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iRocker Nautical 11’6 Review (2023)

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly inflatable paddle board that can handle a variety of water conditions and loads, you might want to check out the . This board is a great option for beginner … Read more

Gili Meno 11’6 Paddle Board Review

The is a light and surprisingly agile board for its size, and I thoroughly enjoyed taking it for a spin on the water. Just like other Gili boards on the market, it has a sleek … Read more

Isle Switch Paddle Board Review

The Isle Switch doubles as an iSUP and inflatable kayak hybrid. While many hybrids try to occupy the ‘best of both worlds’ I’ve noticed that they often don’t deliver on either – either being too … Read more

Best Compact Paddle Boards for Traveling (2023)

Do you need a compact stand up paddle board for traveling or remote adventures? The new breed of inflatable paddle boards are smaller and lighter than ever before. I’ve tested the top compact SUPs on … Read more

ROC Paddle Board Reviews (2023)

For years, ROC has made sure that paddlers can enjoy well-made paddle boards on a budget. Their boards are relatively inexpensive but still of decent quality.  There are only three , and each of them … Read more

iRocker Sport 11 Paddle Board Review (2023)

This is a review of the iRocker Sport 11 inflatable paddle board. The is iRocker’s performance board, designed for the thrill-seeking paddler. It promises speed, agility, and a smooth glide in different conditions. But does … Read more

Blackfin Model V Paddle Board Review (2023)

This is a review of the Blackfin Model V inflatable paddle board.  The is the performance board of the Blackfin lineup, iRocker’s premium paddle boards. Apart from its beautiful design, the Blackfin V offers great … Read more

iRocker Nautical Vs Gili Air: Which One Should You Buy? 

The iRocker Nautical and the Gili Air are among the most popular entry-level inflatable SUPs. They are both budget boards from two reputable iSUP companies.  These paddle boards are similar in so many ways, with … Read more

Blackfin Paddle Board Reviews (2023)

Blackfin inflatable paddle boards are feature-packed SUPs that are quite popular among paddlers. They offer versatility and can be used for almost every paddle boarding activity.  Blackfin is a premium line of boards by the … Read more

iRocker All Around 10 Review (2023)

This is a review of the iRocker All Around 10 paddle board.  The inflatable paddle board is designed for the adventurous paddler. It’s the smaller of the two iRocker All Around boards (the other one … Read more

Bote Rackham Aero Inflatable SUP Review (2023)

This is a review of the Bote Rackham Aero inflatable paddle board.  Many anglers will tell you that nobody does it like Bote. Their fishing SUPs are some of the most remarkable ones I’ve ever … Read more

Gili Paddle Board Reviews – Which Gili SUP Should You Buy?

Gili is a popular stand up paddle board brand in the paddle boarding community. If you’ve been looking for a SUP board you have most likely come across a few Gili boards. The company is … Read more

Bluefin Paddle Board Reviews (2023) – Are Bluefin SUP Boards Any Good?

Anytime someone asks for the best SUP brand suggestions in a paddle boarding forum, Bluefin will come up in the replies.  Bluefin inflatable paddle boards balance performance and stability so well. They’re also remarkably rigid … Read more

The Best Extra Wide Paddle Boards of 2023

You can do a lot with your paddle board. That is the beauty of stand up paddle boarding. Some activities like yoga, paddling with family, and fishing require extra stability. This means getting a wider, … Read more

What Is the Best Tandem Paddle Board in 2023?

Tandem paddle boarding is a fantastic way to bring you and your loved one closer. It’s a little more challenging than solo paddling. But that means more fun and more benefits. It is also cheaper … Read more

Bote Paddle Board Reviews – Which Is the Best Bote SUP for You in 2023?

If you are unsure of what SUP board to buy, many paddlers will tell you that you can’t go wrong with a Bote board. Their stylish and unique designs, quality construction, and superior features are … Read more

Bote HD Aero 11’6 Inflatable Paddle Board Review (2023)

As the market becomes saturated with paddle board options, it can be challenging to find the one that meets your specific needs. However, the promises to be a solid choice for both beginner and more … Read more

What Is the Best Motorized Paddle Board for Fishing in 2023?

