The Best Isle SUP Boards Compared (2023)

isle sup board review

In 2004 two San Diego surfers, fresh out of college, left their corporate jobs to pursue their passion to develop well-designed surfboards, paddle boards and accessories for riders of all skill levels at revolutionary prices. They started Isle Surf & SUP in their parents’ storage unit and have, today, grown into a premium board company and are one of the largest retailers of paddleboards in the world.

That small background story is enough to tell you that Isle is a company of people who are dedicated to ensuring that you have an amazing time in the water. Whatever you need, you can be sure they have it; from soft top, to iSUP to fiberglass paddleboards. A lot of their models are bestsellers as Isle Surf & SUP never compromise on quality and performance. A number of their inflatable boards are among the best paddle boards on the market.

Some of their best models are reviewed below. The boards have been updated to give you better service.

Isle Paddle Boards Review

Standup paddleboarding is one of the best outdoor activities, especially during summer. But you know what makes it even more memorable? – having the paddleboard of your dreams. You need to find a manufacturer that can deliver on their promises, like Isle Surf & SUP.

Let’s have a closer look at their boards.

Isle Cruiser Soft Top SUP Review

isle cruiser soft top paddle board

The Isle Cruiser Soft Top is the perfect beginner paddleboard. It is 10’5” long which makes it easy to control. The 32” width offers enough deck space for the paddler to move around and try out a few things as they learn. Besides, it is easier to stay balanced on a wider board. The thickness is 4.5” and helps the board stay afloat instead of being submerged.

The soft top deck, in addition to making your feet comfortable, has a built in grip to keep you from slipping. Wet boards can be slippery, more so for first time riders. The board can support riders of up to 235 lbs. This limit applies mostly to newbies and experienced SUPers can exceed it.

The Isle Cruiser features an all around SUP design which means it is not meant for a specific SUP variation or condition. Anyone can use it anywhere, in any condition and for anything SUP related. It, therefore, goes without saying that it is a great board for families.

Included in the package is an adjustable carbon paddle, center fin, and a carry handle. The carry handle is a great help when you consider the hassle of carrying a hard board to the water. The fin helps in tracking and it is removable so you can attach it only when you need it. An adjustable paddle is great if it will be used by SUPers of different heights. Carbon paddles are among the best because they are light and float in water.

This board comes in three colors; aqua, blue and yellow. Feel free to choose the one that you like best. Isle Surf & SUP allows you to buy and try the Cruiser Soft Top for 60 days. If you do not love it, you are allowed to return it—hassle-free.

Features and Specifications

  • Soft top deck features a built in grip pad
  • All around SUP design
  • Includes an adjustable carbon paddle, 9” center fin, and carry handle
  • Comes in three colors; aqua, blue and yellow
  • High-density bottom
  • Measures: 10’5” x 32” x 4.5”
  • Weighs 28.5 lbs
  • Volume: 175 liters
  • Maximum rider weight: 235 lbs
What I Like
  • Easy to return within 60 days
  • Polyethylene deck is soft on feet
  • Comes with carbon paddle and fin
  • Carbon paddle is super light and floats
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Great for beginners
What I Don’t Like
  • This soft top board might be too soft
  • Lags a little in speed

Customer Feedback

A good number of SUPers have tried this board. Looking at the reviews, there are way more good things about the Isle Cruiser Soft Top than bad ones. Many users were not sure about the soft top feature but it has turned out to be amazing. It is comfortable and it is not easy to slip.

The paddle is super amazing. It is lightweight so your arms are safe from fatigue. It also floats so when it falls you will easily find it. The board itself is light and easy to control. Some people think the soft top is too soft. Other than that, the Isle Cruiser Soft Top is a fantastic board.

Isle Versa Epoxy 10’5 SUP Review

isle versa epoxy paddle board review

The Isle Versa SUP is made using thermal molded technology that makes it very durable while being lightweight. This board offers a generous width and thickness in a classic long-board shape. Enjoy plenty of glide in the flatwater along with the versatility that makes it suitable for riding small waves.

When you purchase the Versa SUP board you get a carbon shaft/plastic blade paddle, center fin, and a soft grooved handle making the Versa easy to carry. The paddle, just like the one offered with the Cruiser Soft Top, is made of carbon and floats on water. It is also adjustable and fit for use by every member of the family.

It is very easy to use this board and control it and it is absolutely perfect for beginners. The 32” width will give you an easy time when you are trying to attain and maintain balance.

With its 275 pounds rider capacity, you can bring your kid or dog along and have a good time in the water while bonding.

