iRocker All Around 10 Review (2023)

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This is a review of the iRocker All Around 10 paddle board. 

irocker all around 10 board

The iRocker All Around 10 inflatable paddle board is designed for the adventurous paddler. It’s the smaller of the two iRocker All Around boards (the other one being the iRocker All Around 11), making it ideal for traveling and exploring. Besides its size, the All Around has some great features and new interesting upgrades.  

The All Around 10 inflatable SUP is 10 feet long and 32 inches wide–its versatility is unmatched. It is stable, maneuverable, and glides really well. It is the kind of paddle board that performs well whether you’re paddling on a calm lake, mildly choppy waters, or catching small waves.

Like most of the other iRocker inflatable paddle boards, the All Around 10 comes with tons of D-rings and action mounts. You can attach a kayak seat and other accessories, including fishing gear. These are great features for anglers and camping enthusiasts or any paddler who likes to spend a lot of time on the water. 

I particularly love the included paddle board accessories. Despite being affordable, the iRocker 10 comes with some of the best iSUP accessories you can find, including a carbon shaft paddle. 

This iRocker paddle board seems to have everything a paddler would want. But is it the right SUP for your needs? 

Hopefully, this detailed iRocker All Around 10 review will help you decide. I’ll tell you all about the SUP–its features, performance, pros, cons, how it compares to other almost similar iRocker boards, and what other paddlers have to say.  

So read on. 

Pros and Cons of the iRocker All Around 10

What I Like
  • High-quality accessories, including premium wheeled bag and carbon shaft paddle
  • Triple-layer military-strength PVC construction, super durable, three-year warranty
  • Extremely rigid, can support up to 370 lbs
  • 20 D-rings and four action mounts for attaching accessories
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
What I Don’t Like
  • Fewer color options compared to the other iRocker series SUPs, but available options are gorgeous

Paddle Board Specs

  • Length: 10’
  • Width: 32”
  • Thickness: 6”
  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 370 lbs

Who Is the iRocker All Around 10 Best for?


The iRocker All Around is ideal for adventurous paddlers, those on the smaller side, and even beginners. 

Do you love the idea of traveling all over the country and the world finding new SUP spots? If you answered yes, the iRocker All Around 10 might be perfect for you. It is small and lightweight, exactly what you need when hiking or traveling by plane. Since it’s also an all-around board, you can use it on rivers, lakes, the ocean–wherever adventure takes you.

Smaller paddlers may have trouble controlling big paddle boards. If it’s too long, making quick turns will be quite the task, too wide and you can barely make proper paddle strokes. The All Around inflatable SUP board is only 10 feet long and 32 inches wide. It is super maneuverable, easy to handle for people of all sizes. Even older kids can use it. 

Lastly, the iRocker All Around would be great for beginners. For newbie paddlers, stability is usually the most important factor. Learning how to paddle on a tippy stand up paddle board is frustrating. The All Around 10 has a stable platform suitable for learners. 

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Features of the All Around 10 Inflatable Paddle Board

As mentioned, the iRocker 10 comes with interesting features and some new amazing upgrades. 


First, take a look at what you can expect when you take the All Around out into the water. 

a. Smaller But Stable


The iRocker All Around measures 10’ x 32” x 6”. 

It may not be the widest and longest paddle board but it is stable. The width of a SUP has a lot to do with its stability. At 32 inches, the All Around is fairly wide, offering enough stability for paddlers.It isn’t tippy and even beginners can learn comfortably. 

Smaller paddlers, especially, will love it because it balances stability and general performance. Big inflatable boards are stable but they are not the easiest to control. With the iRocker All Around, you get both stability and good performance. 

I also have to briefly mention the construction of the iRocker SUP. It is built using rugged materials and construction. When fully inflated, it’s extremely rigid and doesn’t flex

Flexing or bending can be an issue with inflatable paddle boards and it makes them wobbly, affecting stability. Luckily, this is not something you have to worry about with the All Around 10 or even any of the iRocker paddle boards. Just make sure you inflate your board properly.

b. Impressive Maneuverability 

The maneuverability of the iRocker All Around is hard to beat. At 10 feet, it is on the shorter side, a factor that makes it super maneuverable. It’s easy to handle and perfect for performing all kinds of SUP tricks, including the more difficult turning techniques. 

Due to its outstanding maneuverability, the iRocker All Around 10 performs well in different conditions. It would be great for mild surfing and easy whitewater paddle boarding.  

c. Tracks Well

Despite being shorter, the All Around 10 tracks really well, that is, it travels in a straight line. It won’t frustrate you by zigzagging all over the water, forcing you to change paddling sides too often. 

