How to choose the best Stand-up Paddleboard

Choose Stand-up Paddleboard

If you decided to start stand-up paddle boarding, it’s high time for you to choose your very own paddleboard. Choosing a stand-up paddleboard can be pretty overwhelming especially with all the products that vie for your attention.

Paddle boards come in all price ranges, but a good paddle board doesn’t have to break your wallet. Look for instance at these cheap paddle boards for sale.

When you’re making the decision, first thing to do is to identify the type of SUP Riding you’ll be undertaking and the level of expertise that you have. Are you planning to take it on a lazy day on a lake? Are you planning to take it to surfing with your rad skills? Are you planning to go racing with it? It’s important to know this bit because it defines how your paddleboard functions and looks like.

There are several types of stand-up paddleboards that are specifically designed for several disciplines of paddle boarding. Once you identify the paddling you want to do, select from a variety of boards that are configured to your needs.

SUP Touring Boards

If you simply plan on cruising and exploring out of the surf zone, the SUP Touring Board should be your pick. It comes with a higher volume that’s perfect for cruising on. They are designed to allow you to paddle for long distances. They are also wide and more stable than other boards.
Guess what? You can also fix in some storage systems on your board. This means you can carry beers for your best buds, have lunch over calming water, or bring along gear for relaxed fishing. So if you’re to go paddleboarding and just have a chill time, get a SUP touring board.

SUP Surfing Boards

Whatever they say, as a sport, SUP also has its roots from surfing. If you plan to take on paddling through the big waves, a SUP surfing board is the best bet. These stand-up paddleboards are meant for intermediate and advanced paddlers.
SUP surfing boards have much more rocker in them to help you avoid nose diving into the water and they are shorter with a maximum of 10ft. They come with a planing hull which allows it rise out of the water and increase your speed. With a SUP surfing board, you can release the inner surfer dude in you.

SUP Racing Boards

Like the name implies, racing is one of the fastest growing disciplines of SUP. If you have a love for speed, go take a SUP racing board. These boards are designed to give you an edge in competitions. They come in narrower and longer. It comes with a small amount of rocker that’s just enough for stop any dragging.
These boards are definitely quick but it sacrifices stability. So this is definitely not the board for beginners. Rather, it’s for those who are already adept with paddling and surfing.

White Water SUP Boards

If you like to glide through rocky waters and rapid rivers, the white water SUP board is perfect for the thrill. These are designed for paddling through river rushes with low water depth. Normal boards made of epoxy are not safe to use in such conditions. Meanwhile, a white water board is made up of PE plastic and is hollow to allow you to paddle even without fins.
Another cool thing about these boards is that you can put things in the hollow inside. It’s perfect for bringing your sleeping bags if you plan to go camping or hiking near the river.

Yoga SUP Boards

Take your poses and stretches to a new environment with a yoga SUP board. Doing your yoga routine and pilates on a stand-up paddleboard is a fresh trend called Yoga-on-Water (YOW). It’s perfect for people who are looking forward to get fit but are bored with the usual gym setup. As you try to balance on your board, you are actually training your muscles and core strength.
A yoga SUP board is generally wide for more stability and balance. Shop for a yoga board for that eccentric YOW experience.

Inflatable SUP Boards

The inflatable SUP board is perfect for paddlers with a streak of wanderlust. If you are tired of dragging your board from one place to another, go get an inflatable SUP board. You can travel easier with this type of board because it is compact and lightweight.
You can always roll it up in a duffel bag and carry it wherever. It also makes storage easier for you. It comes with detachable fins and a hand pump for inflating. Care to paddle in distant waters abroad? Go for it!

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Kids’ SUP Boards

Who said your kids can’t paddle? With the right kids stand-up paddleboard and an adult to keep watch, yes they can! Now, you can shop for SUP boards made specifically for children. It’s also a perfect gift for a child who loves seas and lakes.
Stand-up paddleboarding is a great way to bond with your family. Take them on a water picnic, fishing or just enjoy the view of the great outdoors together.

Making the Choice

The most important thing when it comes to choosing your stand-up paddleboard is to make sure you are totally a 100% happy with it. Remember that it’s gonna be your best buddy as you engage in this exploding sport. It’s gonna be a defining investment, so best make the most out of it.

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