddle boarding—except SUP barely has any impossibility. SUP enthusiasts love it […]

teach dog stand up paddle board

Simple Step-by-step Instructions to Teach Your Dog To Paddle Board

How to Get Started Paddle Boarding With Your Dog the Easy Way Paddleboarding has quickly become a very popular outdoor activity for both adults and kids. Being able to exercise while enjoying Mother Nature and spending time with your family has never been more fun. However, there’s no reason to leave your four-legged family member […]

what size paddle board do I need for my weight

“What Size Paddle Board Do I Need For My Weight and Height?”

With Stand Up Paddle Boarding being the fastest growing watersport in the world, more and more people discover the joys of being out on the water. But, let’s face it, choosing the right board can be a daunting task for beginning paddle boarders. How do decide what board to purchase from the hundreds of available […]

teach kids to stand up paddle board

How To Teach Your Kids to Paddle Board in 10 Simple Steps

Most kids would rather stare at a screen than go out and play. As a parent, you need to find an activity they can’t say no to, like standup paddleboarding. Studies show that SUP has incredible health benefits and keeps you fit. Not only will your children have fun, but they will also exercise in […]

Stand-Up Paddle boarding

Getting started with Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Imagine an awesome watersport that is a cross between kayaking and surfing, and you’d get Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). SUP is a Hawaiian watersport where paddlers stand upright on their boards and use a paddle to propel through water. Unlike surfing, you can take this sport even without the waves and strong currents. It’s no […]