Stand up paddle board fishing has become many people’s preferred method of fishing. It is simple, and paddle boards are easier to transport. With a fishing paddle board, you can access remote fishing spots and … Read more

Bote Breeze Aero Review (2023)

This is a review of the Bote Breeze Aero inflatable paddle board.  The stand up paddle board is one of the lightest and most stable boards around. Bote is a big name in the paddle … Read more

Bluefin Aura Fit Inflatable SUP Board Review (2023)

This is a review of the Bluefin Aura Fit paddle board.  The Aura Fit inflatable SUP is designed for paddle board yoga and fitness. It has become one of our favorite paddle boards here for … Read more

Glide Lotus SUP Review (2023)

This is a review of the Glide Lotus paddle board. The Glide Lotus inflatable SUP was made specifically for paddle board yogis. Glide SUP is the company that designed the first yoga-specific board in the … Read more

Best Paddle Boards For Lakes and Flat Water of 2023

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this… You’re sitting on your paddle board in the center of a lake. The water is calm and predictable, as water gently laps at the edges of … Read more

Thurso Surf Waterwalker SUP Review

The Thurso Surf Waterwalker is an iSUP for all conditions, all skill levels, and all SUP variations. One thing that has always stood out in Thurso SUPs, and in this case the Waterwalker, is the … Read more

Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12′ Review

The Bluefin Cruise Carbon is an advanced iSUP that boasts of impeccable performance. It is shaped more like a touring SUP and has features that make it stand out. The board comes with more than … Read more

Freein Explorer Paddle Board Review

The Freein inflatable SUP board is one of your best cheap paddle board options of . At a glance, you may think it’s just another simple board. But it promises exceptional durability and stability. In … Read more

Gili Air Paddle Board Review (2023)

This is a review of the Gili Air inflatable paddle board.  The is one of my favorite budget inflatable paddle boards. Portability, durability, and remarkable responsiveness–these are the words that best describe it. It’s the … Read more

Bluefin Cruise 10’8 SUP Review

The Bluefin Cruise 10’8 is a versatile inflatable SUP for paddlers of all skill levels. Its SUP package is one of the things that make it stand out. It comes with more than just the … Read more

iRocker Cruiser SUP Review

Bottom line I found the Cruiser to be a very stable paddle board, that maneuvers and tracks well and is easy to paddle. It’s a great board for beginners. Advanced paddlers may wish for a … Read more

Blackfin Model X SUP Review

The Blackfin SUP boards are the premium boards from iRocker SUP. The Blackfin X, in particular, is designed to be the ultimate all-around paddleboard. What makes the Blackfin X a “premium” board? We are going … Read more

iRocker Nautical 10’6 Inflatable SUP Review – The Best Budget SUP You Could Buy?

The Nautical is the most affordable iRocker paddle board. It is an entry-level iSUP that promises an amazing experience to all paddlers. It boasts of being super lightweight and versatile. The board is available in … Read more

Blackfin Model XL SUP Review

The Blackfin Model XL paddleboard is awesome and well-loved by paddlers. The size is right, it comes with great accessories and the quality is impressive. One thing that makes it stand out is the 485-pound … Read more

iRocker All Around 11′ Review

Bottom line The iRocker All-Around 11′ is an absolute joy to paddle. It’s stable enough for beginners, and advanced paddlers will appreciate how well the board maintains course. The quality of the board and accessories … Read more

The Best Whitewater SUP Boards of 2023

Buying a whitewater SUP can be daunting when you have no idea what to look for. You want a rugged board that can withstand anything and one that is extremely maneuverable too.  If you’re confused … Read more

What Is the Best Multi-Person Paddle Board in 2023?

Jump aboard for a paddle board party! You’ve got the cooler, drinks, and snacks… All that’s left to get is a board. But which multi-person paddle board do you need? Multi-person SUPs are the giants … Read more

10 Best Paddle Boards For Women (2023) + Good & Gorgeous

Buying a paddle board as a woman isn’t hard but it can get complicated. You want a SUP that feels like it was made specifically for you. It should be fun to paddle, easy and … Read more

8 Best Yoga Paddle Boards – That Are Stable & Fun (2023)

SUP yoga is an amazing way to make your yoga routine more challenging and exciting. It’s a fulfilling activity that will enhance your mental and physical well-being, leaving you happier and healthier.  But first, you … Read more

8 Aqua Marina SUP Boards Reviewed (2023)

You want to have a fun time out on the water with your family and friends. Can Aqua Marina paddle boards take you there? Will getting an Aqua Marina SUP board be a great buy? … Read more

Best Inflatable Paddle Boards of 2023 – Which all-around, inflatable SUP board should you get for your family?