The fin system also helps a lot with tracking. Fins prevent the tail from slipping to the side when you push back water with your paddle during a paddle stroke. 

d. Decent Speed

This is no racing SUP but for an all-around board, it’s certainly fast

Longer and narrower paddle boards tend to be faster because of their streamlined shape. The iRocker All Around 10 is not too short and its width is average. Unlike the wider boards, it faces less resistance on the water and glides with ease. 

You won’t have a problem keeping up with your paddling buddies. 

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Build Quality


One of the things that iRocker boards are known for is durable construction. 

The All Around 10 features triple-layer military-grade PVC construction and a dropstitch core. This results in an inflatable paddle board that is rugged and hard to damage. 

It is exactly what you would expect for an adventurer’s SUP board– perhaps even better. If you love exploring, you won’t always be paddling in calm, glassy waters. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in tough conditions like rocky rivers. You wouldn’t want to have a board that is easy to damage. 

The iRocker All Around can take a beating. You can have as much fun as you want without worrying about damaging your board. If you hit an obstacle, it will just bounce off–the chances of getting punctured are pretty low. 

Besides, it comes with a 60-day guarantee and a three-year warranty

The triple-layer PVC construction also helps with rigidity. One of the reasons why some paddlers prefer solid SUPs is because they fear that inflatables are not rigid enough. This is a legitimate concern – thinner boards and those built with a single-layer PVC are likely to have this problem. 

Some inflatable paddle boards bend or flex, making it harder for heavier paddle boarders to use them. The iRocker All Around 10’s construction ensures that you don’t have to deal with this problem.

Once fully inflated, it feels like a solid SUP and can support up to 370 pounds. Plus, despite the three-layer construction, the All Around only weighs 24 pounds. 


The iRocker All Around 10 comes in three colors: blue, pink, and teal. They all look amazing and they have matching accessories. 

This SUP has a nice all-around shape and its design is gorgeous. You’ll definitely get a few admiring glances from other paddlers. 

iRocker All Around 10 SUP Board Features

The iRocker All Around 10, though small, comes packed with awesome features for convenience, safety, and better performance. 


Check them out.

1. Three Fins

Fins play a huge role in a paddle board’s performance and the All Around 10 has three removable nylon SUP fins; a large center fin and two smaller side fins.

Having all removable fins means that you can play around with the setup depending on where you are paddling. The SUP also folds into a compact package without the fins. 

2. Large, Soft Deck Pad

Sometimes, you just want to spend as much time as you can on your SUP, floating around as you admire the scenery. The large deck pad on the iRocker All Around 10 allows you to do that so you won’t have to cut your trip short because of fatigue.

The pad feels comfortable under your feet and you can stand on it for hours. It also offers traction so you don’t slip on the wet SUP. Plus, it’s pet-friendly!

3. Three Carry Handles

The iRocker All Around 10 has three grab handles; at the front, center, and rear. The center handle is great for carrying the SUP solo. You can use the other two for carrying the board with a friend or for dragging it into and out of the water. 

The All Around 10 inflatable SUP also comes with four safety handles. You’ll love them if you like to bring a kid along because he or she can hold on to the handles. 

4. D-Rings and Action Mounts

Being able to bring all your essential gear with you is wonderful and that’s one of the reasons why paddlers love iRocker paddle boards.

The iRocker All Around has 20 D-rings and four multi-use action mounts

The D-rings work well as optional iRocker kayak seat mounting points when you want to convert the paddle board into a kayak. You can also use them for attaching other accessories and for towing. 

The action mounts on the deck are for attaching all kinds of fun gear such as fishing rod holders, action cameras, and even speakers!

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Paddle Board Accessories: What Comes with the iRocker 10’?


The accessories in the iRocker paddle board package are of premium quality. You will get a paddle, backpack, pump, leash, and repair kit.

The full carbon matte paddle has a nylon blade and only weighs 28.8 ounces. It is a three-piece paddle, adjustable 72 to 86 inches and is lighter and more efficient than the fiberglass paddle that previously came with this iSUP. 

The carbon matte shaft paddle floats too!

iRocker paddle board bags are fantastic and that of the All Around 10 is no different. The 10 comes with a premium travel roller bag made using high-quality materials. You can tell it will last a long time. It’s large enough to fit a paddle board and all your SUP accessories, plus the straps are padded and don’t dig into your shoulders, which is nice.

The dual-chamber triple-action pump features an integrated pressure gauge and makes manual inflation easier. It works well and you may not need to upgrade. However, if you’d like to skip the arm workout, you can get the optional electric pump from iRocker. 

The leash that comes with the iRocker All Around 10 has a neoprene padded ankle strap that is super comfortable. After a while, you’ll forget you have a leash on. This is important because you have to wear your SUP leash at all times while paddling. 

It has a hidden key storage pocket too. 

Optional iRocker Accessories

iRocker offers more optional accessories that are compatible with the iRocker All Around 10.

