Greco Paddle Board Jonah’s Whale 8’6″

The Jonah’s Whale is a Greco paddle board measuring 8’6″ x 29.6″ and is an excellent, lightweight surf SUP board.

Paddleboard Description

The Jonah’s Whale is an 8’6” surf paddle board. It has a fiber glass rigid core for more rigidity.

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The classic Greco pantone surf blue deck pad has a diamond pattern, which gives more stick and is especially great for SUP surfing. The board has a foam top for safety, feeling good underneath your feet.

The Jonah’s Whale has special vent hole that lets out a little bit of air when the board gets too warm, which prevents delamination.

The Greco paddle board comes with a carrying handle with finger grooves for easy carrying. It’s really light at 22 lbs and 118 liters of volume.

The board has a wide body of about 29.6” with the widest area more towards the nose, giving you the greatest buoyancy where you need it.

The Jonah’s Whale has a thruster nose, giving it more of a surf look.

The sharpened rails and deep double concave from the middle of the board all the way to the back are great for sup surfing.

You can choose your own fin setup. The board comes with five fins: two little twin keels, two thruster fins and a 9”center fin. All the fins are rounded and rigid, made from nylon fiberglass for more performance.

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Customers love the Jonah’s Whale:

“Great board for beginners and newcomers to the sport, searched long and far for a surfable softtop SUP and this is the only one that met all my criteria. Both my 7yo (50lbs) and my wife (110lbs) love riding it on flatwater and in the waves, stable and smooth. Don’t hesitate. “

“Very happy with my board! I’ve tried several other boards on the market and have to say, this board is by far my favorite. Very light and maneuverable, yet stable as well. The Jonah’s Whale is perfect for flat water paddling and, although I haven’t yet gone out in the surf, seems like it would be super fun for catching some waves.”

The Greco paddle board comes with five fins, and a 9″ high-end leash.

Paddleboard Features

Manufacturer Greco Surf
Length 102 inches
Width 29.6 inches
Height 4.4 inches
Weight 22 pounds