The Isle Versa Epoxy is available in three colors; aqua, blue and yellow. They are all amazing colors that will look beautiful under the sunny weather.

Features and Specifications

  • Made with Epoxy technology for durability
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Groove carry handle for easy transport
  • Comes in 3 colors; aqua, blue and yellow
  • Comes with carbon paddle and fin
  • The paddle is adjustable (69” to 84”)
  • All around board for all SUP variations
  • Measures: 10’5” x 32” x 4.5”
  • Weighs 27 lbs
  • Maximum rider weight: 275 lbs
  • Volume: 175 liters
What I Like
  • Hassle-free return in 60 days
  • High quality carbon paddle
  • Super light board
  • Ample deck space
  • Three colors to choose form
  • Ultra durable and stable
What I Don’t Like
  • Easy to ding

Customer Feedback

The Isle Versa has proven to be easy to handle and very comfortable to ride. It is very light indeed which means that even kids can control it without much problems.  The paddle is of impeccable quality and the fact that it is made of carbon and a nylon blade makes the board much more worth the price. No one has had a problem trying to stay in balance and the SUP is surprisingly fast.

Isle Airtech Inflatable SUP 10’6 Review

This new 2018 Airtech model is made with the Fusion Lite construction that makes it more sturdy and durable while making it 30% lighter than other boards. Due to its all-around design, it is suitable for small waves, flatwater and river runs. The Isle Airtech iSUP is meant for the entire family, regardless of size or skill level.

The durability of this inflatable board is off the charts. No amount of use or abuse will compromise it. People have intentionally thrown it off a roof and even run it over with a vehicle but it has come out strong each time. Be confident in your SUP adventures knowing that this board can take anything—thanks to the military grade PVC material used to make it.

The paddling package includes a backpack, paddle, fins, leash, pump, and repair kit. What else do you need? When you receive the Isle inflatable, you can hit the water immediately (after you inflate it, of course). There is no need to waste more time and money getting essentials.

The paddle is a three-piece adjustable made of aluminum. The high-pressure manual pump inflates to 15 PSI which is enough to get this iSUP stiff like a hard board. The bag is heavy-duty and large enough to fit the board, pump, paddle and all other paddling essentials.

On the deck is a bungee system that allows you to secure your cargo and keep it from getting lost in the water. The tri-fin system ensures that it knifes through the water with ease.

Features and Specifications

  • Made of military grade PVC material
  • Created with Fusion Lite construction
  • Comes in two colors: aqua and blue/gray
  • All around design for all SUP variations
  • Super durable and sturdy
  • 30% lighter than other boards
  • Comes with carry bag, paddle, fins, leash, pump, and repair kit
  • 3-piece paddle is adjustable and made of aluminum
  • Pump inflates to 15 PSI
  • Bungee storage system on deck
  • Tri-fin system
  • Measures: 10’6” x 31” x 6”
  • Maximum rider weight: 240 lbs
  • Board weighs 21 lbs
What I Like
  • Paddling package is all-inclusive
  • Tri-fin system helps with tracking
  • Extremely durable
  • Lighter than other boards
  • Deck storage system for cargo
  • Easy return in 60 days
What I Don’t Like
  • Aluminum paddle is not very light
  • Not great for speed

Customer Feedback

The package deal is amazing, according to most SUPers, and that makes this board worth the price. The pump works really well so it is easy to inflate the iSUP to maximum PSI. When inflated, it is very stiff and you cannot tell it from a traditional board. It is very smooth in the water.

Isle Airtech Lotus Yoga Paddle Board 10’ Review

isle lotus yoga paddle board

As you can tell from the name, the Isle Airtech Yoga is meant for SUP Yoga. There is no better way to spend your day in the water than by doing Yoga poses on your paddleboard. The unstable surface makes the exercise more challenging and rewarding. Since being out in the water has a positive effect on your mental wellness, adding Yoga to that will help you make the best out of it. Isle Surf & SUP seeks to make your experience unforgettable and worth looking forward to with this inflatable board designed specifically for Yoga. The nose and tail have been made a little wider than most boards to offer stability even through the difficult poses.

It has been constructed using military grade PVC material—used on all world-class inflatable boards—to eliminate any chances of your iSUP getting dents and dings. The Airtech construction results in a very light paddleboard (20 lbs) that you can carry anywhere. The paddling package consists of a paddle, high pressure pump, and a carry backpack. The paddle is adjustable and made of aluminum. It is also 3-piece so you can break it down during transportation. The pressure pump has a gauge and inflates to 15 PSI. Included also, is a removable fin.