They include:

  • Waterproof backpack
  • iRocker electric pump
  • iRocker electric pump battery
  • Waterproof Bluetooth speakers
  • Cup holder
  • Kayak conversion kit (kayak seat and kayak paddle blade)
  • SUP anchor kit
  • Sand spear
  • Rotomolded cooler
  • Kayak seat cushion

What Users Are Saying About the iRocker All Around 10

The iRocker All Around 10 is one of my favorite inflatable paddle boards. I decided to scour the internet and see whether other paddlers think the same. 

This is what I found.

One Redditor was showing off her new baby, the iRocker All Around 10. 

Kaizmuth responds saying that he owns the All Around 11. The first time he used it he underinflated but the trip was still fun. He says the boards are great and the original poster agrees with him and she says people were amazed that her board was filled with air. 


Another user replies asking whether the iRocker All Around 10 would be great for yoga and fishing. 

The original poster says it works well for yoga on calm water. She has tried a few poses, some were hard–but still doable. 


One Reddit user was looking to buy a SUP for his wife as a Mothers’ Day gift and he had a few options: the All Around 10, the Cruiser, and the Nautical. He needed help picking one. 

People gave their suggestions in the replies. Ichtequi says that his girlfriend owns the All Around and it’s excellent. She has no issues controlling the board. He highly recommends it. 


Moving on…

After being on a paddle board twice, Cassey was in love with paddle boarding and she knew she had to get her own SUP. She was looking at the cheap Amazon boards but her husband, who is a scuba instructor, was concerned about their reliability. iRocker caught their attention because the boards are top-rated pretty much everywhere. 

She settled on the iRocker All Around 10 inflatable SUP and she loves it. It’s a stable board–one time she even rode with a teenager on board. The accessories are amazing too and she has nothing but great things to say about the company. 

Martha doesn’t recommend choosing a light-colored iRocker All Around 10 because she says that it stains easily. However, she doesn’t regret her purchase. She found the quality and performance of the All Around 10 impressive.

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iRocker All Around 10 Alternatives  

iRocker makes a number of paddle boards and some of them are quite similar to the All Around 10. 

Take a look at how they compare.

1. iRocker All Around 10 Vs iRocker All Around 11

irocker all around 11 2021 paddle boardPin

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The iRocker All Around 11 is the longer version of the All Around 10 and some paddlers have a hard time deciding between the two. 

The All Around 11 is two pounds heavier and has a weight capacity of 435 pounds. You also get six color options with the 11-foot board while the 10-foot SUP is only available in three colors. 

Other than those few differences, these two boards are the same. The 11-foot All Around is best suited for bigger and taller paddlers since it’s longer with a higher weight capacity. The longer waterline also means slightly more speed, and is the better option for touring.

The shorter All Around is more maneuverable. It’s a fantastic, versatile option for smaller paddlers (under 5’9). 

You should consider the All Around 10 if you’re an adventurous paddler looking to travel a lot too, as it’s smaller and lighter. 

2. iRocker All Around 10 Vs iRocker Cruiser

irocker cruiser 2021

The iRocker Cruiser is probably the most popular iRocker paddle board. 

At 10’6 long and 33 inches wide, it’s slightly longer and wider than the All Around 10. It weighs 25 pounds and has a weight capacity of 400 pounds.

The Cruiser has 20 D-rings, four action mounts, and four safety handles, just like the All Around 10. It comes with three flip-lock nylon removable fins too.

The iRocker Cruiser iSUP package is pretty much the same as the All Around 10. It includes a premium roller bag, a carbon shaft paddle that can be converted into a dual-blade kayak paddle, a leash, a manual pump, and a repair kit. 

While the All Around 10 comes in three colors, you can get the Cruiser in seven beautiful colors. 

The Cruiser has a bigger platform which offers more stability. It is better suited for beginners who want a confidence boost and paddlers looking to try SUP yoga. If you’d like to bring a child or dog with you for a relaxing cruise, you should consider the Cruiser too. 

The All Around 10 is smaller and easier to handle for people of all sizes. It handles chop and small surf better and is great for all kinds of thrilling adventures. 

Final Thoughts

The iRocker All Around 10 is an excellent inflatable paddle board and most paddlers who have used it will agree. 

The SUP features a dropstitch core and triple-layer military-strength PVC construction. It feels durable and you can explore different SUP locations with confidence. Now it comes with a three-year warranty, instead of two so you know you’re getting a quality board. 

The All Around 10 is smaller and more maneuverable than the bigger models. It’s great for petite paddlers and is so much fun to paddle. You won’t have a problem controlling it in any condition.  

Lastly, you get high-quality accessories that will last in the package. The paddle has a carbon shaft and nylon blade. It’s lightweight and efficient. The premium backpack has wheels for easy transport. 

If you’re an adventurous paddler or under 5’9 and in the market for an all-around SUP, consider the All Around 10. It may be exactly what you’re looking for. 

Happy paddling!

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