How do you choose the best paddle board? What is the best SUP board for you and your family members?

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, but especially for beginners it can take a while to get up to speed.

What paddle board should you get? An inflatable or a rigid SUP board? And what length and width and shape should you choose?

Here are some of the most popular types of paddle boards: (if in doubt, go with an all-around, inflatable paddle board.)

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Inflatable Paddle Boards

Inflatable SUP boards are the best choice for all around paddle boarding. You can use them in almost all situations. They are durable and easy to transport and store.

best fishing sup board
Fishing Paddle Boards

For paddle board fishing you need a wider stable paddle board, ideally equiped with rod holders. These fishing SUPs will get you there and back.

best paddle board for yoga
Yoga Paddle Boards

SUP yoga is gaining in popularity. The best paddle boards for yoga are wider, giving you a more stable surface.

best touring sup board
Touring Paddle Boards

Touring SUP boards are usually longer and have a tapered nose for better tracking and offer you plenty of space to store your gear.

best paddle board for women
Women’s Paddle Boards

Since women are generally shorter and lighter than men, paddle boards for women are often shorter and narrower as well.

best kids paddle board
Kids Paddle Boards

Most kids love spending time on the water. SUP boards for children are shorter and narrower so that they can handle them better.

Paddle Boarding Tips & Advice

When you start paddle boarding there are many things to learn that can make you SUP experience more enjoyable.

teach kids to stand up paddle board
How To Teach Your Kids to Paddle Board

Paddle boarding is a great activity for your whole family. Here’s how to introduce your kids to our awesome sport.

best kids paddle board
Health Benefits Of SUP Boarding

Did you know that stand up paddle boarding isn’t only the best water sport out there, but is also very beneficial for your health? Read on.

teach dog stand up paddle board
Paddle Boarding With Your Dog

Paddleboarding with your four-footed friend allows your pet to spend time with the rest of the family even when you plan for a long day out at the water.

SUP Gear & Accessories

In addition to a good paddle board, you will need some other SUP gear before you get out on the water. Some gear like a SUP life jacket is a ‘must’, other accessories like a SUP electric pump will make your paddle boarding more enjoyable.

best pfd for sup
SUP Personal Flotation Devices

A SUP PFD is a wearable floatable vest, jacket, or hip belt that will keep you save in case of an emergency.

best sup electric pumps
SUP Electric Pumps

A SUP electric pump will make inflating your board a lot less cumbersome and will get you on the water faster.

salamander hip pack leash
SUP Leashes

A SUP leash is another vital piece of equipment you’ll need when paddle boarding.