The Isle Airtech Yoga board is 31” wide which offers you enough space to enjoy your day out in the water. There is a bungee system for securing your luggage and valuables so they do not get lost. Thin inflatable paddleboards are prone to sinking in the middle—but not the Isle Yoga. The 6” thickness makes it very stiff and also helps with buoyancy to prevent it from submerging.

Features and Specifications

  • Wider nose and tail for stability
  • Comes with a bag, paddle, removable fin, and high pressure pump
  • Features a tri-fin system
  • Available in aqua/gray
  • Made of super tough PVC material
  • 3-piece paddle is adjustable and made of aluminum
  • 60-day no-hassle return and 1 year warranty
  • Has a mounted bungee system
  • Measures: 10’ x 31” x 6”
  • Weighs 20 lbs
  • Maximum rider weight: 240 lbs
  • Volume 228 liters
What I Like
  • 30-day risk free return
  • Great shape for optimum stability
  • 6” thickness makes it more buoyant
  • 30% lighter than other SUPs
  • Very tough and durable
What I Don’t Like
  • No leash included in package
  • Manual pump can be tiring
  • Removable fin can get lost easily

Customer Feedback

According to Yoga SUPers, the Isle Airtech Yoga is a paddleboard worth investing in. Although inflating it using the manual pump can be hectic, it is very stiff when fully inflated. There is no likelihood of it sinking in the middle. The deck is soft, just like a yoga mat, which makes it very comfortable. It is easy to carry because of its weight. It has proven to be very stable too.

Isle Airtech Explorer Inflatable Paddle Board Review

The Explorer is yet another amazing iSUP from Isle Surf & SUP. If you are looking for a family paddleboard, then you definitely need to look at this. First, the dimensions are suitable for all skill levels, SUP variations and water conditions. You can get it in 11’ or 12’ long. A longer board translates to better speed. The shorter one (11’) is better if you think you will have problems controlling the 12’ one. The width is 32” wide, perfect for SUP fishing, SUP Yoga and use by beginners because of the ample deck space. The thickness, 6”, is favorable to paddling newbies and heavier riders.

The SUP bundle is absolutely amazing. It includes a carbon paddle, high pressure ump, carry backpack, leash, fin, and manual. This is a lot of stuff, given the price of the Isle Explorer. The carbon paddle is ultra light and you will never complain of fatigue even for long SUP tours. It also floats on water and you can easily get to it when it falls. It will take you 5 minutes to inflate or deflate this board using the provided board.

The deck features two bungee systems for all your essentials. You will not have to leave anything behind. It has two carry handles, at the tail and nose, for easier carrying between two people. There is a total of 15 D-rings on this board. Like all updated iSUPs from Isle Surf & SUP, the Explorer has been made with a revolutionary technology that makes it 30% lighter than your average iSUP.

Features and Specifications

  • Available in two versions: 11’ long and 12’ long
  • Comes in two colors; blue/gray and yellow/gray
  • Package includes bag, paddle, leash, manual, fin, and pump
  • 3-piece paddle is made of carbon
  • Only takes 5 minutes to inflate and deflate
  • Two bungee systems for storage
  • Made with military grade PVC
  • Features a total of 15-D rings
  • 30% lighter than other boards
  • Two carry-handles; at the tail and nose
  • Measures: 11’ x 32” x 6”/12’ x 32” x 6”
  • Weighs 22 lbs
  • Maximum rider weight: 275 lbs
What I Like
  • Package is all-inclusive
  • Ultra light carbon paddle
  • Sufficient storage
  • Great family iSUP
  • Easy to inflate
  • Durable
What I Don’t Like
  • A little slow because of shape
  • Inflating using a manual pump is hectic

Customer Feedback

Paddlers who have used the Isle Airtech Explorer genuinely love it. It takes about five minutes to inflate. Once fully inflated, this iSUP is as stiff as a hard SUP and does not bend in the middle. The stability is awesome. It will not take a beginner long to learn to achieve and maintain balance. The board tracks well, especially with the removable fin attached. All the provided accessories are of great quality.


Isle Surf & SUP is a team of experts who, evidently, know what they are doing. These 2018 models are some of their best work, with most of the boards being bestsellers. If you are a SUP yoga enthusiast, there is a board designed purposely for you. It has all the features you have ever wished to see on a board.

For SUP touring, the Explorer is the perfect iSUP because of the size and the two bungee systems that let you bring all the things you need. All the boards above are great for families because they are super stable, have ample deck space and come with adjustable paddles.

Whatever you are looking for in a SUP board, you are sure to find it in the boards reviewed here.

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