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25 Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews (April 2018)

best inflatable paddle board

Are you looking for a new inflatable stand up paddle board? As you know, there are many brands and models to choose from and they come at different price points. So finding the best inflatable paddle board can be a bit of a challenge. Keep in mind that the 25 boards in these inflatable paddle[Read more…]

The Best 4 Tower Inflatable Paddle Boards Review

Best Tower Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

Our extensive review of the 4 best Tower inflatable paddle boards to help you decide, which is best for you. The Best Tower Inflatable Paddle Boards Reviewed Tower Paddle Boards is a premiere stand up paddle boarding manufacturer. They made waves in the SUP community after a buy in from Mark Cuban during the fourth[Read more…]

The 3 Best Inflatable Paddle boards of 2016

best inflatable standup paddleboard of 2016

What makes a good inflatable SUP board? It’s when it is able to perform during paddling sessions. What makes for the BEST inflatable Paddle boards? Now, that’s something all of us would like to know, right? In this article, we tell you what are the best inflatable paddle boards of 2016. The paddle boards in[Read more…]