ROC Paddle Board Reviews (2023)

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For years, ROC has made sure that paddlers can enjoy well-made paddle boards on a budget. Their boards are relatively inexpensive but still of decent quality. 

There are only three ROC SUP models, and each of them serves its purpose well. Paddlers can choose from the Alliance, the Scout and the Explorer. 

In this article we’ll review all three models, but before we do please consider this:

Most buyers of budget paddle boards find their board to be unstable. They often think it’s their lack of skill, but usually it’s because they bought a board that can’t support their weight.

Don’t fall into this trap and consider spending a little extra to purchase a quality budget paddle board like the iRocker Nautical. 

The Nautical 10’6 has a proven high weight capacity, will be more durable with a dual layer construction, comes with high quality accessories including a lighter, fiberglass paddle and has a 2 year warranty (instead of 1 year on the ROC). Find out more about the Nautical here.

However, if you’re lightweight, on a budget and just want to get out on the water, read on for my reviews of the ROC paddle boards.

ROC Paddle Board Reviews

What makes ROC stand up paddle boards different? 

Take a closer look at their features to find out. 

1. ROC Alliance HD Paddle Board

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The Alliance HD inflatable is designed to be an all-around SUP for all paddlers. 

It’s moderately long and wide, measuring 10’ x 32”, which balances stability and performance, making it an amazing family SUP. It isn’t too long and even junior paddlers can handle it without a problem. If you have an older child that is interested in paddle boarding, they will love the ROC Alliance. 

The paddle board is stable enough for beginners too. 

One thing that has made ROC boards so popular is their great quality, despite being affordable. The Alliance HD SUP board is made using military-grade PVC and DuraWeld construction. 

It’s super tough and according to the manufacturer has a higher weight capacity than some more expensive SUPs. It can hold up to 350 pounds yet it only weighs 18 pounds! If you want a paddle board that you can travel with, then the Alliance HD is just perfect. Not just because it’s lightweight, but also because it’s sturdy enough to handle different conditions. It comes with a one-year warranty. 

The ROC Alliance HD has one bungee tie-down at the front for gear and four D-rings that you can use to attach a SUP seat to your paddle board. Sitting helps you rest your legs and you can stay in the water for longer. 

You can get the SUP in four colors: seagrass, carbon, sangria, and solar. 

Everything that you need to start paddling right away is included in the package. It comes with an aluminum paddle, SUP backpack, coil leash, waterproof bag, and a dual-action air pump. 

The Alliance HD costs a little more than the other ROC SUP boards so you’d expect at least a fiberglass paddle which is lighter and more efficient. But it’s still a great quality board

I would recommend the ROC Alliance HD to any lightweight paddler who is looking for an affordable all-around SUP that anyone in the family can use. 

What I Like
  • Lightweight: The Alliance HD only weighs 18 pounds, and I found it more than comfortable to travel with it, and carry it around (it’s light enough even for smaller paddlers to manage too). 
What I Don’t Like
  • Too short: At 10′ the board is too short for most paddlers.
  • No action mount: I wish the Alliance HD had at least one action mount for an action camera or cup holder, as having no option to attach anything is a little disappointing.. 
  • Fixed side fins: I would prefer to be able to remove the side fins, as SUPs fold more compact when all fins are removed (saving space and making it easier to transport). 

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2. ROC Explorer Inflatable Paddle Board 

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The ROC explorer is the original ROC paddle board and it’s quite popular. 

The ROC Explorer, like the Alliance HD, features military-strength PVC and DuraWeld technology. It’s an inexpensive paddle board, but the quality is impressive – so you can have fun paddling rivers, lakes, and the ocean without having to worry about dents. 

The Explorer is 10 feet long and 32 inches wide. It is big enough to offer a stable platform but not so big that it’s hard to maneuver, meaning it’s agile and you won’t have a problem making quick sharp turns.

ROC inflatable SUP boards are typically lightweight and the Explorer is no different. It only weighs 17.5 pounds. It’s great for adventurous paddlers who love traveling all around the world with their inflatable SUP boards. 

You wouldn’t expect a board this light to be able to hold much weight, but it can support up to 300 pounds

The clean, sleek design of the ROC Explorer is one of my favorite features about it. It looks great and is available in different fun colors. This ROC board has a bungee cord at the front for securing gear and a center grab handle for conveniently carrying it. 

If you plan on going for long paddling sessions, you won’t have to cut them short because of fatigue. The soft EVA deck pad will keep you comfortable. You can have all the fun you want for as long as you want.

The ROC Explorer inflatable paddle board has three fins: two side fins and one larger center fin. The fins help with tracking or traveling in a straight line, as well as stability and maneuverability. 

The Explorer iSUP comes as a complete package. You get a lightweight aluminum paddle, backpack, single-chamber hand pump, coil leash, and waterproof bag. The accessories are of good quality. 