The minute you decide to buy an inflatable paddle board, you’ll realize just how many options are out there. Each one of them is advertised as perfect, and if you’re not careful , you can … Read more

Best Soft Top Paddle Boards Compared (2023)

You may have ridden a soft-top paddle board at the beachfront of a hotel resort or rented one at your community’s recreational lake. Maybe you tried it out just for vacation fun but were soon … Read more

Isle PEAK Paddle Boards Compared (2023)

Isle Surf & SUP has managed to be one of the most trusted SUP brands in the world. For a long time, they have been making products that have brought nothing but more fun to … Read more

The Best Isle SUP Boards Compared (2023)

In 2004 two San Diego surfers, fresh out of college, left their corporate jobs to pursue their passion to develop well-designed surfboards, paddle boards and accessories for riders of all skill levels at revolutionary prices. … Read more

Pathfinder Inflatable SUP Review

Anytime there’s a conversation about cheap inflatable paddle boards, the Pathfinder will always come up. It is a popular, all-around SUP for paddlers of all skill levels. It claims to be one of the most … Read more

6 Bestway Hydro Force SUP Boards Reviewed (2023)

Bestway was started in 1994. Ever since it was established, this company has devoted itself to keep growing in every aspect and manufacture products that actually cater to their consumers’ needs. Bestway are well-known for … Read more

Body Glove Performer Paddle Board Review (2023)

The Body Glove Performer has been popular for quite a while. People love its features and the occasional irresistible discounts. Recently, the paddleboard was upgraded to make it even better and harder to resist. Body … Read more

NIXY Venice Yoga SUP Board Review

The NIXY inflatable paddleboard is a product of NIXY Sports, a Californian based company. It is a family business that has been building water sports equipment for a while now. Since they are a family … Read more

Atoll 11′ Paddle Board Review – Is This The Best Inflatable SUP Available?

Bottom line I really like how well the Atoll board behaves on the water. It is stable, tracks well and glides very easily too. Atoll has captured that – hard to get right – balance … Read more

What Is The Best Touring Paddle Board of 2023?

SUP touring is fast, fun, and great exercise. There are plenty of boards that market themselves as touring SUPs, and you could spend days trawling through them to find the best board for you.  SUP … Read more

11 Best Cheap Paddle Boards for 2023

SUP is a great way to enjoy the outdoors alone or with your pup, kids, partner, or buddy. You get to catch up with loved ones and know what is happening in their lives as … Read more

11 Best Fishing Paddle Boards of 2023

Fishing from a paddle board is both exciting and peaceful. It is one of those things that you just can’t get enough of. But to have a great SUP fishing experience, you first need to … Read more

Hala Boards (SUP) – Compared & Reviewed

When searching for a quality inflatable stand up paddleboard, it’s important to find a brand with reputable reliability, durability, and versatility. The Colorado based paddleboard company, Hala, combines all three of these factors when it … Read more

Hobie Mirage Eclipse Stand Up Pedal Board Review

Just when you thought SUP was the best thing that ever happened to the water-sports world, the first ever stand-up pedal board makes an entrance. As a different take on ‘regular’ stand up paddle boards, … Read more

The Best Bamboo and Wood Paddle Boards of 2023

Bamboo and wooden paddle boards are beautiful, durable, and perform extremely well.  They can also be expensive, which means you have to make an informed decision when buying one. The problem is that there aren’t … Read more

7 Best Paddle Boards For Beginners in 2023

Welcome to the world of paddle boarding! You’re most likely here because you want to dip your toes in the water and buy your first SUP board. You want a paddle board that’s suitable for … Read more

iRocker Paddle Board Reviews – Which iRocker SUP Should You Buy? (2023)

If you are a SUPer or have been looking around for a paddleboard, then you must have heard about iRocker. It is a big name in the SUP community. They have some of the best … Read more

The Best 4 Tower Inflatable Paddle Boards Review

Our review of the 4 best Tower inflatable paddle boards to help you decide, which is best for you. The Best Tower Inflatable Paddle Boards Reviewed Tower Paddle Boards is a premiere stand up paddle … Read more

3 Cheap Paddle Boards Few People Knew About Until Now

Not all of us can spend up to a thousand dollars for a paddleboard. The costs of renting can also be heavy in the long run. That’s why many prefer to shop for a cheap … Read more