Is It OK to Leave an Inflatable SUP Inflated?

Is it okay to leave an inflatable SUP board inflated? Paddlers of all skill levels buy inflatable boards for various reasons. One of them is the ease of storage and transport.

When transporting or storing an iSUP, the obvious thing to do is to deflate the paddle board first. But if you have inflate a paddleboard before then you know it is not easy—especially with a hand pump. So if you’re taking a break from paddling for a day or two, it seems harmless to keep it inflated. Then you can just pick it up and hit the water after your break.

But is that right? Will it affect the durability of your inflatable paddle board?

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Storing Your Inflatable Paddle Board

inflatable paddle boards are compact

Leaving your inflatable paddle board inflated is okay. Some people may tell you that you need to deflate it but if you have the storage space, there is no need. It saves time and energy for paddlers who are always out SUPing.

Pumping air into your board every day can be taxing.

Just make sure you top up the PSI before going out into the water to ensure that it is rigid enough.


While there is nothing wrong with storing your inflatable SUP inflated, some damages may occur over time. As a precaution, always release a little pressure and allow the seams to relax.

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It is also important to take note of the temperature. You know that air expands when it is hot. Imagine what may happen when you leave a fully inflated paddleboard in the heat. A cheap iSUP might explode. If it is high quality, the seams may be stressed and it won’t last.

Some Useful Tips

Clean your paddleboard: some people may think that they don’t need to clean the board if they are leaving it inflated. Make it a habit to rinse your iSUP with clean, freshwater after every use. Dirt and salty water will make the board wear out quickly. If there are stains, use soap or paddleboard-specific cleaners.

Let it dry first: always make sure that your paddle board is dry before you bring it inside. The place you store it should also be dry. Dampness is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. It weakens the seams and reduces the durability of your iSUP too.

Don’t leave it out in the sun for too long: forgetting a board outside happens more often than you think. The PVC material used to make inflatable stand up paddle boards is tough and UV-resistant. But this toughness deteriorates under the sun. The longer it is exposed, the weaker it gets. It then becomes easier to be punctured or for the seams to come apart.

Deflate it once in a while: you can easily get used to not having to inflate the board from zero every time. But it is a good idea to deflate it completely before storage from time to time. When fully inflated, the material is stretched out to the maximum. And this will wear it out quicker.

So, is it OK to leave an inflatable SUP inflated?

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Yes, it is safe. But don’t leave your inflatable paddle board under the sun for long. Let some air out to allow for expansion and to relax the seams. Clean and rinse it with fresh water and dry it before storage and deflate it occasionally.

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