If you’re a beginner looking for an entry-level paddle board or an intermediate paddler looking for a nimble all-around SUP, check out the Roc Explorer inflatable SUP. 

What I Like
  • Fun color options: The Explorer has plenty of interesting graphics and fun color options than others so you can choose the one that best suits your style.I love the designs and it’s nice to have some choice! 
  • Complete SUP package: It’s great that the Explorer comes with all you need – the package contains everything you need to start paddling right away (including a dry bag to keep your valuables dry). 
  • Lightweight: Being lightweight makes the board much easier to carry around. The Explorer only weighs 17.5 pounds so you won’t struggle getting it to the water! 
What I Don’t Like
  • Too short: At 10′ the board is too short for most paddlers.
  • No extra D-rings: There are no extra D-rings so you can’t attach a kayak seat, which is a little disappointing.

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3. ROC Scout Inflatable Paddle Board

All ROC inflatable paddle boards are stable, but the Scout is designed to be a little more stable.

It is 10 feet long and 33 inches wide, slightly wider than the Explorer and Alliance HD, ideal for beginners and SUP fitness enthusiasts. 

Like the other boards above, this ROC paddle board is built using military-grade PVC and DuraWeld technology. Don’t be afraid to go to all the interesting places you have in mind because the ROC Scout is tough enough. It bounces off obstacles and doesn’t get dented easily like a hard board. 

Once fully inflated, the Scout is rigid and supports up to 300 pounds. Paddlers can get on the SUP with all their stuff and they don’t have to worry about flexing. Despite the rugged construction, this stand up paddle board only weighs 17.5 pounds. Anyone can carry it around.

The ROC Scout inflatable board has a bungee storage area at the front for your gear. It also features four D-rings on the deck for a kayak seat and one more D-ring at the tail for your leash. 

There is an EVA deck pad that offers a comfortable surface for your feet and knees. It also prevents you from slipping when the board is wet. And it’s pet-friendly too! 

The Scout performs well in different conditions. It has a three-fin setup with a detachable center fin. These fins improve tracking, maneuverability, stability, and performance in general. Even smaller paddlers will find it agile and easy to handle. 

You can get the Scout in four different colors. The iSUP package includes an aluminum paddle, coil leash, high-pressure hand pump, backpack, and waterproof accessory bag. 

This ROC paddle board would make a great first SUP board for a newbie because of how stable it is. Seasoned paddlers can also get it as a secondary board since anyone in the family can use it. 

What I Like
  • All-inclusive SUP package: This paddle board comes with a paddle, pump, leash, and SUP bag–everything you need to hit the water right away. It also comes with a dry bag for your valuables. 
  • Lightweight: Like the Explorer, the Scout also weighs 17.5 pounds, despite being wider. This means that, despite it’s size, even a younger paddler can easily carry it around – which I think is a great bonus. 
What I Don’t Like
  • Too short: At 10′ the board is too short for most paddlers.
  • Fixed side fins: Like the Alliance, the Scout has fixed side fins so you can’t remove them. As already mentioned, I prefer removable side fins because the board folds better without the fins sticking out! 

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What You Should Know When Buying ROC Inflatable Paddle Boards

ROC makes some of the best budget inflatable paddle boards in the industry. 

There are only three ROC models–the Alliance HD, Explorer, and the Scout–and they are all available in different colors. The SUPs are the same size, 10’ x 32” x 6”, except the Scout which is 33” wide. This wider ROC inflatable SUP is a great option for anyone who wants added stability.

Since ROC SUPs are budget options, they don’t have the fancy features that you would find in more expensive boards, such as carbon fiber rails. They also don’t come with premium accessories.

Expensive SUPs usually have a fiberglass paddle or a carbon paddle. These paddles are lightweight and efficient, with a carbon paddle being the best. ROC boards come with an aluminum paddle which is a little heavy. It still works well and you may not mind if you only take short SUP sessions. 

Hopefully, ROC can include a fiberglass paddle, especially with their more expensive SUP. 

The hand pump also has a single chamber. While it will easily inflate the board, it takes some arm strength. After some time you may want to invest in an electric pump. 

That said, the accessories in the ROC iSUP package are of great quality and they last. 

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ROC Company Review

ROC is a family-owned and operated business based in the United States. Over the years, it has earned a reputation as one of the best budget paddle board brands.  


ROC Paddle Board Reviews FAQs

Are ROC Paddle Boards Any Good?

Yes, ROC paddle boards are good. They are quality boards made by a reputable company.

Are ROC Inflatable Paddle Boards Covered By Warranty?

Yes, all ROC inflatable paddle boards are covered by a one-year warranty.


It is easy to see why ROC inflatable SUP boards are popular. For years, the company has been providing paddlers with affordable and quality boards. They come with all the basic accessories to get you started too. The package also includes a waterproof accessory bag which you don’t get with other iSUP packages. 

If you are a lightweight paddler on a tight budget, looking for a decent board, don’t hesitate to check out ROC SUPs. 

Happy paddling! 

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