19 Best Paddle Board Accessories For Even More SUP Fun

So you love paddle boarding. 

Do you know how you could have an even better SUP experience? With the right paddle board accessories, you can have even more fun out on the water.

So what SUP accessories should you get? We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best paddle board accessories available.

By the way, these paddle board accessories also make for great gift ideas for the favorite paddle boarder in your life.

Are you ready? Read on…

Best Paddle Board Accessories

Read on for our recommendations:

1. Watertight Phone Case

paddle board accessories phone case

Nowadays, you can’t go anywhere without your phone—not even to the water. While you are trying to unplug, you’ll still want your loved ones to be able to reach you. 

There are also amazing SUP apps that you’ll need a phone to access. And you will want to take stunning photos for your virtual friends and followers too.

But most phones aren’t exactly waterproof. That is why a watertight phone case is necessary.

Some, like the Hiearcool Universal waterproof case, have a transparent cover that allows you to operate your phone. You can take photos and videos while it is still inside the cover.

Waterproof phone cases are not just for phones. You could store other valuables like your credit cards, money, and documents.

2. SUP Electric Pump

best sup electric pumps

Often your inflatable paddle board comes with a manual pump in the package. This is great because it saves you the money and effort you’d have spent getting a pump. 

However, manual inflation is a workout. Manufacturers have tried adding features to make it less tiring. But it would be nice to not wear your arms out before hitting the water.

Enter SUP electric pumps.

They are convenient, easy to use, and work fast. For people who SUP a lot or have to inflate multiple boards, an electric pump is a must-have.

SUP Paddle

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3. SUP Carrying Strap

Stand up paddle boards are not that heavy. You can easily carry one to the water using the center grab handle. However, when you have to park very far from the water, carrying 25+ pounds will not be fun. It is even more annoying if you are a smaller paddler.

A SUP strap lets you comfortably carry your solid paddle board or inflated iSUP over longer distances.

While choosing a SUP carry strap, be careful not to get a cheap one that will dig into your shoulders. The Jinvun SUP strap is a perfect choice. It has a thick padded shoulder strap that minimizes pressure and increases comfort. It is adjustable to suit different paddler heights and SUP sizes. It also has a paddle holder for your paddle.

4. SUP Lights

If you have never gone paddleboarding at night, you’re missing out. There’s something about the night. It is peaceful and quiet. The air feels cleaner, the sky is beautiful and the surrounding views appear more gorgeous. Every paddleboarder should try it.

While it is an experience like no other, night SUPing is more dangerous than day paddling, as you can imagine.

So SUP lights, among other essentials, are necessary for your safety. They’ll keep you visible to other water users. In some places, it is illegal to go night SUPing without a light. 

The lights also attract aquatic life—so that’s a bonus.

There are different types of SUP lights and it all depends on what you prefer.

SUP Paddle

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5. Go Pro Camera

go pro camera

SUP has many benefits. It helps with your physical health, reduces stress and you get to take some really cool shots. You can use your phone to take photos and videos. Smartphones now come with outstanding cameras and large memories.

But who wants to spend most of their SUP time fiddling with a phone? No one, I assume.

More manufacturers are starting to make boards with fixed action camera mounts. Once you figure out how to use your Go Pro Camera, all you have to do is install it and switch it on. Then you can go on and SUP your heart out.

The Go Pro Hero 8 comes with remarkable features that let you take breathtaking photos and videos. It has three stabilization levels and includes a 64 GB microSD card.


atoll sup pfd

SUP is one of the safest physical activities. But it is not 100% safe. Unfortunately, there have been cases of SUP-related injuries and worse.

According to the USCG 2019 boating statistics, there were 12 SUP-related deaths. 10 of those were as a result of drowning. 75% of the victims did not have life jackets on.

The number may not seem high compared to those of the other water vessels. But even one is too many when it comes to human lives. 

You don’t want something as awesome as paddleboarding to end in a tragedy. It is important that you go back home to your loved ones at the end of the day.

That is why every paddler needs a PFD. Many refuse to wear life jackets saying they are bulky and a nuisance while paddling. But there are belt and suspender PFDs that give you all the freedom to paddle and have fun.

SUP Paddle

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7. SUP Leash

nrs waist sup leash with quick release

Like a PFD, a SUP leash is another accessory that you must never go paddling without.

You should attach it while still on land and keep it on the entire time.

The last thing you want when far out in the water is to be separated from your paddle board.

It will be harder for you to stay afloat and things can go sideways fast.

A leash ensures that you are always attached to your SUP and this could save your life.

A good leash is comfortable and you even forget that you have it on after a short while.

SUP Paddle

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8. SUP Anchor

best paddle board anchor

Paddle boarding is not just about paddling and covering distance. When you get to your fishing spot, the board has to stay in place if you plan on catching anything. This also applies to SUP fitness. 

And that is what SUP anchors are for.

Stand up paddle board anchors keep your SUP stationary. They are small and lightweight. So don’t worry about them weighing your paddle board down. Most SUP anchors also fold compact making storage and transport a breeze.

9. SUP Lock

Can you imagine how devastating it would be to have your SUP stolen? Paddleboards are expensive. And even though yours didn’t cost much, you wouldn’t want to lose it, would you?

Stand up paddle boards get stolen more often than you think. To protect yourself from the financial loss (and heartache), you will need a SUP lock.

When going for a quick paddle, you’ll not have to worry about losing your SUP. But if you spend the whole day outside, you’ll have to get away from the board at some point—either to grab lunch or visit the restroom.

With the DocksLocks SUP anti-theft system, you can secure several boards to a tree, car roof, or anywhere else.

