Aqua Marina SUP Boards

The 4 Best Aqua Marina SUP Paddle Boards Reviewed

aqua marina inflatable paddle boards

Our extensive analysis of the 4 best Aqua Marina inflatable paddle boards to help you decide, which is best for you. Aqua Marina Inflatable Paddle Boards (SUP) Aqua Marina is a growing company providing paddle boards and boats for leisure and fitness. They envision to provide maximum fun and maximum safety for their buyer with[Read more…]

The 25 Cheapest Paddle Boards (SUP) for Sale (February 2018)

best cheap paddle boards for sale

With stand up paddle boarding being one of the fastest growing sports  in the world, more and more people discover the pleasure of the ride. Whether it’s out on a lake or canal, on the open ocean or even in the surf, SUP boarding is a great way to have a good time. However, not[Read more…]