10. Paddle Board Cart

If you have to walk a long way with your SUP, across rough terrain, a strap may not be enough. 

SUP carts make it easy to travel with a paddle board. They are even more useful if you want to transport several boards.

Most paddle board carts have airless tires.

Nobody wants to deal with a punctured tire in the middle of nowhere. They are adjustable to fit different board sizes while others are designed for multiple boards.

The SUP trailers are not bulky.

11. Water Bottle Holder

One of the most important things to have with you while out paddling is clean drinking water.

There is nothing fun about being dehydrated. It is also dangerous, especially when you are paddling far from the shore.

A water bottle holder ensures that your water bottle is always within reach so you don’t forget to take regular sips.

The Hydro Holder will stick to any surface, including an inflatable paddle board.

It can be adjusted for different bottle sizes.

The RedCamp SUP water bottle holder is a suction anchor with a bottle cage.

It fits most water bottles and cans. It looks cool too.

12. SUP Deck Bag

Overboard Gear Waterproof Deck Bag

Staying organized on a paddle board can be difficult. You barely have a place to stash your belongings. The only storage option you get is bungee cords. If you don’t have a bag, the bungee storage will be almost useless with some things such as your keys and snacks.

You need a bag—ideally, one that is made for SUP. It should be waterproof or water-resistant with a waterproof insert.

These SUP deck bags are all the perfect size. They are not too big for a stand up paddle board and not too small that they can’t fit your stuff.

Some of them are waterproof and will hold your valuables. With most of these, your board should have tie-down points. But others have self-adhesive points.

13. SUP Dry Bag

sup dry bag

Standup paddling is all about being in the water. And some of the things that you have to bring with you can’t get wet. This is why every standup paddler has to invest in a quality dry bag.

Any SUPer worth their salt knows that you should prepare for immersion. Go into the water expecting that you and your gear will take a swim—however experienced you are.

When buying a SUP drying bag, don’t get the cheapest option. This may cost you a lot if it gets submerged with your valuables in it. The Earth Pak waterproof dry bag is outstanding for SUP and all kinds of water activities. It comes in multiple colors, is rugged, and reliable.

14. SUP Cooler

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Paddle Board Cooler

Imagine how refreshing a cold drink would be after you’ve been paddling for hours under the hot sun.

There’s nothing quite like it. But if the weather is hot, your drinks will get warm. And you wouldn’t want that, would you?

That is a problem you can solve with a SUP cooler. You can go on a day-long cruise or fishing trip and your drinks will remain cool the entire time.

SUP coolers come in all shapes and sizes.

So pick the one that best suits your situation.

SUP Paddle

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15. SUP Kayak Seat

best paddle board kayak seat

Kayaking and SUPing are both fantastic activities. The problem is that sometimes, you may be forced to choose between the two. 

But what if you don’t have to?

SUP kayak seats allow you to enjoy all the benefits without having to buy both a board and a kayak. You can sit when the wind is too strong and stand when you want to stretch your legs.

The good thing about converting a SUP to a kayak is that you don’t need extra tools. Most of the time, all you need is the kayak seat and a SUP board with D-rings.

16. Lightweight Paddle

atoll carbon fiber paddle

Paddling is work—it is exciting, but it is work. If you are using a heavy paddle, you’ll get worn out quickly. 

Most paddleboards come with an aluminum paddle. While it is great for beginners and light paddling, it’s not the best for avid paddlers.

Lightweight paddles let you SUP faster and with efficient strokes, saving your energy.

Fiberglass paddles are light but they are not the most durable. Carbon fiber paddles, on the other hand, are the lightest and very efficient.

17. Paddle Board Roof Rack

sup carrier car rack

Solid paddle boards are awesome in many ways—one of them being performance. But when it comes to traveling with them, you can get frustrated.

Unless you have a pickup truck, you will need a roof rack. Transporting your paddleboard on the roof of a car is safer. And the chances of damaging the board are almost non-existent.

There are hard roof racks and soft roof racks. The soft ones are cheaper and installing them is quick and simple. Hard roof rack systems can be installed permanently on the roof of your car.

18. Paddle Board Storage Rack

SPAREHAND Double Wall Mount Rack

Unlike inflatable paddle boards, you can deflate your epoxy board and throw it into a bag. You need sufficient storage space.

And not just that—you have to be careful about how you store it. In the garage, something heavy could fall on your SUP and cause damage.

Paddle board storage racks give you options for storing your SUP. There are wall racks, ceiling racks, and free-standing racks. Most of them will hold more than one paddleboard.

If your SUP board has a sleek design, a wall rack would be a great way of displaying it and making it part of your décor. This is especially for people who don’t have a garage. Your living room wall can do too.

19. Paddle Board Bag

irocker paddle board roller bag

Every standup paddle board needs a bag—this goes for both inflatables and traditional boards.

Paddle board bags protect SUPs from the elements and damage, in general.

They are necessary for storage and transport.

While many boards come with their own bags nowadays, some of the bags don’t last. They are cheap and come apart easily. In other cases, the bag you get may not be the bag you want.

Paddle board bags should be spacious, able to fit the board and accessories (for iSUPs).

You should also check the quality. You want something that will last, so you don’t keep going back to buy new bags.


Beginners may be comfortable having the basic SUP essentials. But as a more advanced SUP boarder, you’ll realize that accessories make paddleboarding much more enjoyable. They allow you to record the moments, be comfortable, and stay safe while on the water. Others will help you keep your board in good condition for a longer time. 

Make sure you get yourself these stand up paddle board accessories and see how much better your experiences will be.

What are the best paddle board accessories for you? Did we miss your favorite accessory? Or do you have any questions about these paddle board accessories? Please let us know in the comments below.

 Happy paddling!

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